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Found 6 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Raven

    Hello, I guess it´s the season to post a raven... I added a "calling function". When you push a button on the back, the head moves and the beak opens for a "call". To see the full motion, please watch the video on flickr (last picture).
  2. Location: F09 Arium Minor Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle Last time, in Ender's story: Season 1 Season 2 A Man and His Dog Hamilton The Puffin Fight Night! Roomba Robot The Scurrier I Spy... ...Something Green and Red Inspired Action Sudden Geyser Galaxy Transport The Bentley Wheel Well Sushi Chef Down the Rabbit Hole Down the Rabbit Hole Part 2 What do you mean you've lost track of Ender? He didn't report in while surveying Arium Minor,,, Wait, I thought he was on Marden? No, that was interference from the aliens. Anyway, so he didn't report in? Right, and now our only lead is down a gaping hole. He need him Rose. Get down there and find him. Yes mum. And stop calling me while I'm driving!
  3. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F09] Dragons in Brazil

    Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Sector: F09 In a waiting room in the Axle's extensive Archives department. Dragons in Brazil by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Next up, Number 199716." Dragons in Brazil by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr *WHIIIRRRRR* "Hey, Ilba, isn't that...." Dragons in Brazil by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "...Dr. Nai? "Yeah." "Tough luck." "Yeah." Dragons in Brazil by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  4. mccoyed

