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Found 3 results

  1. Léon was in trouble again. He had been out patrolling, when an overwhelming swarm of pirates had attacked him. At first he had managed to keep them at bay and flee, but now he had been backed in a corner. Well, it was a good place to die... Suddenly, the pirates went all ways in their desperate attempts to evade something. Too late, it seemed. Mounted person appeared. Elysabeth called out: "You're lucky I'm healed, Léon. That was really close!" While Léon was taken behind on a saddle, and rode away, listening to Elysabeth warning him about going off alone, someone else was not so happy... ------------------------------ So, I hope you enjoyed, especially the rockwork, while the vegetation is based on Full Plate's builds. Thanks for the comments on previous builds, CC very welcome! Additional images: The brand-new regimetn that saved Léon, made up of both Corlanders and Eslandolans and as such the first mixed regiment in BoBS:
  2. Gods! Leon hated this place. And his luck. First that ambassady, now this... A tanner! Typically his luck. Would the Lady even know what tanners used on their skins? He was probably even lucky the streets were paved in this quarter. Elysabeth: "Leon. I know it stinks here. But were you going to knock on that door, or are we going to stand here all day? The tanner opened the door. It was the same man. Elysabeth recognized him as the person who as willing to aid a hand when that thing with her legs happened. "Greetings, tanner. My name is Elysabeth. We have to talk." -"My... My... M'lady... I'm honoured! But where are my manners? Come in, please. There is tough a small problem: the ground floor is all working area, not something I'd call cosy. Will you manage to get upstaiars, to the living quarters?" "Sure I will. Leon, please?" With a gently hand, Leon took up his mistress from her chair. He placed one hand in her neck, while one hand gently supported the weight of the casted legs. In her turn, Elysabeth put her hands around the muscled sailor. ----------------------------- When they arrived upstairs, Leon looked around where to put Elysabeth. It was clear the man was not rich: the small space was crowded with a storage room, a bed, a small table with some stools he wouldn't trust and a cabinet. The tanner seemed to sense their being at a loss, and asked pollitely wether Elysabeth would mind sitting on the bed. When she answered: "Not at all, sir." Leon put her gently in the corner. The faded blue of the bedclothes contrasted sharply with the clean white of the bandages around her legs. Elysabeth: "So. Here we are. First of all, I need to thank you. Your suggestion of a healer has proven critical in the saving of my legs. I, and with me MAESTRO, will never forget that. If there is any we might do for you, just say..." The tanner: "Ah, were that you, m'lady? I was wondering what followed of that girl after she left the healer..." His eyes flickered to the special method of healing the casts represented. "But I'm glad you're doing well, m'lady, and it was but my duty. I only wish you, and so MAESTRO, the best of luck, and would not dare ask you anything but..." Elysabeth raised her eyebrows: "But...?" "It's... Well, the... Look, m'lady. I like my job, so when being a tanner in the Old World didn't bring up enough anymore, I moved here. But life is hard for someone not belonging to a company, m'lady. The MCTC has a monopoly on cotton, and with that on clothing... So..." She nodded her head in thought. "I see... Well, I think we might be able to help you with that. What would you think of a contract between you and MAESTRO? You have your protection and a safe income, while we have a reliable source of worked skins and leather." When the tanner's eyes cleared, Elysabeth spoke again: "Do you have anything to write the contract on? Leon, would you bring me to the table please?" ------------------------------- After she had put her signil under the now official document, Elysabeth sighted of satisfaction. "So, it was me a pleasure, and the soldiers will you be gratefull for their new clothing!" Leon sighted, but not of satisfaction. Now they would have to wear things that smelled like this too! ---------------------------------------------------- I had this lying around for way too long, it was past time to have this posted. With this build, I hoped to represent the poorer people and quarters of Elysabethtown, and how these too are engaged in MAESTRO. The tannery itself can be found on the ground floor, and in the courtyard. Anyway, I hope you liked it! CC very appreciated! Additional images
  3. Previous part: A special meeting by TitusV In one of the many great dinner rooms of the Royal Palace in Terelli, a feast was going on... Due to the perfect relations of Lord Maximilian Damaximus's father with the King, Maximilian and Lord Matteus Tomvaximus were invited to sit in front of King Fernando-Augusto VII. The food was delicious. Chicken and fish with the best sauces and apples supplied by Felipe de la Manzana. "So Maximilian, how does it feel to return to my palace?" King Fernando-Augusto said. "So many memories I have here, mylord. All those beautifull moments I spent here playing with your childeren." Maximilian replied "Hahaha, especially with my daughter Margot you came along very well..." The king laughed. Maximilian started thinking about Princess Margot. She was the reason why he went together with his father all the way down to Terelli as kid. "Yes indeed mylord. I am building a big warship now, it will be the queen of the sees and she will be named 'Margot', after your beautifull daughter" The King smiled. "I heard it already... Well, she is here at the palace... MARGOOOOOOOTTT!!" A few moments later, Margot entered the room Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn was the first word that came across Maximilian's mind ... She even get more stunning than he could remember her. Their eyes crossed eachother for ages. With a subtle smile, she nodded her head before turning to her father. "You called me father?" "Please sit down at our table. You remember young Maximilian, don't you? He is now the Lord of Stedor after his father died." the King replied "I am deeply sorry for your loss, mylord" she said to Maxilian. Before Maximilian could answer, the King asked him suddenly "so you wanted to ask me a favor, Maximilian?" A big silence followed. Lord Matteus looked at his best buddy. Finally he would ask the King the permission to set up a Trade Company. Stedor had all the requirements necessary,.. "I want to marry your daughter" Maximilian said Now a bigger silence followed... Matteus tried to understand the situation... Did Maximilian just screwed the chance to set up MAESTRO for a girl??? Now it will take some more time before everything will be realised... Now they have to build another headquarters and vessels. Luckily their warehouse in Terelli is almost ready for use... "Well, your request surprised me a bit, but then again it would be great opportunity for us both. What do you think Margot?" She blushed, "I would be honoured" she said Everyone on the table cheered: a wedding is coming up!!!! During the rest of the dinner, Lord Maximilian Damaximus and Princess Margot shared memories. Meanwhile Lord Matteus talked again to Lady Elysabeth of Drondil. "Now I think about it, there will be the opening of our warehouse in Terelli soon. If you want, you can drop by and we can drink sth together!" Matteus said to Elysabeth. "I will be there" Elysabeth said... To be continued by Titus... Lord Maximilian Damaximus & Princess Margot