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Found 13 results

  1. CAMPAIGN 6 -- TOOHATI Location: Outside Army Base Oscar, in Xenor Recent satellite images showed a convoy preparing to leave Oscar Army base. It's cargo: believed to be Toohati POWs. Specters 1 and 2 were launched to intercept, and hopefully bring back all POWs, alive and well. [GBW-CP7] Specter 1 "This Specter 1, do you copy? Moving into position, the convoy is in sight." [GBW-CP7] Convoy [GBW-CP7] Specter 2 "Specter 2 copies. Confirm visual." [GBW-CP7] "Engaging..." "Beginning attack run. Confirmed target is here." [GBW-CP7] Fire 1! "One down, acquiring secondary target..." [GBW-CP7] "Acquiring Target..." [GBW-CP7] Fire 2! "No more armed hostiles. Specter 2, you are cleared to move in." [GBW-CP7] Specter 2 Inbound "Cover my approach. Don't need a surprise." "Got your back, Specter 2." [GBW-CP7] Cover Me! [GBW-CP7] Touchdown! "Team deployed.. Wait one... Woohoo! The POWs are here, we're bringing them aboard!" _________________________________________________________________________________________ Micro-scale is really a great way to depict battles. It's so much easier to deliver a detailed fight scene this way! Hope you guys like it as much as I do. Feel free to give C&C! And the overview shot. For the judges.
  2. On Tonight's News... "I'm your host Samuel Cook, and tonight on the Toohati News Network I have the obligation to bring forth some terrible news... Our beloved ambassador Victoria Wilson was found dead this morning, of what is apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The investigation is still ongoing, but at this time, the police do not suspect foul play. According to her sister, who just came forward to express her regrets and sorrow, the Ambassador has struggled with depression in the past, though it was believed she had overcome it. "Her appointment to the position of Ambassador made her so happy, and she loved the work she did. No one thought she would relapse... But I guess... I guess the stress and violence of the war was too much," she stated earlier in an interview. Our nation will be mourning her loss, Ambassador Wilson had great support among her people. Viewer discretion is advised, as the following images may not be suitable for children! The police have released this image at the family's request, as they wish to show the devastating results of untreated depression, and they are going to be mounting a campaign to aid those who suffer from it. NOOOOOO!!!!! Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ambassador Wilson. There will be a memorial service for her at the National Gardens this coming Saturday, all are invited to pay their respects. Hope you guys like the build! Feel free to comment and critique! @sigpro Don't worry, a new ambassador will be coming soon!
  3. CAMPAIGN 6: Toohati - Amry Base "HOTEL" Studica E8 Under the cover of darkness, and amid the distraction of other raids, a small force of Toohati soldiers assaulted the army base objective designated "Hotel." Intelligence from the Servants of Freedom has designated this base as a possible storage site for nuclear weapons in transit. As such, this raid may or may not successfully capture any of these terrifying weapons. However, the results are still positive: either a piece has been taken off the game board, or a location be scratched from the list... [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" "Command, Hotel has been found, with no one at the front desk." [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" [GBW-CP6] Assaulting "Hotel" "Command, we're in the penthouse suite!" [GBW-CP6] Gaining Entry... [GBW-CP6] The Goal "We'll be sure to leave a positive review of this place..." __________________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you guys like the different styles of building here, I had a lot of fun with the mini vehicles, even if the tank doesn't have the right proportions.
  4. A man stands at the #48 bus stop, at the edge of a town along Route 26. He ignores several buses, and a few people wonder which bus he is waiting for, but the man is soon forgotten... [GBW] Bus Stop #48...
  5. Entry: Toohati 61st Recon Elite, Jungle Camo Front: [GBW] Custom Fig Contest! Rear: [GBW] Custom Fig Contest! Action! [GBW] Custom Fig Contest! Minifigure: 1. 100% Lego head, torso, and legs. Gear: 1. EclipseGRAFX Tactical Gloves 2. BrickArms MCH helmet 3. BrickArms M-16 DBR rifle 4. BrickArms UCS pistol Bonus Photo! EDIT: Just realized the chinstrap is showing in the rear photo... The only issue with Lego's dual-sided heads...
