[MOC] Carnotaurus

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I've recently completed my latest MOC, a carnotaurus :


It measures about 40cm / 16in long, 18 cm / 7 in tall, and is made of about 680 parts. The baseplate has a diameter of 18cm / 7in, and is made of about 350 parts.

I've built a first dinosaur - an ankylosaurus - about a year and half ago, and started working on the carnotaurus at that time. I ultimately turned it into a spinovenator for LEGO IDEAS' hybrid dinosaur contest, and decided to build it it with physical parts after that.



You can see more photos of it on flickr.

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Thank you all. (:

On 3/17/2020 at 2:09 PM, Man with a hat said:

Not one of the usual dinosaurs.

19 hours ago, GREG998 said:

Carnotaurus is not a "superstar"

I think it's still a quite well-known dinosaur. I initially considered doing a concavenator, which is, I think, much more obscure. :laugh:

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