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[MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x 60227

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[MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x 60227
I transformed the lunar space station into a Martian land base for colonization :pir_laugh2:
The blocks / modules are perfect.
I also made a small NPU with train part number 55768. It makes excellent glass roof/skylight :)
Picture on high quality 4096x3072 on my flickr

[MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x60227 by Horlack, sur Flickr

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4 minutes ago, Professor Thaum said:

Nice ! I like it.

c'est bien d'avoir gardé ces anciennes plaques de base space classic, elles font toujours leur petit effet.

Oh oui ! Si tu savais, j'ai récupéré plus de 60 plaques "space" en "light grey" pour 25 Euros. Elles ne sont pas en parfait état  (décoloré un chouilla, angle cassé, jauni, tâche, etc), mais disons que pour ce que je voulais en faire, j'ai trouvé le prix attractif : des expositions. Pis quand les décors sont mis dessus, on ne voit plus ces petites imperfections.
CITY SPACE - AFM TELETHON by Horlack, sur Flickr
Pour te dire, en ce moment, j'ai mes petites nièces et neveu pour les vacances d'été. Ils s'amusent comme des petits fou, avec ces anciennes plaques et mes lego "space City" (ou thème proche). Peur de rien, je sais qu'ils en prennent soin. Juste pas le droit de démonter les lego de collection de tonton. En revanche, avec les 2 autres caisses de briques en vrac, c'est open-bar.


I am currently building the interior of the tower-hub. There is a lot of space inside to do things. The train cockpit (55768), vertically, make it possible to make 2 floors.

The other modules are already built since it is set 60227 redone as the plans, with application of stickers with
But I admit, repeating the same content of modules can be monotonous. It can be reworked (which I probably would). 

I am currently building the mini botanical greenhouse (the food).

I turned the solar panels

Robots Drones, Space conquest by Horlack, sur Flickr

I have done in the meantime a few additional Drones / Robots.
For the 2 robots at the top left, it's a pair. The leftmost one with many  sensors for the detection and the primary / basic analyzes, and the 2nd on the right, tracked/crawler, to collect specimens because to the 1st


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I start to do the inside
image HD 3200x1600 pixel on my flickr

Inside :1st block

- Laboratory with clamps behind a glass for hazardous materials
- Workshop / tool storage
- Airlock with suits
- Chemistry laboratory
- Laboratory microscope
- Bed, treadmill

[MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x60227 - Inside by Horlack, sur Flickr

I still have a lot of work for the other modules :pir-tongue:

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I still have the 6 modules attached to the tower-hub to do, and the tower-hub itself.
I already have my idea on the ground floor of the tower-hub, and the 1st floor. The ground floor with a form of botanical greenhouse / fields, for food, and on the 1st floor, a command and boarding post. Part of the 6 remaining modules will surely be linked to the habitat (bed, dormitory, etc.).

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