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  1. Vey good! I once tried to build one of these, it didn't work very well. Can yours actually hold instructions?
  2. Oops! Sorry! Well, it certainly got our attention, but I haven't seen it anywhere outside of EB. If it was marketing somehow, I would have expected to see it on social media by now.
  3. Erm... someone already posted this over in Technic... I'm not entirely sure this thread is necessary. But anyway, the thing I find most annoying about this is the parts falling down the groove in the floor! Didn't they think too cover it up? You can see some lying underneath near the end, looking lost...
  4. @Didumos69 How did you implement the metal crankshaft and pistons? Cutting a 6L axle into tow 3Ls doesn't seem too bad, is it because you wanted them in black? I have cut the ball off of two Axle Towballs (2736), to create a '1L axle with stop'. Not too bad a sin (I don't think), but a very useful part to have - especially when creating steam locomotive valve gear! This was inspired from @LEGO Train 12 Volts's BR 22-012, but the pair have been invaluable for holding mini linear actuators in place on very small builds (where the maximum width is 3L!) @Aventador2004 I have accidentally created a pair of 5x4 plates that was originally a 4x10...
  5. There's a load of similar items in this thread, I don't know if that's what you meant; Some of them are under-scaled, but many would be usable around the house. I have also built numerous frames for a non-LEGO motor-and-fan-blade setup, for the rare warm days we get over here. Of course, @LXF has already done that with a proper LEGO RC buggy motor...
  6. Very good! It looks a lot more coherent now. Like @agrof said, you could explain the width as it works in areas with unstable but flat ground, meaning a low centre of gravity and wide base is necessary, whilst ground clearance is not. The extra details help 'scale' it, so we can see how big the machine would be IRL. I also hope you enjoyed the experience of improving and learning with the input of others; that's what we're all here for, isn't it?
  7. I forgot to mention this earlier, but you may want to alter the topic title. (Warning: incoming pedantic post... ) It isn't really a crane, those being machines with hooks and ropes, and 'tracked crane' implies a specific type, frequently with a lattice-boom, such as 42042. Perhaps 'tracked excavator' would fit better, considering the bucket attachment. Unless, of course, you intend to make other attachments, as in a versatile, multi-use machine (perhaps forks, a grabber etc.), in which case the name would need altering again! You could say this is too pedantic, but like @nerdsforprez said, a lot of people on here are. Having a fitting topic title is important as people may click on it expecting one model, and when they find another they may be disappointed and ignore the topic, regardless of the quality of the actual model. It will also make searching for this topic in the future much easier if it has an appropriate name. Just friendly (I hope!) advice.
  8. @Kmuffin @Aventador2004 ah, but the question is, do either of you own the cars in question? You're very lucky if you do! (And you would probably never have the problem of running out of LEGO bricks with that much money to spare... ) Back towards the topic; have you seen the cars and taken those pictures in real life, or were they found on the internet? If the latter, what made you choose those particular images?
  9. Mine is a bit of a weird combination. I chose it carefully as I didn't want to mention LEGO explicitly in it; I personally feel that it is a bit too cliché on a forum dedicated to it, but that's my opinion. Charles Collett was the locomotive superintendent at the GWR from 1922 to 1941, and his name is subsequently attributed to several classes of loco, including one of my favourites, the 'Collett Goods' 0-6-0 tender mixed traffic locomotive. I was probably looking at my OO scale model of one of the class when choosing my username. The other half, 'Arrow', is the name of a local river. I have no other connections to it, it's just pretty. I seem to be using this for a lot of my internet presence, so I carried that on here.
  10. That's pretty nice! I agree with making the colour scheme more coherent, and perhaps you could add an operator's cabin somewhere, with handrails and the like. Its small size is impressive too.
  11. A small tank engine like that would be awesome from TLG, and the one you posted even has UK appeal; several of a similar design (if not identical) were sent over here (for use during the war I believe...) Unfortunately, this seems unlikely. TLG are likely to stick to their existing pattern of city trains, and the creator/expert trains seem to have dried up (I think). The model may also be too weak or incompatible directly with PF, at least what they are willing to do with PF officially.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Pretty much the same here, I like looking at my MOCs in their street scene from every conceivable angle because 'they look good'. I also enjoy 'operating', not 'playing' with the technic features I incorporate into them...
  14. Oh dear ... so true. Something similar this came up in the LEGO Memes thread over in General Discussion...
  15. I don't believe so. @TCRR Constitution Just to check, you are clicking on the 'account settings' link in the drop-down menu, which takes you to a different page. You should the see the signature option on the left-hand side of this new screen. Are you on a phone/tablet or a computer? I don't know if that will change anything, but the interfaces are slightly different.