[GBW] – Troop Build Up - Plantasea – CoAC Cup

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After the successful operations of both Plantasean Hell Legion and New Brickika Skallax Battalion, the soldiers from the squads found some free time to play beach soccer in a beach not far from the Lab where Skallax Battallion found the WMD.

42250198652_b8d0bafd71_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

41395279445_ed5b979254_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

40490886150_03d0d20dc4_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

41575732784_a450568f16_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

27427752097_087105ce28_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

41575730364_4db51dba50_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

28424243258_be5c34fa69_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

27427740197_246cc515a9_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

41395252435_e369d9bc16_c.jpg[Great Brick War] Episode 25 

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Judges’ comments…

This build really does not fit here, especially as a troop buildup. Something like this would have been better covered under a media build. Really not much more to this than minifigs standing on some random terrain so not much to judge.    

First off, get a back drop and use light for your pics.  As far along as we are in this, these little fixes cannot be overlooked.  No one here wants to see the tile in your house, but they do want to see a well lit display.  Strange how a massive missile launch, terror everywhere, and your teams are playing games.  I get bonding, but this just feels out of place.

Be Sure to Update Your AARs. 

Thanks for playing!

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