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  1. I've got all the codes. I wanna be able to buy them from one place at one time, though, to save money. But the mask, damn the mask is gonna give me trouble, won't it? Which is why it's in low priority right now. I just wanna have complete Tarakavas. I wanted to sell them, but as stand alone toys omg they are so fun! Either way I must complete them!
  2. So I recently scored a set of Tarakavas in a garage sale. The set is 90% complete, and it is missing the following: Teal hub Teal Kakama mask 2 bullets/missiles 1 thin grey 1x4 liftarm, (+oo+) 1 grey um...one of those that have an axle in one side and a hole in the other, rounded. 1 blue 4 hole armor piece, 2 holes, goes on the left eye.ID 32528 blue fairing B 1 rubber band, black If you have these pieces, could you shoot me an email? Or at the very least the codes for these pieces so that I may purchase them elsewhere? Any help is appreciated.
  3. The end of all things Lego

    Still looking for Uplink's decals. I know they are somewhere because I recently saw them.
  4. The end of all things Lego

    Oh ok. Thanks.
  5. The end of all things Lego

  6. The end of all things Lego

    Bumper stickers.
  7. The end of all things Lego

    Bumpitron. Anyone got a Krika?
  8. The end of all things Lego

    I'm adding Lego Studios Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus Attack 1371. It's loose complete, instructions are included. Make me an offer. A good one, too.
  9. wanted Keetongu's Eye

    You (the moderators) may close, or delete this topic.
  10. wanted Keetongu's Eye

    That is the piece. Tried using design ID and element ID. It is not available. It appears I will have to purchase it from bricklink.
  11. I need the eye. Yes. Well, no, the eyelid. The grey cone where the red bulb goes into. I live in the US. PM me asap. I could not find one on Lego.com, it wasn't on the parts list, I described the piece and they were unable to find it.
  12. The end of all things Lego

    It does. It is also bloody awesome. But I really need the space, and the $....
  13. The end of all things Lego

    I'm debating whether or not I should sell the ARC 170....
  14. The end of all things Lego

    Alright folks. This is it. The end cometh for everything I own Lego. Well, ALMOST everything. I am keeping all of my Insectoids, and I have quite a sizeable collection of those, but they look great when I turn on the black light...heeee. Bionicle: All 6 Vahki complete with canister and instructions. I wanna sell them as a lot, so if you want some Vahki action, this is the lot for you. I have loved them very much, but they no longer fit in. I will take $70 for the lot. I also have the Red Rahkshi, complete with canister and instructions. $10 Lego Star Wars: Episode I Droid Starfighter loose complete. $10 Episode III ARC 170 Starfighter complete w/ box and instructions. Some pieces have been replaced and some of the rear pieces have unfortunately yellowed. But it is 100% complete. I bought it the day Pope John Paul II passed away. Good memories, but I can't keep it. $40 Clone Wars Assasin Droids Battle pack. I have two of these. Loose complete with instructions. $15 for e/a Exo Force: 7708 Uplink with Ryo Loose complete. $20 Edit: The decals are missing, but I know they must be somewhere. I will find them. This most likely means that the sheet is intact. In other words this set is like new, only missing the box. If I can find the decal sheet, the instructions will be there as well. Lego X-Pods Arachno Pod loose complete. $10 Monster Pod loose complete. $10 Knights Kingdom King Leo loose complete. $10 I would prefer to sell in the continental US, but I can sell overseas as well, though the shipping is gonna keel you, literally. Haha, haha hohha. So um, thanks for looking!
  15. Well, they both sold, but the things from the above post are still on sale... Actually, I have new items to sell you: Jedi Defense I and II loose complete Lego Studios Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus attack #1371 loose complete Lego X-pods 4338 loose complete (with pod) Sumo Wrestler Minifig loose complete Exo Force Minifig Ryo