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Welcome everybody :)

Today I’d like to present my new MOC, which was built especially for a contest on LugPol.

Fiat 126p



Scale 1:8

Length 51s / width 23s / height 19s (41/18/15 cm)

Weight: 2040 g

Independent suspension

Rear wheel drive RWD

4-speed sequential gearbox

AAA Battery Box 88880


Driving (RC)

Steering (Servo)

Changing gears (L)

Front LED lights (switch)

R2 dummy

Working steering wheel

Opened bonnet and trunk

Opened doors with lock


I started the building of the model at the beginning of the December, to the Christmas I built chassis, later I created the body. Because of creating the Fiat, I canceled my previous project – Mercedes SLS, becuse it wouldn't fit in the rules of the competition. If you don't know, how the original car looks like, here are the pictures.


Fiat is driven by single RC motor. The gearbox is based on Sheepo's one from Veyron.

Gearbox ratio:

I 5:1

II 3:1

III 1,67:1

IV 1:1

To change gears I used 1 L motor. The ratio is 8:1 (worm gear). Fiat is a bit slow, because at the beginning I didn't want to exceed 1,5 kg of weight, and I hadn't got enough time to improve gear ratio or use 2 Xls.


For steering I used servo motor, which propel the gear rack 1x7 with ratio 1,67:1.


The front and rear suspension is independent. I tried to make the rear like the real one, what you can see in the picture.


Some photos




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