  6. Servants of Freedom 1 Servants of Freedom 2 Having safely smuggled his package from Jim to his safe house, Caesar set about opening the package and examining its contents.... [GBW-SoF] Shipment "Holy... A megablocking RPG! This is perfect for our plans! I need to get some logistics, recon, and intel work done immediately..." 48 hours later, a meeting of the Servants of Freedom leaders occurred. In attendance were, Caesar, Group I leader, Ralph, Group IV leader, and Beth, Group VI leader. All were leaders in Xenor's capital of Millingsburg, all with aspirations of governmental change, and all with the will to make these changes happen now. [GBW-SoF] Plotting [GBW] Caesar Young "Our goal, currently, is to have the government change it's structure. In order to that, we have been publishing articles, and recently, another cell took over a Xenor radio station. We are getting the attention of more and more people now, and many are joining our cause. The leaders of our organization have decided that serious action must be taken, as the RoN is invading Xenor in retaliation. In order---" [GBW] Beth Morrow "How serious? What repercussions might result from this 'serious action'?" [GBW] Ralph Koper "Yes, just what kind of action we going to be taking?" [GBW] Caesar Young "We are going to attempt a process of selective elimination of high-ranking government officials that are---" [GBW] Beth Morrow "Assassination, you mean?! That's what we're gonna be doing?!" [GBW] Caesar Young "If you choose to use that term, yes. We are going to assassinate one or more officials. Do you have problem with that?" [GBW] Beth Morrow "I just... I don't know if that's---" [GBW] Ralph Koper "No. It must be done ensure our freedom." [GBW] Caesar Young "There is no other way! The RoN is invading, we must help them! We are perfect for this job, we can take out plenty of leaders here, stage other attacks, and fight with them to ensure they succeed!" [GBW] Beth Morrow "Fine. Do it. But leave me out of the plans. Contact individual members of my cell if you must." [GBW-SoF] Plotting [GBW] Caesar Young "Thank you. I'll get started immediately. Ralph, I need your cell to go and recon..." Part 3 Coming Soon! Thanks for checking this out, feel free to give C&C. More photos on Flickr. And for those who like the skull art, LDD is here. - Leonardo da Bricki EDIT: My apologies for some of the formatting in the dialogue, I cannot change it. Judges, please look at the spoiler, it has images of the whole build for you!
  7. Servants of Freedom 1 Servants of Freedom 2 Xenor. An aristocratic nation, prosperous and vibrant. On the surface. Beneath the calm veneer, tension runs like ocean currents. The wealthy upper class, the business owners, CEOs, government officials, and rulers have become more heavy-handed and oppressive over the last few years. A rebel group, calling itself Servants of Freedom has made a name for itself in this nation among the not-so-fortunate people, a whispered name that brings hope to many. They wield a growing influence among the oppressed, and are growing quickly. Little is known about them, but rumors have leaked out, brief mentions of this partisan force. About 18 months ago, an agent was sent to substantiate these rumors. He was able to make contact with a ranking member of the Servants of Freedom. A deal was made, and in exchange for information about Xenor's internal affairs, money and supplies were passed to aid the rebels.... [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels Jim was getting worried. He'd been waiting in the alley for nearly 20 minutes now. His contact, Caesar was running late... Or worse. It was conspicuous enough to have been standing here for 15 minutes, but if anyone had noticed both he and his delivery were still here.... He refused to dwell on that thought. Yes, he had been a few minutes early to the exchange, and yes, these were dangerous times, but still. If someone had informed on him, and he were caught with this box of materials, he would see nothing but cell walls for what would remain of his very shortened life. He turned and gazed at the graffiti on the wall across from him. Innocuous, common, and usually ignored. Except