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  1. really awesome crane!! thanks for doing the LDD
  2. interesting concept.....looking forward to more progress!!
  3. I have about 300k of sorted parts by color and type. Even though it looks organized it can take some time to find exactly what your looking for...half the fun is knowing you ave those tires but do I have the wheels to go with them!! All the new supercars in 1:10 scale sure can eat up a lot of parts!!
  4. just saw a youtube video mentioning this publication. thanks for this...very useful for me!!
  5. looking forward to the instructions....thanks!!
  6. Is the Buwizz ios app available yet. Still not on app store!!
  7. Nice mod I think I will try this myself....thanks for the great video!!
  8. this is the first time I have looked at this fantastic BWE from this perspective I have the kit but have had no time to get to it!! I got the lxf file and will try the full mod of this and all the fixes. Now what to do first the A or the B model? Thanks for all the great ideas and the LXF of course. I'll be using blueprint and bluerender for this build and Sbrick for control. I'll keep you posted..
  9. I really like this truck...well done!!
  10. looks good...I think I'm going to try it out!! thanks for the heads up
  11. nice small truck.....I'll build this....thanks for the instructions!!
  12. I think medium blue is the best for this. I checked most of your med blue pieces so far almost all are available except 1x9 liftarm at BL.
  13. wow I had a look at the instructions and they are great. This will be fun to build.....a big thank you for all your hard work. The trailer should be interesting!!
  14. Hi technicfan....I've been using Blueprint which is a software you can find here in this forum. It can take a while to learn but it very useful for frustrated lxf users. Read the whole forum to get an idea what you might be getting into It works great for me. Just do a search for the blueprint thread.