    [K-D10] Fight Scene

    After the Commodore made his escape, Koro followed him through winding corridors. He spared no thoughts to Raven or her men, all his concentration was bent on not letting the Commodore escape yet again... Dust Demon Base The Hamilton Belt - 3185 Tags: Special Operations Koro came upon him in the access corridor for a small hangar. He stood there, surrounded by his goons waiting for the transport that would put him in the proverbial wind. He was confident, Koro gave him that much. He'd ditched his armor and didn't even bother to raise his pistol. He smirked when he saw Koro enter view. "Why bother, tin man? You know there's no prison in Andromeda that can hold me." "This time, we're going to do this my way. No prisons." "You're completely outnumbered. Even you can see the futility." "Just who the quasar do you think I am?" "Well, if you insist. I may as well enjoy some entertainment before my transport arrives." "Time for a..." There was a hiss and a click only he could hear as Koro's faceplate slid into place. Full battle mode, no holding back. One of the Commodore's goons turned and spoke to his boss. Koro barely heard as his microfilament-edged katana slid through another suit of cheap power armor. "Boss. Permission to deal with the enemy cyborg." Koro was done with the goons. He sized up the Commodore's last two bodyguards. "Yes, they're cyborgs. Like you." "Not like me." "Get him!" "Argh! What do I have to do to get good help in this megablocking galaxy!" "Some cyborgs. It was cute that they had matching haircuts." "Maybe we can--" "Don't even start with me." "Fine then. See if you can dodge a shot at THIS range!" Koro knocked the Commodore's pistol away and then decked him in the face. "You're finished." "No! It can't end like this!" "Die with some dignity. Andromeda won't miss you at all. All the pain you've caused ends right here." Sometime later... "Holy crap." "Raven. Took your time. Nice hair." "Shut up, Koro. I was just blown up. I'll be in a med bay for weeks once these stims wear off." "Well, you're just in time to pay your respects to the Commodore. I finished the job, just like I said I would." "You killed him. I expressly forbid that. You're going to face the music for this one, Koro. This time, Narbilu and your record won't protect you from learning a valuable lesson in loyalty." "Don't bother. You're also just in time for me to tender my resignation from the Kawashita Group." "Well I don't accept it." "What!? Shouldn't you be throwing a party or doing back-flips or something?" "You're a good agent but you need to learn some manners. Besides, we own too much of your body for you to quit. You belong to me and the company and you're going to go where I put you." They stared at each other over the bodies of their enemies, as if those very bodies told the story of the vast difference in philosophy and methods between these two former colleagues. Now, Raven was the boss and Koro still just a cog in a vast machine. She willed him to let go of his stubbornness for once. He willed her to realize he was more trouble to her than he was worth. It was a stalemate. "Fine. Where?" "What?" "You said I'll go where you send me. So where is that going to be Raven-sama?" "I'll figure out what to do with you later. Like I said, you're a good agent. We need more like you, but we need more like you who can follow orders." "Oh no. You're not thinking what I think you're thinking. Anything but that." "You earned it. You're going back to Orinshi. I hope you like being called sensei."
  5. OPERATION REPORT Operative: VK-318 Vladimir Volker Operation Codename: [NONE] During our last contact, we were unfortunately interrupted. At the time, I was involved in an extremely sensitive operation, and could provide no details due to the risk to my sources. I am pleased to inform you that this incidental operation has been successfully concluded. I submit that it should be recorded as "Operation Outlaw," and will refer to it as such in further dispatches until orders to the contrary are relayed. Subsequent to my promotion into the Imperial Security Bureau, I was stationed, as you are aware, on Nar Eurbrikka, pending a more permanent posting. Shortly after my arrival, a message was delivered to me by the local ISB station chief. It consisted of the name "Raven Williams," the address of a Nar Eurbrikkan club, a date and time, and a memo from the station chief or his yoemen, which said that this note had been delivered through an Imperial agent in the local Rebel underground, and that I had been identified as the intended recipient by my name and operating number. The name "Raven Williams" was far from unknown to me, and it is unlikely to be unknown to you. Williams was born a Corellian of low to middle class, and was shanghaied by a space freighter at age fifteen. She disappears from known records until age seventeen, when she emerges as captain of said freighter in the salvage documents - the freighter was destroyed by pirates, and, the documents note, she survived by taking cover in a mining facility on a nearby mega-asteroid. She joined the Rebellion at eighteen, and today is an information broker and occasional operative in Alliance Intelligence. What the record does not state, and what has likely been until now unknown to anyone but myself and Raven, is that the facility in which she hid from the pirate attack on her vessel was my own mining base, during one of my early mining expeditions into the Outer Rim. She sheltered there until the freighter with whom I contracted my supplies of consumables made its next visit, and then bought passage away. Evidently, Raven still remembered my name, and seemed to have something worth communicating. I judged the risk acceptable, since I as yet knew little of critical value to the Empire and thus could reveal little of value to the Rebels should this prove to be a trap. Accordingly, I proceeded to the club, and was there at the appointed time, 2300 Imperial time. I wish to pass along my thanks for the timely processing of my materials requisition. My ISB armor would hardly have been suitable for a rendezvous of this sort, nor indeed would have my uniforms. I was, at any rate, sufficiently inconspicuous, even in a nearly-empty room, that it took Raven a moment to recognize me. She was precisely on time, and over a hand of cards she quietly explained why she had arranged to meet me. As an officer in Alliance Intelligence, she was painfully aware of the stark price the Rebellion exacted from its supporters, and the lack of protection it offered in return. She, like myself, had no interest in supporting a lost cause. But the Rebellion polices its own forces as effectively as the Empire, and her dissent was discovered. When she learned of this, she passed a message through a known Imperial agent (in light of this data, I recommend a complete analysis of all data produced by Nar Eurbrikkan infiltrators in the Rebel ranks), hid her data in a secure location, and made her escape. Now, here she was, seeking political asylum. As an officer of the ISB, I had the authority to grant this if it would further the goals of the ISB and the Empire. So, we made a bargain. We would need to recover her data in order to render her useful to the ISB. So, if she would assist me in recovering that data and delivering it safely to the ISB, she would be granted asylum and a full pardon in accordance with the Bureau's war powers. She was quite willing, and now all that remained was to retrieve the data. I would like this entry judged, please.
  6. This is the Renegade - a medium sized fighter craft created and piloted by the rogue cyborg Raven tribe member, Rogis. The wings, tail, claws, and beak are all articulated plus it features a pair of flick fire missiles underneath and two Chi powered jet engines on either side of the rear. I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures - it' sjust a little too large to fit comfortably in my makeshift studio at the moment, but I did my best. Renegade 4 by BillyRockets, on Flickr