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  1. ExoBuilder

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Thanks guys! WhiteFang, it's good to hear from you again buddy, good to see you got things under control here! BrickClick, Nice to meet you! You're a mod around here? Good to see we're getting some proper leaders around here! Blackicep8ntball, Yea, same for you! I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you guys!
  2. ExoBuilder

    I'm Leaving! I'm Coming Back! Do it all HERE.

    Hey guys! If you don't recognize me, my name is ExoBuilder! Also go by Jordan, but either one works! I used to be really active here last year, school jumped in the way of that, I also moved, so this place has become kinda foreign to me. It's summer time, I got plenty of time to relax, so I figured I'd come back here, see how all of you guys are doin'! Alot of the layout has changed since I last remember, so it's gunna take me some time to get used to everything! I have plenty of new MOCs, which you can see here! I'm looking forward to talking to some of my old friends here!
  3. ExoBuilder

    Happy Birthday ExoBuilder

    Whoa, I didn't expect to see this. I haven't been here in forever.
  4. ExoBuilder

    The Hope of Obama

    Damn, Batbrick beat me to it.
  5. ExoBuilder


    These are kinda old.
  6. ExoBuilder

    MOC Preview: AXIS Class Republic Destroyer

    In my opinion, it's too jumbled. Too many colors, blocky at parts, smooth at others. I await further pics.
  7. ExoBuilder

    Your first post

    Work's been having its way with me as of lately.
  8. ExoBuilder

    Your first post

    Ah yes, that was me.
  9. Get me a camera and I'll do better.
  10. I did send some big ugly ROCK pieces to Trexxen awhile ago... Entered?
  11. ExoBuilder

    Free Entry Raffle-Rare Bricks

    Ah, thought 2007 would be enough.
  12. ExoBuilder

    Free Entry Raffle-Rare Bricks

    You said an Avatar MOC.
  13. ExoBuilder

    The Eurobricks Reviewers Academy

    Everyone who's a member of Eurobricks can join... No.
  14. ExoBuilder

    Amazing collection!

    Whoa! Where'd you get all those?
  15. ExoBuilder

    Eurobricks Advent Calendar 2008

    I missed out on this. I blame school.