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  1. Technically, cancelling for that reason is against their order cancellation policy- https://www.bricklink.com/help.asp?helpID=79 Invalid reason #1. So first step could be to send that to the seller and demand that he fulfill your order or else you will take it to bricklink administration (so escalate your position) Otherwise, contact bricklink or see if there is any option here- https://www.bricklink.com/retractOrder.asp?utm_content=subnav You might be able to hit him with a non shipping seller tag, though I'm not sure of the exact criteria for that since technically you wouldn't have paid anything. Perhaps just contact bricklink and explain and show that it's against their cancellation policy
  2. I tend to stick with CCBS/Technic to build things for Bionicle, Hero Factory etc- but this is only because that's what I have amassed parts for. Eventually I will get around to building up a collection of enough system parts to take part in MOCing system themes- castle, city and Sci-Fi are all themes I have a strong interest in and would really like to work on some builds for that. I guess at some point I could kick off with some digital builds, but I'm really just not a fan of building digitally. In terms of something I lurk on but don't build with, that would have to go to the actual full-on Technic builds that you'll find in the Technic forum. While I enjoy learning about the systems that make vehicles have functionality (and have implemented this into action figure MOCs to a degree), I just can't build anything with a shape that resembles something natural with Technic components nor do I have the parts for it. For now, I'll stick to admiring.
  3. These sets always have been too expensive for my taste- I think they'd be fun to have on a desk to play around with, and unfortunately my only experience with them so far is the Ender Dragon set, which, well wasn't great. With that said, this set looks to be pretty cool, definitely the sort of big-detail-filled set I have wanted from Minecraft. At it's price I'll probably once more pass this up for the time being, but it's definitely one it'd like to get my hands on at some point as my "one and done" set from the line. Besides the Ender dragon... let's just forget that set existed
  4. The problem with any voice acting is that before people hear a character talk, you get an idea of what you think the character should sound like by just imagining in your head while reading a book. I disliked many of the voices in the official films (and games for that matter) because they didn't align with what I had imagined the characters to sound like. That doesn't mean the voices were bad, just not how I envisioned them to be based on character traits. With that said, if you do voices, just try to give each character a voice that suits their personality and traits, and that's really the best thing you can do. But every filmmaker on YouTube and the like will have their own spin- you just have to make your film and see if it feels right with/without voices because most likely the product you are most happy with will be the one you are going to want to stick with.
  5. If we get another Kylo- and provided there are no major costume changes- I would anticipate Lego would give him a maskless head. I'm certainly hoping we don't get another Kylo as I'm perfectly happy with the one we got and would like the spotlight to be shifted to other characters. That's one instance where I'd gladly take another stormtrooper variant over another Kylo. Rey, on the other hand, I'd certainly take a new version, preferably one without a piece of headgear.
  6. Actually that was not previously clickable- you are right that you could always link back to a post, but previously you would do that by clicking on the post number that would be on the upper right of each post. The "posted xxxx at xxx" wasn't a hyperlink previously. Since post numbers are no longer there, this was their way of preserving that linking feature.
  7. The only one I have of the three is the Tumbler, but I think it's a fantastic display piece. It looks great and really does a stellar job of capturing the complicated design of the Tumbler from the films. With that said, I think that this one is quite a bit different than your other two options in the sense that there really isn't much in the way of playability. While the other sets are clearly minifigure scale and are meant to interact with them, the figures in this set simply stay on the display stand. You can move the wings of the Tumbler around a little, access the interior, and roll it around. You can also lift the "rocket pods" however I have found that they don't like to stay up very well with time and i'm working on building a stronger method to hold them up. I did prepare of a review of this set a while ago, be sure to take a look at that when considering your options- Rufus did an outstanding review of the Tower of Orthanc, though it appears our review of Queen Ann's Revenge is suffering some photo issues.
  8. I seem to have stolen your title for the day. February 22nd was all I saw and it sounded good enough to me.
  9. I love the builds of these, some great and innovative uses for pieces here- especially large ones such as the rafts and power miner wheels. Katsumoto is my personal favorite, I can never turn down a Samurai inspired build, specially one as good as that. Definitely be sure to log on more in the future, I'd love to see more of your MOCs posted here and encourage becoming more active in our community!
  10. I can't say I'm surprised that they went with that storm trooper instead of the white/blue one, certainly makes it easier to make a "standard" trooper. Still, he does look very similar to the death trooper in build which is expected- I just really hope we get more figures this year besides just two more troopers. The scout is cool, can't wait to get my hands on that set. If anything, both of these feature awesome helmets from the looks of it- when it comes to helmeted characters, lego really has been killing it lately.
  11. Eurobricks member WARHEAD is always coming up with good-looking and innovative new designs, and this week he's made no exception- Be sure to head to the Action Figures forum and check out his latest MOCs, Dekaimano Buster V and The Exterminator!
  12. From the album Frontpage

  13. From the album Frontpage

  14. Ben 10 aren't bad. If anything, they had some advantages when they were released because they were the 'concept" of a new, more durable socket, and so compared to the similar Bionicle sets released that year, the joints were far more durable on Ben 10. To add to that, the pieces are much more easily compatible with Bionicle/Hero Factory than the Galidor line was. The sets were definitely pricey for what you got and the builds were silly simple, but the parts are definitely not common and come in a few interesting shades, so theres that. The only other thing I can comment on is that the McD's Galidor sets were...well not good, but acceptable to my child self. They are basically three pieces, with the legs being static, the arms on a single rotation, and a head with a single rotation. You can swap the legs, torsos and heads among the characters, but that's about it. I'd pass on those and go for the full size galidor sets if you are interested in that theme.
  15. The problem here is, I'm excited for a Scout Trooper with a speeder bike because of the speeder bike. The trooper himself will likely be pretty barebones, and at the most, he won't really offer a whole lot that the FO Stormtrooper already has. But then we are getting a Commander? I hope they are going with the Blue and White styled one, and not the orange-pauldroned OT variant which would be extremely boring in comparison. But then, on that note, why not just make Rex? Either way, I hope Lego doesn't shoot themselves in the foot by offering up more stormies and losing sales as a result of oversaturating the line with them. I think adding a vehicle is a great move, but at a high price point, I really hope to see another 4 figures at lower pricepoints (for the sake of sales.)