this symbol signified much more. The skull, crying a stream of blood, embodied the resentment, suffering, and resolve of the people of Xenor. It was the mark of the Servants of Freedom. To Jim it was simply a marker of this place, where exchanges were made. [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels And speaking of exchanges, he wasn't going to wait much more. "I'll give 'em two minutes, no more. Then I'm outta here. Should have been gone already," he muttered. At the one-minute mark, two men came up behind him, spooking Jim. "Holy---! Don't-- I-- Argh! You're late. I need to get gone, lets do this quick." "Agreed, time is essential." Code phrases exchanged, Caesar clapped Jim on the shoulder. "Sorry we're late, thought we grew a tail for a bit. Had to lose him, just to be safe. Now then, is this lovely package here all mine?" "It is, but first-" "Right here friend, right here." Caesar handed Jim a USB drive, then asked, "What's in this one? It's probably the biggest one you have personally passed to us." "I don't know," Jim replied, "Plausible deniability and all that. Regardless of what it is, it'll be of use to you." [GBW-CP5] Aiding Rebels Thanks for checking this out, feel free to give C&C. More photos on Flickr. And for those who like the skull art, LDD is here. - Leonardo da Bricki Judges, please look at the spoiler, it has images of the whole build for you!
  8. GBW TNN Reporting "I am your host Samuel Cook, and tonight on the Toohati News Network, I am joined by Director Avery Eslinger, and we have a special report from the Department of Weapons Acquisition, Research, and Development. The Toohati National Army has finished all phases of development of its latest, and greatest, armored vehicle! The new 'Rapid Assault, Armored Vehicle' is now being deployed across our nation, and we are here to bring you the first photos ever released! Take a look at these!" Rapid Assault, Armored Vehicle Rapid Assault, Armored Vehicle Rapid Assault, Armored Vehicle "Now, Director Eslinger, since you're in the hot seat, I have some questions for you." "I hope I can answer all of them, much information regarding the Rapid Assault Armored Vehicle, or the RAAV, is still classified." "I sure hope you can! I like that name: 'RAAV' just sounds right. First of all, how long has the RAAV been in development?" "It has been in constant development for about three years, but the idea first crossed my desk about 5 years ago. Recent events hastened its research, production, and now, deployment." "What purpose was it built for? I'm by no means expert, but the RAAV seems smaller than other tanks." "Yes, it is smaller than other tanks, as it was built specifically for the purpose of engaging in urban warfare, or fighting in tight quarters. Through many advancements in various aspect of technology, we have created a next-generation vehicle which is capable of supporting, transporting, and protecting a group of soldiers in a hostile urban environment. Although the reduced size may seem to reduce effectiveness, it presents a smaller target to any enemy, and allows for improved maneuvering in the tight quarters of city streets, forests, or mountains." "Excellent. Has the RAAV been tested in a real-life combat situation?" "Yes, it has, actually. The first four RAAVs manufactured fought in last month's Battle of Carrefour, where they were used to great effect with inserting soldiers to key positions during the attack." "Alright. There you have it! After Xenor's recent declarations of war, Toohati is pushing back, and pushing hard! Thank you for joining me tonight, Director." GBW TNN Reporting ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some more info and good photos of my RAAV. C&C welcome! To the judges: I was not sure if this would fall into the "Lord of War" or "Media" side build categories, I think either one would work. If I need to change it, let me know. - Leonardo da Bricki EDIT: I am such a megablocking idiot! @TheBeeze I just added this to my AAR post. Forgive my stupidity...
  9. Flagstone Squadron conducts a training exercise.... Great Brick War Recruitment Poster
  10. Leonardo da Bricki

    [GBW - CP4] Toohati - BLITZKRIEG!!!

