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REVIEW: 6471 4WD Police Patrol

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Hello all Eurobricks members and Town Lovers,

Today, I will be doing up a review on 4WD Police Patrol. This is a "big-size" small set which belong to the Police Department back in Year 2000. 4WD Police Patrol is also known as 4-Wheel Drive vehicle type that is part of the Police vehicles collection. It's not very common to see such big patrol vehicle patrolling the streets. I can't even classify it as a car. :laugh:

Name: 4WD Police Patrol

Theme: LEGO System / Town / City Center

Year: 2000

Pieces: 29

Minifigs: 1

Price: USD$5.00

An image of a 6471, 4WD Police Patrol


Monster Truck heading your way!


From the first look of this set, can you even imagine that this monster belong to a Police Department? It is supposed to be used for patrolling the streets. At such a tall height, I barely doubt that the driver will be able to spot anyone or anything which is under its mudguard. It looks like a tanker on the road which is meant for special operation purposes. In fact, I think this 4WD is too tall. I wonder why the Police needs such tough vehicle on the streets?

Accessing to the vehicle



The difference in height between the driver and the vehicle is quite great. Look at how difficult it is, for the policeman to "climb" onto the vehicle. This policeman require special ops training to handle this vehicle. :tongue:

Close view of the tyre


Placing the tyre beside the policeman clearly shows that he need to have strong muscle to replace a flat tyre. Otherwise, he will not be able to move it. I can't imagine whom is the personnel maintaining this.

Police Personnel Introduction


Equipping with a police leather jacket pattern with his shiny gold badge placed on his left chest. I believe this is the standard uniform which is worn by the Police Department back in the late 1990s. There is nothing unique about this set, apart from the blue loudspeaker which is useful for police personnel and the printed car mudguard. The mudguard has a Police Yellow star badge and headlights pattern printed on it. This part is very uncommon as it's only available in 1297 and 6549 only.

Different angles of the vehicle



Civillans' close encounter


Patrolling together with the miniature police car


Placing the 1247 together certainly shows a big difference in size. This set is good to have and get it if you happened to have spare cash to throw around. Most 4WD vehicles do not have very big tyre. In fact, I felt this set can be classified under monster truck category. I never understood why I had this set in my collection in the first place. Must be one of the random things which had happened to me back then. :tongue:

Summary review

Playability: 6.5/10 (New type of police vehicle to be added to your collection.)

Design: 3.5/10 (Design is very poor especially on its height contrast.)

Price: 7.5/10 (An inexpensive set to get some policeman or big size vehicle.)

Overall: 5.8/10 (Get it if you need to complete this entire theme.)

I gave it a "3" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

Hope everyone of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Critics are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Brickshelf (When moderated)

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I really really don't like this set, ugly shape, really too big tires for a "4x4", that's more a monster truck, as you noticed, and this ugly printed front piece... :sceptic:

well, I'll give it 2/5 ^^

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I'd give it a 3 as well. I like the printed lights and this was when they still used it.

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I have the set in front of me as I type this. I admire its durability (if I drop it, it almost never breaks), its playability (I can get it to preform extreme wheelies on both the front and back tires), and its creative alternate models (as seen in the instructions). :sweet: My only complaint is that the blue bullhorn is quite loose in my set, so I used a bit of glue from a glue stick to keep it from slipping out. My overall rating of this set is 4/5. :thumbup:

-Toa Of Justice

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<insert that tiresome argument>, but not as awful as some other sets. Therefore, just "below average".

But that trans green really sucks, IMHO.

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The trans green is the only highlight for me - it is pretty unique!

I can't see how this set can lift itself above poor. This is an official LEGO set - not a clone from China!

- It has no functionality apart from non-blocked wheels. It doesn't even have doors!

- It is out of scale (as illustrated with the climbing fig)

- The color scheme is off.

- it is heavily <insert that tiresome argument>, and was part of the reason for the largest crisis for LEGO yet!

- It doesn't even look good with the odd angles of the cab.

1/5. A total miss, in deep contrast to the nice reviews you do WhiteFang.

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It's really interesting to see different members' views towards this wierd looking design. I don't really fond of this set and I never understood why I had this set in my collection. I wanted to do this review, to help EB to complete its Town index. IMO, any set which is designed by LEGO should be given its attention as long its constructed by bricks and minifigs.

There are some whom love this monster truck concept, while some felt that it's wierd and similar to clone brand. Well, I have mixed feelings of both. I just use this truck for operations purposes for high key missions though. :tongue:

I don't expect this set to score high marks in the poll, but I am expecting what the rest felt. If I remembered correctly, that period was actually the dark age for LEGO and fans like me and others whom had been through that period.

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