[Q12 - Nanth'ri - TT] Stormtrooper massacre

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Mission Log from Pvt Joka: Operation Purge is well on its way. Silvertail squad was tasked to mop up any remaining resistance. Easier said than done....The Pirates dug their heels into the mud and dared us to come after them....and so he did.....Only to be met flesh-eating diseases, night ambushes and raids, cut off for weeks in the dense jungles and abandoned by our superiors... Silvertail squad status: 2 KIA, 1 MIA and two injured. Our sergeant is clueless about what to do in our situation. We are combat ineffective. I have done right by my brothers in arms, I have always kept a sharp eye for ambushes. Nevertheless, I no longer believe the mission...Not Operation Purge...but the Corp mission...After we get out of this hellhole and going to discretly ask transference to the Special Forces Command. [End Log]



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Interesting technique with the tree, and brilliant posing of the troopers... The base build could use a little more work, but overall a decent enrty! :thumbup:

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@JOKADon't forget to put the word "Stormtroopers" in the title. 

I love the idea of the blood red river. I've never seen that before in Lego. It would be good to have an image with the whole build in if possible. 

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