    GBW - Campaign 4 RoN Battle for Carrefour Grid Coordinates: Studica - F4 Division 2, Operation Team 8, Toohati BLITZKRIEG!!! As the RoN forces began their attack on Carrefour, a satellite scan revealed a previously hidden LRA battery had taken up a position overlooking the Carrefour International Airport. In order for the operation to capture the airport to go smoothly, a surgical strike was needed, and it was needed yesterday. Flagstone Squad was selected. The top-ranked squadron in the Toohati Nightguards, this elite Special Forces team was known for having never failed a mission. Once orders were received, the squad was dispatched under cover of darkness. A briefing took place en route, and 27 minutes later, the RAAV (Rapid Assault Armored Vehicle) had penetrated to the heart of Carrefour. It stopped a block short of their objective to unload the team.... Sgt. Leo "Brick" DeClay: "Sitrep, CoAC jamming is in place. Commie, get in your Tuba, we need a link to HQ. Kong, go AP on your load-out. We've got no idea whether they will have vehicle support. Rad, you good?" Sgt. Dietrich "Radaghast" Chvala: "I good. We go now, ja?" Sgt. Leo: "Commie, you up and running?" Tech. Joey "Commie" Staline: "Yup. I hate this thing... You owe me a drink. All of you, when this is over." Sgt. Xander "King Kong" Rasine: I'm ready, let's go. No MegaBlockers are gonna hold us back!" Sgt. Leo: "Comms check." Sgt. Chvala: "Radaghast reads you." Sgt. Rasine: "Kong reads." Tech. Staline: "Commie, check." Sgt. Leo: "Move out, this op should be accomplished in 15 minutes." The team moved silently down the deserted street, accompanied by the low rumbling of the RAAV. Reaching the crossroads, they saw the CoAC troops engaged in a drinking game.... GBW-CP4 Toohati Sgt. Leo: "Hit 'em hard and fast. No squirters on this one." The squad broke into a run, and rushed towards the park. None of the CoAC soldiers noticed. GBW-CP4 Toohati Sgt. Rasine: "I count four hostiles." Sgt. Leo: "Take 'em down." A series of muffled pops signified the deaths of several CoAC soldiers. GBW-CP4 Toohati Sgt. Chvala: "One runner, he got a long gun!" GBW-CP4 Toohati GBW-CP4 Toohati Sgt. Rasine: "Mine. Eat lead, MegaBlocker!" GBW-CP4 Toohati Sgt. Leo: "All clear. Hostiles down." Sgt. Chvala: "One alive. Out from drinking. Up, you MegaBlocker, get up! Hands in sight!" GBW- CP4 Toohati Sgt. Leo: "Commie, tell HQ we secured the LRA, with one prisoner." Tech. Staline: "RoN Central Command, the LRA is secured, and we have one prisoner for the spooks. Go take that airfield! Flagstone out." GBW-CP4 Toohati _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Not what I was hoping for with my build, college took over my life, but it serves my purpose. C&C welcome, thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  11. Shared intelligence between the RoN nations of Briolui and Toohati has lead a general consensus among the intelligence command groups (aka "Spooks" to soldiers) that a small group of CoAC agents have crossed the border between Refnor and Briolui. (Grid E5, southeast corner). A patrolling drone detected several anomalous heat signatures moving southeast from Refnor into the Briolui town of St. Reinhardt. Once into the town, the heat signatures separated, becoming lost among the others. Save one. One heat signature was able to be tracked. It took the road less traveled, heading into the abandoned district... Left empty and walled off after a serious industrial accident, this district has long been undisturbed. Over a decade ago, an explosion at a factory showered caustic and poisonous chemicals over the surrounding area. With no clean-up options available, the city was left with no choice but to evacuate the area and wall it off to prevent people from entering the contaminated zone. As time passed, the dangerous chemicals once prevalent throughout the area have degraded, or been washed away by rain. Today, one man has entered this forbidden district, his intentions unknown, but undoubtedly bad. Campaign 3 Once the general heading of this unknown agent was determined, several squads of JNTF (Joint National Task