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  1. I can't say I'm surprised that they went with that storm trooper instead of the white/blue one, certainly makes it easier to make a "standard" trooper. Still, he does look very similar to the death trooper in build which is expected- I just really hope we get more figures this year besides just two more troopers. The scout is cool, can't wait to get my hands on that set. If anything, both of these feature awesome helmets from the looks of it- when it comes to helmeted characters, lego really has been killing it lately.
  2. Eurobricks member WARHEAD is always coming up with good-looking and innovative new designs, and this week he's made no exception- Be sure to head to the Action Figures forum and check out his latest MOCs, Dekaimano Buster V and The Exterminator!
  3. From the album Frontpage

  4. From the album Frontpage

  5. Ben 10 aren't bad. If anything, they had some advantages when they were released because they were the 'concept" of a new, more durable socket, and so compared to the similar Bionicle sets released that year, the joints were far more durable on Ben 10. To add to that, the pieces are much more easily compatible with Bionicle/Hero Factory than the Galidor line was. The sets were definitely pricey for what you got and the builds were silly simple, but the parts are definitely not common and come in a few interesting shades, so theres that. The only other thing I can comment on is that the McD's Galidor sets were...well not good, but acceptable to my child self. They are basically three pieces, with the legs being static, the arms on a single rotation, and a head with a single rotation. You can swap the legs, torsos and heads among the characters, but that's about it. I'd pass on those and go for the full size galidor sets if you are interested in that theme.
  6. The problem here is, I'm excited for a Scout Trooper with a speeder bike because of the speeder bike. The trooper himself will likely be pretty barebones, and at the most, he won't really offer a whole lot that the FO Stormtrooper already has. But then we are getting a Commander? I hope they are going with the Blue and White styled one, and not the orange-pauldroned OT variant which would be extremely boring in comparison. But then, on that note, why not just make Rex? Either way, I hope Lego doesn't shoot themselves in the foot by offering up more stormies and losing sales as a result of oversaturating the line with them. I think adding a vehicle is a great move, but at a high price point, I really hope to see another 4 figures at lower pricepoints (for the sake of sales.)
  7. I will be doing all of the figures soon here, including my own take on the Death Trooper (Though now that you've gone in depth with the text, I can just defer to your review if people want to do some reading!) But I'm going to go with the TFA figures first, I've got a lot of catching up to do Anyway, great review and very informative! Someone else reviewing something? Before me? BLASPHEMY! I agree with a lot of your points here and I share the concern of many that something about his proportions seem a little wonky. I feel as if the torso is too short of the legs, and I do tend the see the legs as a bit to thin and lanky. The pauldron, while an interesting idea, just seems odd to me and I would have liked a more complicated alternative, but it's certainly better than having nothing at all. His headsculpt is far and above one of my favorites of the series so far- While I love the other helmet designs, this one takes that extra step in detailing with the multiple pieces and whatnot. I adore that the green is actually a separate piece and not just a print on the black.
  8. There are plenty of wishlist/future themes threads in here to voice your hopes for future lines, please defer to those threads, such as this one.. Thanks!
  9. 75523: Scarif Shoretrooper 75524: Chirrut Îmwe 75525: Baze Malbus 75531: Stormtrooper Commander 75532: Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike
  10. Yearly discussion threads, we try to keep as staff-created topic for easy handling of the first post. Once we have deemed it ready we will create the 2017 thread. Thanks
  11. I've been extremely busy as of late, however I do plan to eventually review all of the figures (including the force awakens figures) I just picked up the Death Trooper on sale yesterday.
  12. Hi everyone, I made a purchase the other day and got some VIP promotional stuff. I don't really have a use for these, so let me know of your offer and maybe we can make a deal (I'm looking to sell all of it as a set to make things easy) U.S. ONLY PLEASE. If you are international, you will need to have someone in the US that I can send these to who can in turn send them to you.
  13. To keep updating easy and consistent, we prefer to make official discussion threads for years. Continue on the discussion in the pinned thread. Thanks!
  14. As per LEGO's request, images have been pulled.