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I have been looking at gameplay of the Lego Worlds game for PC on the web and wondered if it was possible to export vehicles/other models to

lxf / lxfml files.

I decided to try to build some models, starting with vehicles first, I have also noticed that some models are actually from official sets.

So I opned those in LDD and checked the accuracy compared to in lego worlds, and it matched 100%

Other (2 or 3) vehicles are partially based on existing sets

I then decided it would be cool & useful to actually purchase Lego Worlds. The game is excellant however. you can only export basic bricks to a lxfml file currently (this is also the same story with imprting from LDD to the game).

Assumably more brick support will be added in later versions of the game.

Never the less, Here is the collection of models in the current progress

Heres some examples of cood models:




More to come shortly!

Regards, Snipe

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