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  1. optimus-convoy

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    These are pretty cool. I really like the idea of rahi that are built more so as early '00s technic sets with unique functions rather than the modern trend of form over all else. Seems like a relatively untapped area.
  2. optimus-convoy

    [Galidor Category B] Nepol

    I thought I'd try doing a Bionicle-based head sculpture of one of the more unique looking Galidor characters, Nepol. There's a couple more pics in the album on Flickr.
  3. optimus-convoy

    Future Constraction Lines

    I think my honest answer to "Where do you want to see constraction go from here?" is pretty simple: "Whatever the cheapest way is that they can sell me new and interesting Bionicle/ccbs parts or parts in new colors." Maybe one route to go down would be Creator style sets focused on Technic and CCBS. Like lets say you have a "Hero" themed set that focused on a simple function and gave you ideas for a few different body styles and gear. Then just rinse and repeat for your "Creature" set, "Alien" set, etc. That being said, I also like some of the other ideas proposed that may fall more in line with what you would expect from a Bionicle/HF successor: Exo-force revival, Tron-esque digital dudes, Zoid-like mecha creatures. I'd just be hesitant for any other licensed CCBS lines. Largely due to all the issues Star Wars had with likenesses, builds, parts selection, and pricing.
  4. Part of Galidors ruling class of nobility. The Archduke was rather famous across the outer dimension for his advanced glinching abilities, often altering his facial features to suit his mood. Thought it might be fun to try building more of a portrait or bust with Galidor parts.
  5. optimus-convoy

    MOC: The Yellow Hornet

    It started out as a simple studless Vic Viper from messing with those new (to me) technic panels, but then I had to go and complicate things by adding Power Functions... Here come the pics: And here's some poorly shot footage of it in action:
  6. optimus-convoy

    MOC: Dome Drone

    So I found my old Droid Developer's Kit, and stuff happened.
  7. optimus-convoy

    Color Change by AFOLs?

    Oh my god... Mechanical claws in something besides dark bluish gray? Yes please. Also, more purple slopey bricks are always a good thing.
  8. optimus-convoy

    MOC: Tahu

    I can't say I've ever really remade a toa before. I figured I should do it at least once before Bionicle was totally over.
  9. optimus-convoy

    MOC: The Maniacal Duplord

    Self-proclaimed overlord of Dupland. Enemy of Doop Los.
  10. optimus-convoy

    MOC: Slipstream

    Design inspired by this one minicon, Steel Wind. Only with a new name, and faction.
  11. optimus-convoy

    MOC: Big Blue

    A mischevious blue fellow that seems to live in his own little world...
  12. Very, very interesting. They sure are corny, but charmingly so. I always wanted to play that game, even though it probably would've ended up mediocre at best. I just wonder if we'll ever get to see some gameplay... Or better yet, a leaked iso. Just ignore that... <_<
  13. optimus-convoy


    A motorcycle with a trackball for the rear wheel... Seemed like an interesting concept, so I tried it out.
  14. optimus-convoy

    Bionicle characters, photo portraits

    These are some very interesting photos. I especially like what you did with that shot of Takadox. I hope to see more.