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  1. Kahgarak

    Review : 7682 - Shanghai Chase

    Thanks for the review. Seems like a great set.
  2. Some time ago I saw this Christmas film where a kid got Onua Mata from 2001. Was my first Bionicle set too ^^.
  3. Kahgarak

    Bionicle 2008 Images and Discussion

    Provide us with a link, then . I rather like the name Vastus. After the Final Battle, it could be that it is a new start in another part of the Bionicle dimension. Kind of like how European countries never knew about Indonesia, Japan etc before they first visited them. Kind of like how the main islands never knew about this new location. -OR- it could be a species on the Mainland.
  4. Kahgarak

    Video through the LEGO Vault

    ''I'm getting emotional'' I hear ya buddy! Look at all that Space. Too bad I didn't exist yet when they were still out in stores .
  5. Kahgarak

    Favourite Cheese (dont hide fellow EBers)

    Mozarella. It's delicious, especially on an Italian Caprese sandwich .
  6. Kahgarak

    Galnor's Mobile Still

    Very nice, reminds me of a certain scene in Evil Aliens (2006) that featured a combine harvester and many, many aliens. Oh, and the song ''I got a brand new combine harvester (I'll give you the key)'' You can find it on Youtube. Once again very nice, I like all the steampunky details.
  7. Kahgarak

    Samurai Drone

    Very creative, I didn't notice the Nuva armor and Bohrok eye at first, that goes to show how streamlined this MOC is. :D
  8. Kahgarak

    Happy birthday Kahgarak & Master-Evil,

    Thanks! I got the River Chase from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull collection ^^
  9. Kahgarak

    Bionicle 2008 Images and Discussion

    Actually not so surprising, after the Brutaka set ;)
  10. Kahgarak

    Problems with Indy sets

    Well, like previous posters said, maybe these things appeared in a different scene or movie, so that having all sets would allow us to combine them to have the correct scene ^^. Like mr Spielbrick said, put the armored skeleton from the Temple set behind the outpost, and there ye have it: the Cradle of Ordenallo.
  11. Kahgarak

    Indy 4 Warehouse

    Very nice! Try making the damaged crate that we all got *SPOILER* a glimpse of the Ark in *SPOILER END*.
  12. Kahgarak

    Problems with Indy sets

    From the game Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Marduk is the King of Gods from Babylonian mythology, who (in the game) is actually an alien trying to take over Earth from his realm, the Aetherium, which is a parallel energy universe. I believe that the portal in Indy 4 leads to the Aetherium. Sorry if it was rather off-topic, but I couldn't find any other topic to post this. EDIT: Marduk (in the middle). Part One of the Aetherium walkthrough.
  13. Kahgarak

    Problems with Indy sets

    SPOILERZ I have noticed many similiarities with Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine; -Russians -The sliding stairs, which also appeared in the bonus level PERU -The UFO, which also appears in a hidden room in the PERU level Also, I have a theory that the alien portal leads to the Aetherium, where Indy defeated Marduk.
  14. Apart from the bad feeling, I didn't really notice any SW references. However, after the chase in the government warehouse (which I thought to be a great plot location for Indy's comeback), you can see the Ark from the first film in a damaged crate
  15. Very useful pieces, that new Agent head (I think it's new) could be used for a Gordon Freeman minifigure, and Break Jaw's head for Otis the security guard when you take his donuts away from him.