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  1. Greetings, and Salutations Fellow Eurobrickers and Eurobrickettes, It is I, Eggyslav, with a brand new LDD MOC. Since The Lego Batman Movie is, or at least was all the craze recently, I decided to take a spin on it's Vehicle set line, and designed a car for my favourite, more obscure Batman Villain (who still had his cameo in TLBM), Jim Craddock, aka, Gentleman Ghost. Mr. Craddock's theme are black magic, ghosts, and gothic horror, all in good old English Victorian style. We've seen a lowrider for the Joker, an old timey limo for the Penguin, a sports car for the Riddler, and what kind of automobile would fit our foppish phantom? A hearse of course, so without any further ado, here it is, Gentleman Ghost's Hotrod Hearse: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse by Jarek Wrzosek Classy, isn't she? As you can see there are three minifigs included, The omnipresent Batsy, The Gentleman Ghost himself, and his udead partner in crime, Solomon Grundy. Obviously since LDD doesn't have proper decals for the characters, I had to Improvise a little bit: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse8 by Jarek Wrzosek Let's take a look at the Hearse itself, shall we? It has a powerful hotrod-like engine and very Victorian kerosene lamps for headlights at the front: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse2 by Jarek Wrzosek And nice detailed back door with a funeral wreath at the back: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse4 by Jarek Wrzosek The Driver's cabin lined with dark red upholstery has enough place to accomodate a single minifig: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse6 by Jarek Wrzosek And the Coffin compartment has an open rooftop for a play feature, yes, there is one, just like with other vehicles in the series, and it's a, what else, a spring-loaded missile launcher, concealed inside a brick built casket, just open the rear door, and slide the casket with your finger to the front, to shoot: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse5 by Jarek Wrzosek Also included is a normal lego coffin sealed with bomb lock, in which Gentleman Ghost can trap Batman and bury him alive, a trick he tried many times... Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse7 by Jarek Wrzosek Finaly, here's how the car looks from the birds eye view: Gentleman Ghost's Hot Rod Hearse3 by Jarek Wrzosek And that's all folks, Have a nice day, and see you next MOC.
  2. That's a cool little ship you have here bro, forgive me this shamess plug, but it kinda remind me of my own Sharovipterix Modular Blacktron ship...
  3. We definietly need more musical instruments, I'd love to see a whole orchestra, or at least some sort of small chamber ensemble consisting of strings, winds, some percussion instruments, maybe piano?
  4. *Cough Cough*
  5. @AmperZand Yes You're right, I meant Brickarms I always get all those third party companies mixed up...
  6. I, for one, would love to have a swept-hilt rapier (the Lego and Brick Forge ones are cup hilt), and a maingauche dagger to go with it. Also, some surgical tools would be cool, I'm talking scalpels, pliers, bonesaws, etc.
  7. From what can I see, the fig seems to hold a flintlock pistol, ant it has a Ninjago Pauldron piece in dark Green? Aaand, after short Brickset scouring, I found a minifig that has both the accessories, Ninjago's Flintlocke, as he appeared in 70594-1, The lighthouse Siege: Although, the mystery fig wears green pants without any printing, but Flintlocke Is the closest Match.
  8. @Mkez45634 The Rock Raiders helmet in black, Flying Goggles in copper, CMF Explorer's head, Naboo Starfighter Pilot's torso in orange-brown, Gold Epaulettes, tan legs, a wrench in titanium metal, CMF space gun in copper, and a spyglass in Titanium Metal.
  9. Thanks Robert, The Wooden Rabbit in Trojan's bio was another nod to Monty Python. And Don't worry, Flabg'snawg glands aren't something dirty, they just let the Slurglybugle flow in the Flargles, no big deal.
  10. I'll pick where 8Brick left: Trojan: No way I'm falling for that horse trick again... This rugged warrior was the one who guarded the gates of Troy, on that fateful day that ended the 10 years long siege of the Illion. And he was the one, who let the wooden horse built by Greeks into the city walls. After Troy was destroyed, he moved to other ancient towns and applied for the gatekeeper job. Eventually he got hired, and while trying to cope with remorse, and trying to atone for this one terrible mistake, he solemnly vowed not to let any wooden horse in. Now, wooden rabbits are a totally whole different thing... Crossfitter: DO YOU EVEN CROSSFIT?! I sure do... Crossfitter is really crazed over that new fitness fad, that is crossfit. She likes to train her body in some abandoned warehouses with her friends, but even more, she prefers to talk about it. Seriously, most of her Facebrick feed are her exercise routines, selfies from crossfit meetings and tips on how to stay fit and healthy. She even puled her boyfriend, the Hipster into it! Coach: TEN HUT! Focus boys, we have a game to win! The Coach has led his soccer team to many victories, due to his ingenious tactics and clever manouvers that his boys perfectly execute on the field. He also knows how to keep the discipline and morale, after all, he not only is a seasoned sports veteran, but also an actual veteran, as he served for many years in army, that's where he really learned about the value of teamwork and good leadership. Even though he's sometimes really harsh, as he instills strict military drill during the training, he is still much beloved by his team, both as a trainer, and as a paternal figure of sorts... Alien Explorer: So, the Homo Sapiens actually has only one stomach? And they don't need Flabg'snawg glands to reproduce? Intriguing! Despite his intimidating looks, and an ionic blaster he carries around, this intrepid extraterrestian is not a warrior by any means, but a scientist, an explorer researching other alien lifeforms from the deepest voids of space. Lately, he was leading an expedition to Milky Way Galaxy, and eventually, he wound up on Earth. And boy, isn't he fascinated in humans, from their rich history as a species, to their bizarre biology, to even more bizarre culture. At first he was like a fish out of water, but he made some friends who guided him, and showed his research team everything they needed to know about our planet. Tribal Warrior We are a peaceful tribe, and whoever thinks otherwise, will have his scalp hung on the ancestors' Totem! The Tribal warrior is a fierce minifig. He honed his skills with a bow since as soon, as he grew out of his papoose, hunting buffalos with other warriors, and fighting with other tribes. He really loves war, and any excuse is good for a fight. He also is very good at it, and to prove it he shows of his vast selection of scalps. Luckilly in Lego World scalping isn't as barbaric, since the hair pieces can be painlessly and easilly popped off a minifig's head...
  11. Hey, @8BrickMario, Nice bios! @Robert8 DUDE seriously, fantastic Series! I love the Alchemist, and both space figs, the Statue and the Clocktower man is also awesome. :)
  12. Damn Roberto, crank that Tchaikovsky up the eleven, cuz we have ourselves Swan Lake up here! But seriously, can't wait to write bios for series H!
  13. No problem man, always loved your CMF Reviews, I'm just Glad I could help. :)
  14. Great review Whitefang, but I have to disagree to one thing: The highwayman is NOT a Wild West figure, he is clearly modeled after such historical figures like Dick Turpin, or Dennis Moore, both of whom were 18th century highwaymen from England. Wild West however is a period of mid to late 19th century of American history, in which Tricorne hats and flintlock pistols our Highwayman is brandishing were obsolete, in favor of Stentson hats and Colt Revolvers. If so, The highwayman is more close to the Pirates theme, as you said, and if we're talking about american history, he's more in place during the Independence War. You should rather pair him with the series 10 Revolutionary Soldier minifig, because they are from the same time period.