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  1. Damn Roberto, crank that Tchaikovsky up the eleven, cuz we have ourselves Swan Lake up here! But seriously, can't wait to write bios for series H!
  2. No problem man, always loved your CMF Reviews, I'm just Glad I could help. :)
  3. Great review Whitefang, but I have to disagree to one thing: The highwayman is NOT a Wild West figure, he is clearly modeled after such historical figures like Dick Turpin, or Dennis Moore, both of whom were 18th century highwaymen from England. Wild West however is a period of mid to late 19th century of American history, in which Tricorne hats and flintlock pistols our Highwayman is brandishing were obsolete, in favor of Stentson hats and Colt Revolvers. If so, The highwayman is more close to the Pirates theme, as you said, and if we're talking about american history, he's more in place during the Independence War. You should rather pair him with the series 10 Revolutionary Soldier minifig, because they are from the same time period.
  4. @SirBlake, @ElectroDiva: Thank you for your kind words, Ladies and Gentlemen. :) My personal favourites are: Vampire Knight, Necromancer, Plague Doctor, Monk, and both 18th century style minifigs.
  5. So, After Compliling my list, I Decided to take a step further and actually design my figs: Since Elf Girl was already made by TLG, I had to make a different fig, a Plague Doctor. Also my list consisted only 15 minifigs, so I added a Mindflayer, straight from D&D. And sorry for messed up prints, I have to use LDD in Safe Mode, which Sucks. Anyways: First row, from left to right: Vampire Knight, 17th-18th Century Gentleman (Suggested official name: Nobleman, or Prince), Necromancer and female Alchemist. Second Row: Steampunk Minifig (Sugested official name: Steam Engineer), Clockwork Automaton, Female Pirate (Sugested Official name: Pirate Wench), and Norman Warrior. Third Row: Golem, Plague Doctor, 18th century Lady (Suggested Official name: Opera Singer), and Dark Elf. And the last row: Monk (suggested official name: Chronicler, or Scribe), Bard/Minstrel, Mindflayer/Ithilid/Chthulhu (Suggested official name: Eldritch Horror), and Centaur. If you want to see them in flesh, here's the .lxf:
  6. Well, I had an Elf Woman in my list, And Gosh Dang, TLG delivers Isn't she glorious?
  7. Ok, so, Here's my lineup: 1. Undead Knight/Warrior (Either as a skeletal or ghastly form, or as a Vampire with bat heraldry, as a nod to Fright Knights) 2. 18th century Gentleman/Prince (Might reuse S7 Judge's wig) 3. A Necromancer (an evil wizard with some cool bone designs, perhaps in a form of a Lich?) 4. An Alchemist (Basically a Medieval Mad Scientist) 5. Some sort of Steampunk minifigure (an Inventor, or Airship Pilot, or something else to go with Steampunk) 6. Clockwork Automaton 7. Female Pirate 8. Historically accurate Viking/Norman (no horned helmet nonsense) 9. A stone or clay Golem 10. Elven Female 11. 18 Century Queen/Lady (Think Marie Antoinette) 12. A dark Elf 13. A Medieval Monk (very unlikely because of TLG's non religious policy) 15. A Bard/Musician 16. A Centaur (With new horse body mould).
  8. Fantastic Job Yooha, Frightening King, Space Police (What is a Sci-Fi minifig doing in this collection anyway? ) and Pirate Lass have to be my favourites. And as for the Viking Amazon, I think a Viking Shieldmaiden would be a better name.
  9. No I did not tamper with my Operating system configuration. I removed the Profile folder and reinstalled LDD, but still nothing. At least I can use it in safe mode...
  10. Really guys, help me, I can't live without LDD, It's my main MOCing Medium, my favourite past time, I just can't, I have so many Ideas for MOCs, and I can't realize it because of that Bullcrap. Please, I need your help!!!!!
  11. I did both those things, I rebooted TWICE. And nothing. still get the bloody error message. Any solutions?
  12. Guys I have a problem. LDD was working ok for me even earlier today, but suddenly. when I try to launch it, I get the following message: LDD could not create it's window. This usually happens when an OpenGL driver is not installed. Please ensure that the latest OpenGL driver for your graphics card is installed on your computer. Now the problem is, after updating my drivers, I still get this message. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! :(
  13. @JACKATTACKS: Glad you like my Brickheadz, as for the Emperor, well, the guy was a creepy old man afterall, so I guess I nailed the character... :)
  14. Aw, Hell, I'll at least try one, for good old times sake: Minstrel: If someone requests "Green Sleeves" again I Swear. To. God... The Minstrel is the greatest bard in the whole kingdom, and he's not only just singing, but he also plays lute, writes poems, sonnets and ballads, and even once wrote some plays for the Actor, and played in duet with the piper (the folks say that really was a mesmerizing performance). A true renaissance minifig, he's always open minded for new challenges. Alas, though, his public most love him for his incredibly lyric interpretation of the classic "Green Sleeves", and always request that only song, completely ignoring his other works. As such, the Minstrels is getting pretty sick of that catchy, yet cliche medieval piece of music...
  15. Yes, I do agree, in fact, since I have a little bit of Writer's Block, I think I'll pass my share of bios to you guys, I hope you won't be mad... NwaP, 8Brick, Gentlemen, I see I have worthy Successors, When I started writing bios for Roberts Minifigs (BTW, Great series bro!), I didn't realize I encouraged others to do so, it was a great fun. But, don't worry, as T-800 once said: I'll be back. ;)