Force) soldiers were ordered to find and capture this agent, dead or alive. Preferably alive, but dead if there was no other option... The squads broke into two-man groups, all in radio contact. They were dispersed across the south side of the abandoned district, hoping to find and capture this agent within their net. "This is Alpha 1 Command. Bravo Unit, comms check." Toohati Cpl. Keone: "Gandalf, check." Briolui Sgt. Brian McGuire: "Artist, check." A1C: "The target has been designated Crow. Last seen at 21:38 hours heading west, approx. a half-klick northwest from your current position. The spooks say the only intel about a possible destination is a reference to an Eye. They have no clue what that may mean, so focus on finding Crow. Alpha Command wishes you boys good hunting." Gandalf: "Roger that Alpha Command. Artist, I'll take point for now. I used to live in this area, many years ago..." Artist: I got the six. Any place good for an overwatch?" Gandalf: "Not far from here. There was a building near an old bar that may work, if it is still standing. My father used to go there on the weekends.. It was called... " Artist: "Called what? Is the overwatch near the Crow's reported position?" Gandalf: "It is a ways beyond it. Probably another quarter mile. The bar was called 'the Devil's... The Devil's Eye! Alpha Command, can you locate the Devil's Eye?" A1C: "...Command has a location. 86% match. Follow your current heading for another 400 yards, then turn left. About 500 yards down, on the park corner, is the possible Devil's Eye Bar." Gandalf: "I copy. Lets go, we need to get there before the Crow." Moving silently through the darkness, the soldiers slowly and methodically covered the distance to their destination. Reaching the location, Artist quickly scaled the building, positioning himself o the damaged balcony. Artist: "Gandalf, I am in position. I have a good view of... hold on... possibly our target approaching. He is coming east. He must have gone too far in his search for this place..." Gandalf: "I am in the alley. Update in 10." Campaign 3 Artist: "Took a scope pic. Waiting for facial recog from Command, but it looks like a possible hit. Potential weapons in a briefcase." A1C: "Spooks are running a trace on him... Found a match in the Refnor hospital records. Apparently, he received a concussion in a recent car accident. He should not be here. Bring him in." Gandalf: "Understood. Artist, shoot to wound. We need him alive." Warily, but in a determined manner, the man approached. He watched the darkness around him closely, but did not see the sniper above him, nor the soldier in the shadows of the alleyway. Campaign 3 Artist: "He should be visible to you in 3 seconds... Looks like he is heading for the park, not the Devil's Eye." Gandalf: "I see him. Watch him. If he heads toward a different objective, we need to capture him there." Artist: I have a clear shot. He is picking up something in the bushes..." Campaign 3 Gandalf: "It's a cylinder of some sort. Dead drop, or I buy y'all drinks." Artist: "I won't take that bet. What is he...?" Campaign 3 With an echoing crash, the Crow shattered a bottle on the ground. From the shards, he picked out two items: a key and a scrap of paper. Campaign 3 Crow turned and looked at the building across the street. There was the sign he had been told to look for. He cursed himself for losing his way in the dark. Now he was behind his schedule by several hours... Campaign 3 Gandalf: "This is the place. I am gonna take him now." Artist: "Understood. Try to leave me a clear shot in case the stuff hits the fan!" Rising from a crouch, Gandalf swore silently as his knee creaked loudly... Maybe he really was getting too old for this job. Campaign 3 The sharp popping noise of protest from his knee alerted the Crow to his presence. He dropped the key, and drew a mini-Uzi from his briefcase. A stream of bullets whistled around Gandalf, three hitting his chestplate, but none striking flesh. Campaign 3 Gandalf: "Nngh!" Artist: "Firing! Are you hit?!" Campaign 3 With a boom like thunder, flames shot from the rifle, propelling a pointed piece of metal at over 