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  1. got this MOC running perfectly now...thanks for your help again!!
  2. fantastic MOC...beautiful design!!
  3. I'm half way on the chassis and all is going great!! I'll check out step 100 soon and put some photo's on Bricksafe.
  4. I will give this a try...thanks for the quick reply!!
  5. just finished this MOC and it went very well. I managed to get the pods all in white and it looks great. After starting it up I noticed that it was not syncing like your video. Was there any setup that I was supposed to do while building this or make sure all the large gears were in exactly the same position as I built the gear assembly? Before I start messing around with this I need some advice please!!
  6. I have built this as soon as the instructions were available and I must say it is fantastic. Everyone who see's this is amazed that it is Lego. Definitely a keeper for my collection thank you for fantastic instructions and a great idea in so few Lego parts!!!
  7. this is an awesome build and works flawlessly. Thanks for these plans!!
  8. very nice excavator with some nice functions. Any plans for this in the future?
  9. This looks great...fantastic job on this!!
  10. Wow what an amazing will be an honor to add this to my car collection. Thanks for all your hard work!!
  11. thanks I will give this a try!!
  12. no matter what the weight it is going to be awesome to build...thanks a lot for doing the photo teardown...awesome!!
  13. so far so good...keep it up. I think it will look great when done!!
  14. just starting this MOC and really looking forward to see it done!!