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  1. Thanks, Sariel. Realistic steering pivot points with LEGO has been an interest of mine for quite a while. It's nice to see a new method. Since you said you're sharing it for people who may be looking, I know that builders such as vmln8r, Ricardo Oliveira, and mahjqa have various designs for this, all for relatively smaller vehicles too. I do as well, and pics and video as well as a link or two to some of their stuff, are on my flicker account. Anyone curious can use the link in my signature below.
  2. Oh, that's just beautiful! I'm thinking the most challenging part of this build was getting rid of all the fingerprint smudges. Haha!
  3. Flick fire missile pieces, maybe?
  4. A good point. And I agree with a previous post as well... I too would love to just sit and play with something like this. So cool!
  5. I think Sariel just whipped this up to test the stuff he mentioned, not to make a super fast truck with buggy motors. And yeah, I agree, it does look really cool!!
  6. I respectfully disagree. This was done a couple years ago by a builder named Ricardo Oliveira, who was using an idea from fellow builder sunsky: And this is my version with Ackermann: Kudos to the OP on a good design!
  7. This is helpful for me as well. Just got a remote and a receiver through BL yesterday with no antennas. I'm going to have to make a trip to the neighborhood electronics/hobby store where they let you try their products for fitting (such as plugs and whatnot). If I'm successful, I'll post here again with size info.
  8. Great MOC. I especially like how you did the tensioner on the chain.
  9. Infraredbrick

    [TC6] IS-2 Heavy Tank

    Me too. That thing looks sweet!
  10. Infraredbrick

    Caterham 7's project

    Yes, people like me. Vote for this, folks!
  11. Infraredbrick

    And some of my locos at work.

    Beautiful... and the choice of music is a real nice touch.
  12. Great MOC! Do you have an idea on the total size once it is finished? It seems like you are already running out of space on that table!
  13. I'm a fan of old muscle cars, so this caught my eye right away. I think the way you were able to blend the technic panels with the more traditional bricks and still keep the great Model Team look is an impressive feat. And then the fact that you squeezed in the PF and suspension and stuff... that's just very cool. Working in this scale is a bit harder to do all that and you did it very, very well! Custom stickers are a nice touch too.