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  1. this looks great but it must be so heavy!!
  2. very nice Jeep. My fave is the white one. Great progress and nice pictures!!
  3. Thorsten50 you are just zooming along...fantastic!! For me I have followed the photo's and have a few pages left....very awesome MOC!!
  4. I can't believe you have another fantastic car for me to build!! I am nearly finished the Bugatti and now this...thanks a lot!! It makes sense that you are charging a fee for this. You should have charged for the other two builds. They are so we will keep in touch and I look forward to the plans when they are available!!
  5. nice looking project!!
  6. any chance that there will be instructions for this awesome MOC? I have several buggy motors that are waiting for a MOC like this!!
  7. wow another awesome car....hopefully there will be instructions in the future!!
  8. very nice MOC with lots of functions!! As a C-model this works well....great job!
  9. This is a really compact MOC and works well. Great job!! Thanks for the LDD!!
  10. great looking car, Thanks for all the great photo's!!
  11. I am almost finished but waiting for some black parts from BL. Long wait sometimes for parts. You can't have all the parts even though I try!!
  12. Thanks for the great instructions....just built this and tried it out...really FAST!! I put a bit of duct tape on the motors to protect them a bit. I was driving on new pavement so I didn't really need it. This is the most fun from a Lego mOC yet and Buwizz is the way to go for some extra juice!!
  13. like the whole project especially the trailer. It works really well...great job!!
  14. Wow another fantastic MOC to build. I really like the chassis concept and it looks like it works great for the scale. Thanks for the instructions.