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  1. Yes, It's a never realised piece. It was used only for the set's pictures. I remeber seeing a thread where Gary Istok was talking about this.
  2. No, there is licence plates (i dont count the 7900's licence plate) since 2007...
  3. In the 7641, there isn't any liscence plate for the bus, see the 7641's instructions.
  4. Lego published the 60031 buildings instructions's, check the Brickset Home page! There is instructions, so I can suppose this will be realeased.
  5. - 11. greg3 - 1 - 7. Zed_43 - 2 - 6. ER0L - 1
  6. For the gas station, I think it'll be not in the 60026 box because the stickers for the price is the same of the 2007's gas station.
  7. It looks very beautiful and detailled! I amazing!!