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Found 16 results

  1. Hi mates! It has been some time, I only teased differend WIPs but never showed a finished one the last months... No honestly, I just had no time - but now it´s here: Davy Jones, do you fear the Black Pearl? The ship is fully motorized accompanying my "Rolling" Dutchman: Motorized Features: Rolling movement caused by waves (1. L-Motor) Motorized movement for- and backward (1. L-Motor, switched manually) Motorized steering with simoultaneously rotating ship´s wheel, rudder and steering mechanism (1.S-Motor) Motorized sail trim with turning capstan and changing sail position of all square sails (2.S-Motor) All features can be controlled by rc-control via 4 channels and two receivers The battery box can slide out easily to switch on/off and change batteries EXTRA: The lower cannons can fire a broadside automatically! General Features: Two decks with cannons (one side the lower deck is closed to store the motors) The two tripple-barreld chasers can manually slide backwards and then the gun ports can be closed Handmade sails or original Lego-Sails Two functional anchors Upper cabin minifigure size (illuminated by light-brick) The ropes between the masts can be removed easily to take them apart for transport Some videos in the flickr album, showing the different fuctions: Black-Pearl at Flickr Black-Pearl Full Broadside Firing 2 There is also a video on youtube showing the ship and its functions (german): The functions are shown at e.g. 04:55 and the shooting mechanism at 07:18. I have the ship with self-made sails fitting the style of my "Rolling" Dutchman as well: I hope you enjoy it! My dream is a video reassembling the popular footage in the maelstroom, I hope I can arrange something similar in the future... Yours, Captain Störtebricker
  2. Ahoy, seamates! I have started my LEGO-Ideas Project 2-3 months ago and now I want to present it to the specific lego pirates community! Would be nice to get your suppport but even more I am looking for some advice what I can improve on it. SUPPORT NOW Please take a look on the ideas website or at my flickr for more fotos! Here is the text from ideas: Welcome on board of The Rolling Dutchman! Since I have been a child I always wanted to control my LEGO Red Beard Runner without pushing it around and now my dream has come true. I have build a motorized Version of the famous Flying Dutchman which is my favorite pirate ship, too. I have seen the original swedish Vasa which has given the idea for the Dutchman with its marvelous bow and stern. So I managed to combine them with my own creative ideas into this "rolling" Dutchman! Please have a look at the features in the video and the pictures! Video: Update 2: Thanks for your 1k supports so far! I have worked on the main picture a bit and now added a picture of the crew and one showing the functions as well. Update 1: New rotten Sails! (Picture 7+8+Video still with the first sails) Motorized Features: Rolling movement caused by waves (1. M-Motor) Two motorized triple-barrelled chasers in the bow (1. M-Motor) Motorized steering with simoultaneously rotating ship´s wheel, rudder and steering mechanism (S-Motor) Motorized movement for- and backward (L-Motor) Motorized sail trim with turning capstan and changing sail position of all square sails (M-Motor) All features can be controlled by rc-control via 4 channels and two receivers All features use the Power-Function System but could easily be adapted to the new Control+ System which can lead to advanced handling of the functions The battery box can slide out easily to switch on/off and change batteries General Features: Minifigures: Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, Bill Turner, Barbossa and more. (I am not familiar with the movies in english so I would like to ask you to tell me the names in the comments section!) Two decks with cannons (one side the lower deck is closed to store the motors) The two tripple-barreld chasers can manually slide backwards and then the gun ports can be closed Removable deck at the stern to take out the steering wheel Removable lower balcony´s on both sides Handmade sails Two functional anchors Upper cabin minifigure size with Jack stealing the heart (illuminated) Lower cabin with Davy Jones organ (illuminated) Two torches at the stern (illuminated) The capstan can be removed The ship is based on the sturdy hull parts, the complete 2 lower rows of bricks can be removed with the steering and driving wheels to use it as "normal" push forward ship or display model The main mast and the mizzen are both slightly tilted backwards Correct rigging and sails due to the movies The ropes between the masts can be removed easily to take them apart for transport It would be an honor to receive your support. Aye! I have to thank my friend J-H to help me with some motorization problems and a special thanks to my girlfriend for not freaking out! Thanks, yours Störtebricker from Hamburg, Germany SUPPORT NOW
  3. This is a spin off the Harry Potter and Star Wars versions of this because I noticed that there isn’t anywhere to post PotC custom minifigures and modifications and there isn’t really any PotC topics. Personally I am working on a pintel and raggeti. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!
  4. Stoertebricker

