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Review: 7690 Eagle Command Base

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Heres all the parts in assorted baggies, and the horribly messed up instructions.


Four astronauts and four aliens, with an extra gold visor (yay!)

Not bad.


The base of the horribly unstable alien craft.


The wings move up and down, aswell as back and forth, the purpose I know not.


Next we build the nerf section of the base. Basically technic.


And the rest of the tube connectors.


Heres the farthest I got the little missle to go. Its fairly dissapointing. Good thing I didnt expect much from this portion of the set.


Heres the start of the command base.


More of the main structure, will be adding lots of things to all the little beams.


Heres a storage container and the surprisingly not flimsy radar.


On this side we see the alien elevator. It uses a HORRIBLY long technic rod, I have not seen one of this proportion, its like, a foot and a half long.


More of the inner base where all the little tubes shall go.


All the connected tubes and such. I also encountered a problem. In the instructions it says for the end of the elevator prong to be touching the tube connector where it is shown here, but mine has a 1x space inbetween. No matter.


Heres the completed base. + My knee.




Onto the spaceship. The bulk of it is just technic supporting beams, with some large slope peices covering it all up. More on that later.


The white coverup. The middle section lifts up to store the overly large jetpack.


As you see, the storage containers take up most the bulk in the back, and you can see the jetpack on the ground. Aswell as the trigger hand hold thing that allows you to swoosh it.


Look, in the back! Lego Greebles! Despite the large cockpit, it only holds one person, laying down.


The wings are really the saving grace - double layered with a nice two toned effect.


Kitty nudged me this picture so its abit blurry, my apologies :-|


Extra peices and or peices I have no idea where the hell they go. :-P

Overall, the set is quite fun I must admit. Full price, I probably would not go for it, But I got it for just under 70 dollars. For that price I can confidently say its quite worth it, many useful peices, nice figures (other than the aliens) and the tube things are quite fun to boot, even though I liked the life on mars system more, which I also have. None the less, its very fun to make them shoot around.

Alright, so its not much of a command base either, and it looks abit bare. But it's still fun, even if you ignore the nerf section.

Overall I give it a hardy 3.5 out of 5, the openness and epic fail of a missile launcher are hard to get by, but overall, its a dandy set :-D

Merry Christmas *wub*

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Thanks for the review Brickmaster! I wanted this set at first but I realized I don't want it as much anymore, seems like a waste of 90$. :-(

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I don't recall mine having an alignment problem on the tubes... could you perhaps take a closer picture of the area?

Did yours also have two of the same sticker for the wings of the alien craft?

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Thanks for this review. Lots of minifigs is a plus, although half of them are junk jellies, but dang the base just doesn't seem impressive. It looks so cheap, like a skeleton. The tubes are just ridiculous. But hey, at least it comes with two cool spacecraft, that's nice.

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I agree, it does seem very scarce, but Ive taken apart the nerf launcher, made a new module with the tube the launcher used, and beefed up the base with some computers and other things. For 90 dollars I would pass, I agree. On sale it is lovely, though.

And none the less ive been entertained for ages with them flyin through the tubes :-D

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Thanks for the review Brickmaster! This set looks nice, I really like the orange (*wub*) and white colour scheme, although the purple of the LoM base was very cool too. I only have the LoM base, if you have it built could you show a comparison? On an unrelated note, by the time I realised the red and blue hangers on the LoM base were for the red and blue mechs, the mechs were no longer in stores. :'-( I was a bit slow, huh? :-P

Anywho, this is one set I won't be buying, although if the rocket was sold separately I'd get that. :-D Thanks again. *y*


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Thanks for the photos and review Brickmaster. I'm hoping to find this on sale as well... no luck so far. I love the white ship, and I think the base would be amusing, but ultimately hard to re-use. Incidentally, that long axel is common in recent technic sets, but I think it was orignally made for the hockey sets. :-D

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