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  1. You will need 16 curve tracks to make a circle. To make it more interesting, you could add straight tracks or points for passing loops and sidings. The mining layout sounds fun; I've tried something similar with 4204 The Mine.
  2. That's a very nice loco! I'd say it looks more like a passenger locomotive with the single cab, the type you'd find at both ends of a matching rake of coaches (or at least here in the UK). Of course, you can use it for whatever you like!
  3. I started with no train set, in fact I still don't have one. My first (and only) train 'set' was 7936 Level Crossing. I then bought the PF parts, including the train motor which includes train wheels helpfully. All my other train related parts were purchased through bricklink orders over time. So no, one does not require a train set such as 60052 to start a train collection. However, it may be helpful, as one can get a 'proper' layout set up sooner with a set.
  4. That's a very good use of technic beams and bricks to keep a solid base. As I think I said before, well done.
  5. These are fantastic models, well done. Many 'real' railway modellers would/should be envious of these, especially with those crisp vinyls. What do they look like inside and underneath? I know these angles are not normally viewed, but I'm just curious. I would love to see them running behind a loco; how well do they do in standard LEGO curves?
  6. This 'bot looks promising! I agree with Agrof, in that you should turn the tracks over. This is because you need stability provided by more points of contact with the ground, rather than the 'off-road' capabilities you have with the current track shape. Unless you intend to do off-road bot-battling !
  7. The details in this MOC are beautiful. I love the tangle of telegraph wires out the front; they look very realistic. I feel some items are a little out of scale, however, such as the tool rack above the bench and the thick pallets.
  8. This looks brilliant already! Are you going to add some other working features, such as motorised rollers or a crane or something? I feel they would really add to this mill. It's becoming another detail-packed build. Good luck!
  9. Simply beautiful. I like the lights everywhere, although perhaps the headlamp needs a yellow lens on it to take some of the harsh, blue hue out of it. The freight wagon looks excellent, but I feel the coaches are a little over-balanced; the body feels too big, or the bogies too small relative to each other. It has an excellent interior, however. Good job all round.
  10. I love this model. It's neat and clean, and yet contains all the PF and functions needed for playing well. Well done.
  11. I knew someone would have done...
  12. The two similar parts at the top are unfortunately simply rubber band holders, the part a rubber band would be attached to in a new set. A pretty useless part I feel; I don't think anyone ever used them in a MOC, but I could be proved wrong. The parts middle-left and top-right can be clipped together (with a host of other similar 'ratchet joint' parts) to form an angled joint that can be posed at set intervals. Useful for pose-able arms, hands, feet, small cranes etc.
  13. I love the playability of this MOC, and the technic-esque pendular axles and HOG steering. How about going all the way, and adding a driven fake engine somewhere?
  14. I have an M-motor with an intermittent cable fault, i.e. it will only run if the cable is held in a certain position. I also have an IR receiver whose top connection on the plug is deformed, meaning nothing can be stacked on top.
  15. An excellent MOC, well done. The cones used for the bulge on top are effective, especially with the clean integration. Out of interest, why are there two sets of lights? Couldn't you have put lights in the upper pair too?