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  1. for complex 3d printed shapes I use a small stainless steel brush. It looks like a tooth brush but very handy. Of course drills are great for any holes and wet and dry sand paper for flat surfaces.
  2. I have 6 and Buwizz works really well with them...lots of fun!!!
  3. I just saw this today and I have all the parts so I'm building this car. It is awesome and thanks for the instructions. I will put it up on Bricksafe when I'm done.
  4. so far so good!!
  5. very nice project...looking forward to build this. Appears to me as another keeper for my collection!!!
  6. cool looking car...great job!!
  7. I used the old version of tread for mine and everything works like a charm...very satisfied!!
  8. looks ok to me.
  9. nice tank and it's speed is amazing!!
  10. wonderful looking MOC. I can just imagine some contrasting color in there just to break up those black liftarms!!
  11. It's all in the details...great job on this!!
  12. fantastic job on this MOC!!
  13. I have done quite a few and have had no problems
  14. I like the form of this truck....well done!!
  15. I too have high hopes for this product but I'm taking it slow for now and hopefully a great app and features will follow!!