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  1. maiq the liar

    Apocalyptic Town MOC

    Is that a nod to Fallout i see?
  2. maiq the liar

    Decal Wish List

    I'd like to request decals for the T-51b Power Armor and T-45d Power Armor (plus the outcast and tribal variants, if anyone who answers feels like it, please.
  3. maiq the liar

    Review: 10197 Fire Brigade

    Heh, for some reason i love that little Ping-pong table.
  4. maiq the liar

    What's Next for Lego Trains?

    i'd like to see more then one type of Train station, Switchhouses, and maybe even a Rail depot line of warehouses and stuff. ... Also, i'd love to see elevated track. not sure how the new PF function handles that seeing as i don't have any.
  5. maiq the liar

    LDD and Linux?

    Well, yeah. i have my fancy 4-core 4gb RAM windows vista machine, but the PSU is crap. it crashes running anything more complicated then firefox and windows media player/WinAmp. Of course, i've fixed up my faithful last computer (AKA Installing SuSE Linux over the screwed up windows XP installation), and i'm wondering: How can i get LDD running under linux? did LEGO make a linux Native version, or will i have to screw around with WINE Until it runs?
  6. maiq the liar

    Hurricane April

    Gah, that happened to me once while i was on vacation in Yankton...Luckily, i eventually rebuilt.
  7. maiq the liar

    Bionihouse: Biggy Man

    Thanks! Too bad i removed the .GIF from my sig... Oh well, there's still the reference sprite from one of the pics. Too bad i only had one Onua-Nuva chainsaw...
  8. maiq the liar

    LEGO Star Wars 2009 Sets and Rumours

    'Midi-scale'? It's the same size as a MIDI-Port or a MIDI-Format synthesized song?
  9. maiq the liar

    Bionihouse: Biggy Man

    It's Biggy Man (i don't know...) from Namco's 1988 (the arcade version came out in 1988, the TurboGrafx version came out a bit later) Horror themed brawler 'SplatterHouse'! Biggy Man is probably my favorite boss in SH1 besides Hell Chaos/Captain Mozzarella. Too bad i had only 1 Onua Chainsaw...
  10. maiq the liar

    Modular Town Buildings Vs. Classic Style

    Well, i think they can fit together, if done well enough. And i like both equally, just like how i like Macs and PCs equally.
  11. maiq the liar

    REVIEW: 8401 City Minifigs

    Uh-Oh! the Blond Lady made Incognito Gordon Freeman drop his stuff! she'd better hope there wasn't a crowbar in that suitcase! Congrats on the 200th!
  12. Well, i hate to admit it but i'm in sort of a pseudo-darkage. the urge to build goes away every few days, then comes back, then goes away... Heck, i just built some MOCS based on SplatterHouse. Where's that camera, gotta find it before the urge to bother people's eyes with my MOCs goes away...
  13. maiq the liar

    7747 Wind Turbine

    DAAAAAH, it's too small! they said we'd be getting the Vestas set, but without the house! DAMN YOU VESTAS, DAAAAAAAMN YOOOOOOOOOOU! Those fools know a smaller turbine generates less energy, i have to waste more money buying them en masse!
  14. maiq the liar

    Trains & Town skin

    *starts 5 topics, all called "ZOMG TEH SIKN SI GOEN"*
  15. maiq the liar

    7747 Wind Turbine

    Consarnit, i can't find any photos of this! Anyway, i heard it's smaller. If so, i'll have to find some way to make it closer to the original scale, get vestas stickers and get the PF components and parts for the house.