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Professor Thaum

[SR - Ch IV - Cat. D] The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 7 - Smuggled Delicacy

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South Silitholina, Commonwealth Of Terraversa zone. A warehouse on a street not far from the Sil river.


Dodson : Greetings doctor, and mister Callaghan, we are ready for the first delivery, please come in !

inside the warehouse


Callaghan : Arg ! Goodness gracious ! A monster ! Again !

Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan ! This is only my new star of seafood platters, you won't be afraid of food, have some sense !

The Gloubster ! Plumpy as a Gloogloo, sophisticated as a lobster, with a touch of my hallucinogenic snails, a beauty !

Callaghan : You turn everything you touch into monstrosity ! For sure you're a maniac !

Dr Thaum : The Devil take your impertinence Callaghan ! Once you've tasted it,  you'll love it ! With some special carots it is wicked !


Carter : The gloubster is packed doctor, ready for departure ! Mr Troian will take care of the delivery.

Dr Thaum : Fine, Mr Carter. We've got a fine operation going !


Shekpoinsharley bridge, later. Troian is on board his trusty canoe...



A special delivery under the bridge between sector Corrington and sector Oleon. On the bridge there are some more common goods transportation.





That's my cat. D build in collaboration with @Faladrin

stay tunned for his part, coming soon.

some bonus shots :




The warehouse could be licenced as a medium commerce if needed.


C&C welcome as usual.

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This is so ridiculously hilarious, just as we've come to expect from you, Professor! :iamded_lol:  The Gloubster itself is really well built, but those carrots are what really got me! :roflmao:  Great job, and always awesome to see fun collaborations between the players here! :excited:

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Interesting story. It looks good how the various scenes were photographed.

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