Lego Set of 2006 - The Winner

    By DoubleT,

    The Lego Fans of have voted, and the best set of 2006 is Jabba's Sail Barge

    6274 Caribbean Clipper Pictorial Review

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,


    The Brickster has created a wonderful Pictorial Review of 6274 Caribbean Clipper so click here to view it!

    New Pics Online - Big Update

    By DoubleT,


    The First Pics of the MTT, Naboo Fighter and JSF are now online.

    Clicke Here to see them all with larger pics


    The First pics of two new Batman Pics are now also Online..

    Click Here for more and larger pics


    Guess What new pics of the Mobile Crane and Tank Station are now onilne..

    Plus... a new Train Station, Rails and a big truck, click Here


    So what all you Space fans have bin waiting for... Mars Mission...

    Some well be sad others happy....

    Click Here for all the pictures and more.


    There are also pics of new EXO-Force sets online

    Click Here



    Here for Creator

    And Click

    Here for Technic

    Thanks to you know who you are

    More Castle Pics

    By DoubleT,

    Thanks to Christian in our forum we now have more pics of the upcomming Castle sets out this summer..

    Click Here to discuss and see more sets


    New 2007 Batman sets

    By Jipay,

    Our Fellow Morten reported the news of two new batman sets coming this year ! Read the whole story here.


    New SW 2007 news

    By sam89,

    Chiukeung has posted news about 6 new SW sets for the Summer of 2007. They 6 sets are:

    7660 - Naboo Fighter

    7661 - Jedi Starfighter with Hyper Drive Ring

    7662 - Trade Federation MTT

    7663 - Republic Gunship

    7664 - Rebel Blockade Runner

    7665 - Hoth Rescue

    UPDATE: This news is semi correct. Sorry! However, whilst 7663-7665 are fake, 7660-7662 are still real. And there will be a Hoth Base set released!

    UPDATE 2: Click here for new information on 7660-7662! Whilst we cannot know for certain that this is true, the Bricklink member looks like he knows what he's talking about ;-)

    Happy New Year!!!

    By DoubleT,

    Happy New Year

    from the Staff of


    Here if you want to send a New Years meassage

    Best Lego set of 2006 - Final

    By DoubleT,

    Time to choose a winner...

    After the Semi's and Wildcard round 8 sets have bin chosen by you the fans. So now its time to deside what set is the Lego Set of 2006.

    Click Here to vote..

    You have until January 1st to vote, and have to be a member.

    Merry Christmas

    Harbour and other summer City Pics

    By DoubleT,



    Thanks to Steff for the new pics of the 2007 Summer City Line Up. Including Harbour and the Renovation sets.

    Click Here for more

    There is more pics, aint Christmas a great time of the year? ;-)

    New 2007 Castle Theme !

    By Jipay,

    *skull* From

    Thanks to Sam for the find


    Discuss this subject here

    New city sets infos

    By Jipay,

    From Hobbes :

    "In a members only thread on 1000steine someone posted he has the new 2007 catalog. Unfortunately he doesn't have scans. Their site admin confirmed the catalog.

    What's in it:

    12 pages of City stuff (yay) with

    • Garbage Truck EUR 14.99
    • Cement Mixer EUR 14.99
    • Gas Station EUR 35.99 (no mentioning if licensed, like Shell or anything)
    • Container Transport EUR 16.99
    • Harbor EUR 79.99 (this seems to be big: harbor, crane, truck, container ship, containers). The containers are new ones (again :-|), they are 10x6x5 studs.
    • Spongebob 3825 (EUR 24.99), 3826 (EUR 36.99) and 3827 (EUR 57.99)

    No new Space or Castle.

    That's all that was mentioned."

    Discuss it here

    UPDATE by Yoda: I added here the link provided by Hobbes for simplicity !!

    Keep an eye on this link:

    Catalog 2007

    Robot Power - Mindstorms

    By DoubleT,

    Hi all

    Its time for some good fun in theese too serious times, Lego's own Mindstorm team have made these funny clips.....

    Very funny, and thanks Jan Beyer for for the link *sweet*

    What do you think? discuss it Here

    Comming Soon to Europe

    By DoubleT,


    All the themes set to Comming Soon and the Star Wars sets are now Available on ShopAtHome in Europe.


    ShopAtHome have now Listed the 2007 Ferrari City, Creator, Technic and Exo Force as Comming Soon to Europe..

    The New Star Wars sets are listed to 9 Jan 2007.

    So Keep and eye on ShopAtHome.

    The Entrance to the Cave...

    By Jipay,

    Mister Norro, member of the Eurobricks Fellowship, granted us with this spectacular MOC : The Entrance to the Cave. It seems to be the first part of an upcoming line of MOCs.


    Watch the whole discussion here

    New sets on S@H North America

    By Hobbes,

    Our member phoinix found new Starwars, City and Creator sets on S@H North America!

    Among them




    Join the discussion here :-)

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