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  1. Maul has a predominantly red face with smaller amounts of a black design, so I would assume they will go with a red piece with black printing as that seems easier than the opposite. Personally I think That's true, though I wouldn't put it past Lego to give us a terribly boring Maul, It's what I'm expecting at the moment. I think the bike could work in an opposite effect though too- I'd like a Maul figure, but I never at all liked the design of his bike and having a inflated price due to the extra cost due to the bike could be a turnoff. It could end up being great for parts, but at the extra license cost of a SW set
  2. And I am happy to announce that the MOC index is finally complete! It has been a long time coming, and I want to give a massive thank you to @TheOneVeyronian for her dedication and help in getting this index up to speed and ready for you all to view, as well as the continued help from @Leewan on the index and forums. Constraction sets may not be coming out in full force from Lego currently, but I hope that taking a trip down MOCing memory lane will bring about some inspiration for new and exciting creations over the next few months. For the next few weeks I will keep the MOC index pinned for easy access and for all to see. However, as with our other indexes, you can find a link to it directly in the first post of this thread. Stay tuned for more to come!
  3. That is unless they pull a wave similar to the two Rogue One waves where it was just two waves of 3 figures all at the same pricepoint, which I feel is more likely since I can't see there being a huge draw to his bike, or at least not on the same level as the speeder bike. Now if they made a battle Droid and gave them a STAP, that I'd be all over. If they were trying to go for a higher pricepoint, they could go with Maul's Clone Wars animated appearance (more than likely the Grevious-style legs rather than the spider legs but I can dream) which would bump the cost up and would actually make a bit more sense, because then he would have Clone Wars Obi-Wan as a nemesis- right now, Maul will be alone with no other Phantom Menace wavemates.
  4. Alright after a couple modifications to the first post I've brought the 2018 discussion topic back into the forum- discuss away! Not ruling out speculation. I've modified the first post to hopefully make the rules a bit more clear.
  5. Didn't realize these are still 2017 sets- proceed with discussion here Anyway im liking them so far. Chewie is what I expected- although now my want for a Han Solo is real, and I'm worried that if we finally get one it won't resemble Harrison Ford but rather whatever the new Solo will look like in his solo movie. The pilot is a cookie cutter but I'm enjoying troop building so I'm down for his design, I've always loved the tie pilot design. Rey is different enough from her previous incarnation although I don't like the shoulder idea but I'm glad we are getting a female without headgear for once. The red guard is pretty sick, loving the movie design and it translates to a fine figure.
  6. As per the System 2018 thread: 75534 Darth Vader Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP Subtheme: Constraction Figures Pieces: Unknown Release: Winter 2018 75533 Boba Fett Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP Subtheme: Constraction Figures Pieces: Unknown Release: Winter 2018 ????? Darth Maul Price: ? EUR / ? USD / ? GBP Subtheme: Constraction Figures Pieces: Unknown Release: Winter 2018
  7. I've gone ahead and split this discussion into it's own topic- The Action Figure Forum Discussion thread is more for discussion about the Eurobricks AF forum itself and any news or updates regarding it's structure, contests, etc. Since this is more about the actual Lego building system, let's continue with this here.
  8. A MOCing advice thread seems like a cool idea to me, and it seems this thread has already kicked off some ideas- I've modified the title of the topic, let's make this the "official" one. Not going to pin for now for the sake of keeping things clean in the forum (and I'm about to start doing some additional updates in the forum), but hopefully we can all get some value out of this thread.
  9. This is awesome! I think it'll go pretty nicely with the Beetle, Mini and Camper Van Creator sets, even if out of scale of course.
  10. Very creative idea for the head, I always love when people find new "faces" out of previous masks. I think one thing working against it here is that it doesn't actually use the Lerahk poison-staff weapon pieces. I think the overall design of those would really sell him as a poison-element character, and would be a good nod toward the original character, since you have utilized that original element from the previous sets.
  11. Bionicle's 2nd end really caused the fandom, at least here on EB, to slow down for the time being- pair that with only two new sets currently in the Star Wars BF line, we are definitely on a slow part of the roller coaster, but rest assured we are working on bring new things to the community in the coming months to bring some excitement for the Action Figures forum, and to give the community something to do while we await Lego's next move with constraction.
  12. Technically, cancelling for that reason is against their order cancellation policy- https://www.bricklink.com/help.asp?helpID=79 Invalid reason #1. So first step could be to send that to the seller and demand that he fulfill your order or else you will take it to bricklink administration (so escalate your position) Otherwise, contact bricklink or see if there is any option here- https://www.bricklink.com/retractOrder.asp?utm_content=subnav You might be able to hit him with a non shipping seller tag, though I'm not sure of the exact criteria for that since technically you wouldn't have paid anything. Perhaps just contact bricklink and explain and show that it's against their cancellation policy
  13. I tend to stick with CCBS/Technic to build things for Bionicle, Hero Factory etc- but this is only because that's what I have amassed parts for. Eventually I will get around to building up a collection of enough system parts to take part in MOCing system themes- castle, city and Sci-Fi are all themes I have a strong interest in and would really like to work on some builds for that. I guess at some point I could kick off with some digital builds, but I'm really just not a fan of building digitally. In terms of something I lurk on but don't build with, that would have to go to the actual full-on Technic builds that you'll find in the Technic forum. While I enjoy learning about the systems that make vehicles have functionality (and have implemented this into action figure MOCs to a degree), I just can't build anything with a shape that resembles something natural with Technic components nor do I have the parts for it. For now, I'll stick to admiring.
  14. These sets always have been too expensive for my taste- I think they'd be fun to have on a desk to play around with, and unfortunately my only experience with them so far is the Ender Dragon set, which, well wasn't great. With that said, this set looks to be pretty cool, definitely the sort of big-detail-filled set I have wanted from Minecraft. At it's price I'll probably once more pass this up for the time being, but it's definitely one it'd like to get my hands on at some point as my "one and done" set from the line. Besides the Ender dragon... let's just forget that set existed
  15. The problem with any voice acting is that before people hear a character talk, you get an idea of what you think the character should sound like by just imagining in your head while reading a book. I disliked many of the voices in the official films (and games for that matter) because they didn't align with what I had imagined the characters to sound like. That doesn't mean the voices were bad, just not how I envisioned them to be based on character traits. With that said, if you do voices, just try to give each character a voice that suits their personality and traits, and that's really the best thing you can do. But every filmmaker on YouTube and the like will have their own spin- you just have to make your film and see if it feels right with/without voices because most likely the product you are most happy with will be the one you are going to want to stick with.