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  1. Good to see you back. Although I wasn't here properly when you were last, I have been well aware of your absence. Also, tumbleweed isn't a new thing here; it can be very quiet sometimes .
  2. Those spraying arms are much better now, well done. Has the battery-box problem been solved when you rebuilt the tank?
  3. I agree with @schraubedrin, the first hood looks better even with the red because of the completeness and the smooth lines. At least the red is concentrated into one 'patch'.
  4. An excellent and original C model, well done. It hasn't used many of the parts though. Do you think you could use the tread links to make a canopy or decoration?
  5. This is a surprisingly nice set, with nice functions. It wouldn't be hard to mod it to a nicer boom with mLAs, which would be potentially stronger. It's also a source of lots of red parts. Also regarding modding, it looks as if there is a fair amount of space behind the central access panel, which could also be put to a better use. Perhaps a water storage bottle, with water pumped out (via a pneumatic valve to switch between nozzles) by pushing air in from a pneumatic pump... If only I was actually able to buy LEGO sets. One thing I noticed that is odd is the placement of the 40th anniversary 3L liftarm underneath the model, where it will only be seen if it's on it's side! What caused the decision to hide away the usually prominent piece on the last (reviewed) 2017 set?
  6. That sounds like a plan, there is some material that might (just about) suit EU/US too: google images link. I quite like the colour scheme of that one, but it may be too much for City. The same in a plain or two-tone colour, with the red pantographs, might work. As I'm British, I'm automatically thinking about two-cab locomotives for freight, but as we haven't seen many single-cab ones (even though the last one was) we might get another. Trains are evidently hard, as finding prototypes with universal is difficult, and they've used many of the generic shapes now. Regarding wagons, as long as we get something more interesting than differently-shaped flat wagons with unsecured loads, I'm happy. But they do provide good play value (you can transport whatever you want on them). I don't know if any exist in real life, but how about flat wagons with foldable sides so they can be used for loose goods as well? And yes, passenger trains in a colour other than red or white would make a change. I'm instantly thinking yellow for some reason, but grey or dark blue would be more prototypical. (what about that Metroliner re-release someone suggested earlier? I'm not so sold on that as a good idea for either us or LEGO.)
  7. Hmm. Earth Orange Bar 4L starts at ~50p, whereas the same in Black is only ~1p (sorry for the currency, my Bricklink is set to GDP). Dark Orange is worse at ~75p, and it rapidly increases. @HallBricks I can't really help beyond here as I don't know what you're building, but is the scale of the model such that using a bar piece in Black, LBG or another common colour would ruin the looks? Could you add other Black/LBG details around, so all the e.g. hydraulic equipment is the same, different colour? Maybe a stripe or something might fit? Perhaps even (dare I say it) you could find a knock-off brand version in the right colour, if the model is only ever going to be on your own shelf? (I'll leave now, I've probably made enough enemies with that last sentence...)
  8. That would be brilliant, and also highly unlikely. It has given me an idea for a small (LDD) project though, and there's plenty of others who have built them (google images link). It's clear we're not getting anything else this year, but many think we are next year, as these 4-year patterns (4 years? Already?) seem to indicate such. I'm hoping they release another level crossing individual set, the 7936 was what got me into trains. It seems unlikely however, as the theory is they are cutting down on train stuff. The next question therefore is what type of train would we expect (not want, we all want to see x/y/z, but what we can expect) to see in the next City trains release? These are the points I see are up for discussion: what type/colour of loco and wagons can we expect for the freight train, and what type/colour for the passenger train? Perhaps a green electric for freight, (we've had yellow, blue and red a lot recently) but EU or US? And are LEGO more likely to do another high-speed passenger, or a slower local design? Region does not have to be so specific with passenger trains. It's all just pointless speculation anyway!
  9. I have never heard of 'Earth Orange' before. As is a derivative of Bricklink, I presume the colour catalogs must be matched, so I went to Bricklink's colour guide (it's here) to see what the difference was. It turns out 'regular' Orange has over 1300 parts in it, whilst Earth Orange only has around 35 - and they're all fairly special parts. (The parts' main thumbnail image may not be in Earth Orange, but those are the only parts created in that colour. You have to be careful with the colour guide, at first I was looking at a list only with the 'Parts With Example Thumbnails In [Earth Orange]', and the total only came to 23. That was the wrong list.) I don't know what parts you are using that are in Earth Orange, but apparently only a few parts were ever created in it, and I can't see what you would want to use that hasn't been created in regular Orange.
  10. Why didn't you post this in the Technic forum, where you might get some more targeted responses? (Perhaps @Jim could move it?) If I remember correctly, in the 2017 Discussion thread over there it was decided to wait and see what it is (if anything), as nobody has enough information yet to properly speculate anything.
  11. Hi! Welcome to Eurobricks! For a start, you could ask the people in the Technic subforum, who will be able to give you much better advice. (Maybe @Jim could move it over there?) Many people build supercars there, I'm sure you'll fit in straight away. Secondly, why don't you have a look at the following topic; it may give you some inspiration.
  12. Pretty good! I like the variety in the end windows of the train, and the details of the station. Have you considered trying to build it in real bricks? Also, why don't you post (just the train) in the Train Tech subrforum? I'm sure it will get comments and advice from experts over there.
  13. Excellent review. I think this is a really nice set, and it even comes with a hamster storage space. What more could you want?
  14. Very nice, I don't think I've watched a video with such an unusual title as the middle one... How much weight can the crane cope with? I see you've used the double-LA trick, how well does it work for said heavy loads? Also, have you considered adding a little detail to the interior of the cab? I can see there is mainly PF stuff in there, but the top half of some seats and levers, steering wheel etc could be added.
  15. ... . Beyond impressive, how you have managed to compress everything to LEGO scale, and yet keep it so clean. Having played around with NG myself, I have a few questions; can these go round the LEGO curves without falling off? Mine never can, at least not without leaning drastically! Also, does one PF car have enough power to propel the whole train? Experience tells me you need to have as many axles powered as possible, under both loco and wagons. Those coaches are beautiful too, I may have to take some inspiration from here...