4000 miles per hour... Blowing a chunk out of the Crow's right calf and knocking him to the ground. Campaign 3 Gandalf: "I'm good! I'll get that son of gun!" After a quick struggle, the Crow was bound. His wound was roughly dressed, and Gandalf and Artist began escorting him back to the Mobile Command Center. Campaign 3 Gandalf: "Alpha Command, we have Crow in custody. Send the techies to check out the Devil's Eye. It was definitely his destination." Artist: "It is now officially a record: the new shortest time to locate and capture a person is 43 minutes from last known sighting to capture. That deserves a round of beers!" A1C: "Good work boys. Haul his butt in here, and we'll ship him somewhere... Less pleasant. We need information..." Read the previous installments of this story! 1. A1 "What do you call..." 2. A2 RoN Defense: A2 3. A3 The Wiwaxia 4. B1 RoN Defense: Part B1 5. B2 So long, and thanks for all the fish! 6. B3 Roadside Slaughter 7. C1 Crossroads Command Post 8. C2 The Counterattack To be continued... To the judges: This build is on an old 32x32 T-junction baseplate to qualify for this Campaign. I can provide a photo if necessary. Please give C&C, hope you like the build! - Leonardo da Bricki
  12. Upon receiving word from its intelligence network that Spriznulo lost not just one, but both its drones, the Toohatian government immediately deployed search teams to all corners of the nation, and mobilized every member of its intelligence network in and outside its borders. A coded message was received at 19:38 hours: "Asset #32A-461 reports seeing an explosion upon the eastern flank of Mt. Salvera [G5] at 19:17 hours. No fire, but a heat plume was visible with IR. Good hunting." At once, the nearest ground troops were driven in to begin searching the mountain, but due to adverse weather conditions, helicopters were unable to complete an infrared scan of the eastern mountain side. However, it was confirmed that the transponder is working and is transmitting a signal, though it's location has not yet been pinpointed. In addition, since aircraft are grounded, troops have been organized into patrols and deployed on foot into Aratore National Forest, beginning at 20:45 hours... Sgt. Leo: "Frosty, I'm receiving a signal from a transponder. It's weak, but signal strength increases with altitude. We'll have to climb to find it." Pvt. Frostrier: "Up we go then. I see nothing on IR yet, but the trees are thinner, so it should show up from farther. Radio CC-1 for instructions." Sgt. Leo: "CC-1, this is Brick, do you read?" CC-1: "Command reads you 5-by-5. Report." Sgt. Leo: "Altitude 5381, and the signal is getting stronger going up to the northwest. I think it crashed near the summit. Frosty is with me, we're climbing towards the signal. Next report when we reach altitude 6000, or locate the signal source. Trees are getting thinner, hope to have IR visual soon. Brick out." CC-1: "Command gives all-clear, proceed toward signal with all haste. Good hunting." FRAGO 1 Here's another pic. To the judges: this really is not how I wanted this build to be, but life happens, and this is all I could finish. Hope you like it! Thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  13. Leonardo da Bricki

    [GBW-CP1] - Toohati - Field Testing

    Since Refnor declared war on Toohati, border patrols, security, and surveillance have been stepped up. [Grid square F-7] Today, Sgt. Leo is field-testing a newly developed FPV-L (Fast Patrol Vehicle-Light). The "Light" designation means it has minimal armor, and no offensive capabilities outside of whatever weapons the driver and passenger personally carry. "Base, this Brick, do you read me?" "Read you five-by-five, Brick. Report in." "Finished my patrol, all quiet, saw nothing but sand and grass. The new FPV works well, it's quiet, maneuverable, fast. Returning to base." "Copy that." FPV-L 1 (GBW) FPV-L 2 (GBW) Well, this is my first campaign build for GBW, I hope I did this right. If not, please tell me, and I will work to correct any mistakes. A few more pics on my Flickr, and the GBW Flickr group. Thanks for looking, - Leonardo da Bricki