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Professor Thaum

[Freebuild - GoH 11 Overdue] Ore trading post

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A Trading Post between Omurtag and Vaholl.


The main resource here is a pretty good iron ore from which is made a fair steel.


Merchants from the whole mitgardia and beyond make the journey for its quality.


An Inn and a tower were established in time.


Inside the Inn, a wandering entetainer is amusing people for food, drink and a straw tick.


Troubadour : Listen to me, good people, hear the story of an ancient battle. A long time ago, the armies of darkness under the command of the Malaval Herald, washed against Mitgardia. The Herald carried a dark magical banner. With that power the dark armies were unstoppable and devastate the country, even the mighty berserker were unable to stop them...

Outside of the Inn :


Jarl RUDESON : Laeknir Guðisson
Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : Jarl Rudeson, greetings.
Jarl RUDESON : I called you because I'm in trouble...
I love good food, particularly rilettes, farmhouse patés, blood sausages and pork chop.
But my supplies are running out. I buyed 3 piglets and two are growing well, but the third is not
fat enough, he is very nervous and agressive, and I even dislike its color !


Inside :


Troubadour : ... He was at last, able to take the banner down, the Herald was defeated, and the unholy army was scattered. The doomed banner was dismantled, the banner, the gems and the pole were separated among the mighty defenders to be hidden and never to be seen again.

Outside of the Inn :

Jarl RUDESON : Do you have some knowledge to help me to make a third healthy plumpy pig from this one ?

Iauln : Come on, Jarl...

Jarl RUDESON : I'm talking with the Laeknir my boy.


Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : This is not a pig, Jarl... This is a young boar !

Iauln : This !

Jarl RUDESON : What ! The pig-keeper didn't properly feed them ! He raised a scrawny boar instead of a plumpy pig ! I will kick him out before I have two more boars !

Laeknir Thaum Guðisson :...  You're appalling, Jarl RUDESON.

Jarl RUDESON : How dare you !

Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : YOU buyed the pigs, Jarl...
Jarl RUDESON : And YOU are unable to help me to get a third plumpy pig... I do not praise you !
I will fire this stupid pig-keeper and make this animal flayed !


Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : No you won't ! No excuse for your obtuseness ! Permit me to express my deep...


 ... disapproval !


Jarl RUDESON  Errr Pig : Oiing ?

Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : Notice my forgiveness, you asked me for a plumpy pig...


Plumpy Pig : Grouiiiik !!! Iiiiiiik !!!!

Iauln : Will he remain...

Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : No, it's only for a few hours, my boy. We are leaving, the young boar come with us !

Callaghan : Doctor, inside the trading post, a troubadour counted a very interesting story about a magical banner and 3 gems...


Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : The Malaval's Banner ?

Callaghan : This ! Do you thing it will be useful to help you to lift my curse ?

Laeknir Thaum Guðisson : Difficult to distinguish between myths and realities, Callaghan. But we head to the Hengerthur stone circle, I need some insight about this story. Let's go !

Iauln : Great !


C&C welcome, was originally designed for GoH 11, but I was out of time for health reason. Anyway, here it is.

credit to @MrLind for the original wonderful Oxes design.


Some bonus pics to follow.


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So cool! The build looks very mitgardian. The roof going down all the way to the ground works really well. As feedback I think it would have been cool if the detailed stonework continued all the way under the roof. That of course would require to make the roof a stud or a half stud longer, so that the SNOT tiles would fit under it. Your trees look really good. I especially like the birch trees. And what really makes this build special for me is the creative and funny story. I love the idea and the huge fat pig looks so cute! Great work! Keep it on!

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