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  1. Asuka

    REVIEW: 8970 Robo Attack

    Thank you very much for this excellent review, Dark Wanderer! A really exciting and marvelous set this is, simply the best (IMHO) Agents set we got till now. The including of some civilians (and what beautiful ones too) allows to go for a much more valuable play scenario and is something that most AFOLs´re longing for since a long time. The retro Sci-Fi look of that mecha with its superb extremities and this brilliant egg-shaped transparent dome´s fantastic, the included humor (toast - grille - flambe)´s splendid and the playability with this neat lil´escape vehicle and that decoupling feature of the upper part looks also very, very fine! The agent´s crafts look sleek and pretty nice too, and the winch feature of the little buggy adds a lot to the overall already very high playability. Probably one of the very best 'action theme' orientated LEGO sets ever. A comprehensive and really smart design and a tremendous work for sure, well done TLC! He he... I always take that plastic toothpick from mine for that task...
  2. Asuka


    Hello and welcome to the technologically well advanced side of the brick. Your site looks very good!
  3. Asuka

    Hello all.I am the terrible Mixwizzard.

    Hello and welcome to the more abiding side of the brick.
  4. Asuka

    Suggestions & Membership

    Perhaps then this topic should get pinned...
  5. Asuka

    Happy Birthday 5150 Lego!

    A rockin´Happy Birthday on!
  6. Thanks for this fine review, Blakbird. A very interesting set indeed in a marvelous design and with some really good functionality. The alternative model looks great and gripping too! Ah... a very smart part design, well done TLC.
  7. Asuka

    Congratulations New Ambassadors!

    Oh no... quite the contrary... do the worst you can! Seriously, I really need to stop spending that much money on LEGO. Congrats!
  8. Asuka

    Congratulations Hinckley!

    Congrats! What a fantastic and very interesting job... bricks on!
  9. A fantastic work, they all look very good indeed but my favorites´re simply your really cool Andorians...
  10. Asuka


    A very good title nevertheless and a very promising and exciting new story too. The new characters´re very neat and the thrill´s alright... clown pirates... *shivers*
  11. Asuka

    Getting girls to play with/buy LEGO

    I just try to live in peace with the feminine aspect of my personality... Paradisa was a theme that seems to be pretty attractive to at least many AFOLs too, and I would for sure like a return or implementation of its amenities into some future City sets... if this would be fetching for the kids too I don´t know. Hmm... what I really would like to see (completely non-pc), if I´m allowed to dream, is some very cool and even action packed new theme with many strong female characters... stray cats from hell, defending earth against an invasion of some slimy alien scum... yeah! But maybe I simply like the good old trash movies of the seventies and eighties too much...
  12. Asuka

    Getting girls to play with/buy LEGO

    That´s an interesting topic but it´s a little hard for me to argue because my point of view is for sure pretty different to that of a younger girl... I guess. The example you linked to, 7586 Sunshine Home, seems to be a very nice kind of doll house, with many very interesting parts, but it looks like it´s aimed at a younger audience (6 - 10 years according to the box art?) and I don´t like these play figures that much. However, the construction value of that set (and other Belville products) as a whole looks not very favorable to me... maybe my imagination´s too limited, but it seems not so easy to make some alternative models or to MOD the main one... there´re a little too less useable basic bricks coming with these grrrl sets. TLC deployed some odd 'ready to play (almost) right out of the box' marketing strategy over the last years, a rather unfortunate attitude for a construction toys company, and although this stance became milder now it looks still like they except gals not to show much interest in some rather straight building... Like I said in another thread, there´re, in System, simply too less prominent MF heroine characters to attract the girls. I mean, how many female police officers do we get compared to their male counterparts? One in twenty, forty or even hundred? That seems really not much to me, but on the other hand I don´t know if simply increasing the number of female MF characters within the existing line-up would help that much too, because I have to say that even I already got pretty tired of all these perpetual conflict based play scenarios... is there really no room left for a more open ended and exploration centered play experience in these times? I don´t know much what girls want from LEGO, but obviously there´s not much there for them right now... but it shouldn´t be impossible for a big company like LEGO to simply ask them. To bring down the interests of both genders to a common denominator seems to be the crux and that matter´s perhaps not so very easy to resolve indeed.
  13. Asuka

    MOC: Cause putting out a fire with just one truck is hard

    A very beautiful and smart work indeed, especially the design of the front section´s simply sweet!
  14. A very fine and lovely work nevertheless!
  15. Asuka

    MOC: Cops

    A very good work, detailed, charming and simply lovely. Looks like something straight out of a classic police movie.