    [MOC] Dying Gull from POTC V

    Hello there, finally I got some time and (a bit to much) sunlight to get some fotos of one of my finished projects: The Dying Gull, commanded by the famous Captain Jack Sparrow on the search of Poseido´s trident in POTC Part V: 20210516_160515024_iOS by Captain Störtebricker, auf Flickr Here you can compare it with the "orignal": I have to say that the idea to make my own MOC from this ship came by viewing a video from the very good MOCer MocYourBricks on youtube: But I thought it could be improved by using the old mast parts, different hull line and for sure making some nice sails. I included a working anchor, steering-mechanism and detachable storage lid as well as a brick-build cannon. Here are some more pictures, take a look at the flickr album to see all of them (give me a hint which is the best and I will add it here, dont want to flood the topic :D): Hope you will enjoy it! Aye!
  5. Back in the day, when I went to kindergarten, I used to play with this Lego fisher man and his talking fish, along side with a pile of hay, which was made with few 2x4 yellow bricks. This MOC has been partly inspired by these memories. My newest MOC, ''Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow - Kingston Tavern'' features a story of Jack and Gibbs, finding themselves in Kingston, Jamaica, roughly in 1743, as they are 'stuck' outside the local tavern, drinking more than a few bottles. As Jack is enjoying himself in a hay stack, Gibbs brings a few more bottles and Jack requests for a keg. This MOC is my first more professional type one, so there surely will be more improvements in the future. I'd like to know what ye, mates and lasses, think of this MOC. As always, criticism is open to all. More pictures: Jack Sassy
  6. So I thought I'd start this thread to start a discussion about the potential upcoming game TT Games is supposedly developing. And I just wanted to give my predictions and see what you guys think as well. So I've been watching the prominent LEGO Dimensions Youtubers videos about Dimensions cancellation and I believe I was watching Jayshocksblast's video. Anyways he said that Dan (Bricks to life) had been updating him on what was happening with TT Games and their planned projects. He said that there will be two full games released in the next year and one of which will be based on an upcoming LEGO Movie and the other is a property that they would be returning to. Jay says that I really hope that this time they include "him" in the game this time. Now some people think that he's referring to Marvel or something else, but I am almost 99% certain he is referring to Luke from the TFA game. So I think the two games will be a Ninjago Movie game as well as a Last Jedi game which of course this time around the game will have to feature him since the name of the title is about him Anyways what do you guys think? Something else perhaps like POTC5 or FB2? And mods feel free to lock this thread if you don't think it's relevant..
  7. 10thclass

    Unnoticable ship interiors needed

    So, i have been looking around and have been playing around with my lego silent mary. But sadly unlike other ships, it had no detachable roofs or spaces. I know you can't make a lower floor in this set because y'know... giant broken floor wich is now the zombie sharks' private apartment. But why couldn't they make a captain's hut? Because i'm not good at making unnoticable changes (especially in this set) and my lack of lego building skills are truly disturbing, i haven't yet started. How did all of you tackle this major drawback? And if you somehow made a living space out of the captains hut, what are your other mods to this set? thank you for your time
  8. Davy Jones Click the image to view a larger version, along with a description, on Flickr
  9. Here we get a glimpse of the new PotC Brickheadz, 41593 Captain Jack Sparrow and 41594 Captain Armando Salazar, marking #'s 9 and 10 in the series. Join in on the conversation in the PotC topic in our Pirates Forum, starting here.
  10. My first Pirates of the Caribbean vignette. Wanted to keep the size 8x8 including a water line, so in reality I had 6x6 to play with.That was a big, but fun, challenge for me. An early evening somewhere around Barbados... Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr Later that evening... Jack Sparrow and a bottle of rum by Anders Löfgren, on Flickr
  11. ACPin

    Black Cloth Sail Scan

    Can anybody share a one to one scan of the black cloth sail ( from the Black Pearl? Thanks, AC
  12. Kaboozle

    Attack on Port Royal

    My first Pirate MOC, based on the scene in Curse Of The Black Pearl. Enjoy!
  13. orfeuz

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    164D Hi all! Since the end of my Dark Age, one year and a half ago, I have worked on my first big creation: yes, another Black Pearl! My work finished ten days ago, just in time for ItLUG Lecco 2014, and now I am here to present you my creation! More pictures can be found on this Flickr gallery. Other photo on this WIP gallery. Sorry for the quality of the photos but I'm not a photographer! I hope you enjoyed my work!
  14. eurotrash

    MOC: Pirate Quayside

    [pid][/pid]229A <Takes deep breath> OK this is my first MOC to be posted in the Pirate Forum. I know it's a cruel, cruel place - full of scurvy dogs and salty tales. My only hope is that the ongoing Redcoat vs. Bluecoat skirmishes means that this creation can pass under the radar and avoid the scorn and ridicule that it deserves Anyway it's been a year since emerging from the dark ages and in that time I managed to plunder a few POTC bargains, but I found the sets a little disappointing so after several Bricklink orders and much building and rebuilding I present a Pirate-ridden Quayside. There's a lot going on so I broke it into a bunch of snippets It doesn't matter how many fish you catch I you can't get them in the bucket! Look out below when you empty the nightsoil bucket Not sure what Capt Jack's done to upset this man! Maybe the Girl in the window is somehow involved. Thanks for reading!
  15. eurotrash

    MOC: The Bell Tower

    Ok, time for another posting. I started with the POTC The Mill Set 4183, but decided that what it really needed was some 'mass' and less water wheel. After several iterations I ended up with this - it's an old ruined Bell Tower (the Bell is about the only structures left from 4183). I originally built it without a back so it has a decent interior with good access, but built a quick removable rear facade. It was 13F/-11C outside so some of the pictures were a bit rushed, but here's the front. The Redcoats are using a convenient rock and some salvaged timber to lever up their Cart so they can change the broken wheel. The Horse Coach driver (moonlighting from his normal gig) is taken care of the Horse and the Captain is sitting on a bench in the sunshine drinking wine while he watches the others. And a shot of the rear. I deliberately didn't push the 1x4 wooden planking down - I think it looks like a neglected, old pathway. And here's a shot with the back removed - complete with skeleton and rat. Here's Capt. Jack looking down on the Redcoats Despite Capt. Jack's hope's that they are going to remain undiscovered while the Redcoats work below I think things are not going to work out as planned. Gibbs keeps on losing his fish to that seagull and the Redcoat Captain is going to get dinged with a shovel. I hope you enjoyed it. Comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome.
  16. [pid][/pid]226D News scout Horry pointed out this great creation to us. Check it out on Flickr here. Sir Nadroj isn't too active in the community anymore, but he occassionaly builds and he has some exceptional skills. Feel free to visit his portfolio also. [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]