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Found 19 results

  1. Since the Eslandolans had first met the Ténotclaxcan society on the island of Berelli in 616 AE, they had fostered a great trading relationship with the native people. In the year following their meeting, residents of the town of Elysabethtown had constructed a Ténotclaxcan Goodwill Trade Garden near the town center to, as the name suggested, project their goodwill for their native neighbors. However, in recent years the condition of the garden had deteriorated. Two Eslandolan town guards mused between themselves, "Do you think we should be weeding this thing?" ----------------------------- OOC: Submitted as an Eslandola entry in the Faction Flavours Mini Challenge. Another fun one to build. I really love the angle / slope that sacks have, and they have a 3mm bar on the top for minifigs to grab! I figured that could make for some fun connections. Two flower variants featured here. Licensed as a small commerce property in Elysabethville
  2. A surprising port extension Since the Terraversa troubles, the Shipyards in Elysabethtown had to fullfill a huge amount of commands. One of them being the confection of the Frigate The Applecid for Felipe de la Manzana in a record time ! It was necessary to extend the port but the shores are mainly unexplored and some sort of huge palm trees are growing in the area. Felipe decided to take advantage of suche trees... He ordered to convert an old smuggler cache situated in one of those trees into a thriving warehouse. A great place to protect fragile goods in the tree shanties. And a good spot to thread ropes and to prepare rigging and sails for the incoming vessels. Some artisans quickly regrouped around this surprising port extension to make it live. Now ropes and sails are ready to be sent to their ships. The development of Elysabethtown Felipe wanted is well engaged now ! Here is a fun build I have prepared for some time now. I will license it as a Large Artisan for Elysabethtown. I really enjoyed to transform the original tree into a huge palm tree full of life !
  3. In the war for Isla De Medio many members of the Brickwall family lost their lives. While many monuments have been built in the Prio Seas, not much has been done to remember them in the Sea of Thieves. Starting with Elysabethtown, more monuments will be erected. This one is a bit different from the others - to remember how many of them were lost, we decided to have an everchanging Statue. Every day, some guards will change out the headgear and potentially weapon of this statue, to show that there wasn't just a single hero. Here you can see the daily ritual; off course with a bunch of visitors observing the change.
  4. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad Román, Clarissa and their loyal bodyguard Betito walked the streets of Elysabethtown. After a quick trip from Nellisa to the neighbouring island of Berreli - the Colonia had proven her value already - he had just held his speech to hundreds of people. Román intended to meet Lady Elysabeth and her husband later on in private, to discuss some of the more delicate matters with her. One of the main aspects was the "Colonial Knowledge Mission". Eslandola hardly had gained any real knowledge about the new islands so far. His geologists had started prospecting everywhere, and some results were there already... But where did that lead them? Rumors were that citrus plants grew well on Isla de Victoria - had anyone yet methodologically quantified the economic benefit of that? Probably not. Nor was there an all-Eslandolan catalogue of major findings of rare minerals on specific islands. Nor any other documents providing information on how to make the best profit from the colonies. He planned on setting up a big all Eslandolan explorer's library where knowledge for every single island in the new seas was collected, properly assigned and connected, and of course stored and made publicly available to all Eslandolans. He intended to hire some scientists to do the math, set up calculations and create hypotheses. Especially for raw minerals, but also for plants and other aspects. Even natural implications had to be considered. How likely was it that a volcano would erupt and destroy parts of a settlement? Like his son Joaquin's fiancee Poca from the natives used to say: "You know nothing, Joaquin Fontonajo", whenever they walked the forests. And she was so damn right about it. And of course contributors of knowledge needed to be rewarded. Which basically summarized the last main aspect of his campaign. Oleon had set up a fantastic reward programm, acknowledging the most successful pioneers' achievements with medals of honour. Eslandola needed a "Pioneer Reward Programm" as well. Especially one that was not purely - or even not at all - monetarily driven. Money was plentiful in the colonies, but honour was what most of the rich people lacked, and what the Colonial Council would have to get them with. He thought of some kind of reward tree, where eager pioneers could earn their rank up the ladders, and gain titles. Where... "Silent!", hissed Betito, pointing his ears, drawing his rapier, when suddenly a grim man jumped around the corner of the warehouse they were just passing - all clad in yellow, with a white bandana, a pistol in his hand, running towards Román Fontonajo, shouting "For Mardier!!!". Betito took a step forward, his rapier pointed towards the attacker. The Mardierian assassin lifted his pistol. While he slowed to find aim at Román, and while Betito drew his gun, a shot banged, echoing through the street. Still running, the assassin stumbled, fell, coming to a halt only before Betito's feet. Fontonajo's guard quickly executed the foe. Behind the attacker's corpse Román Esteban Fontonajo blew the smoke off his pistol, looked at his terrified wife, calmly stating: "Mardier? Denied, I say." Román then took Clarissa's hand, tapped Betito on the shoulder and gave a look of approval to his loyal guard, and continued their way. "Find someone to get rid of the corpse, and let the world know.", Román said with an icecold tone. MOC is inspired by the Elysabethtown-style from @TitusV.
  5. Joaquim Seramon Fontonajo had brought some ores from Berreli. Impulsive as he is he had immediately bought a claim where he thought there were some great minerals - only to find out that his ores were worthless. Román decided to set a Stone Quarry in the area and make it part of the Fontonajo Mining Ventures. The Quarry is located a few miles outside of Elysabethtown. This MOC was built from 99 pieces. This includes the baseplate and all equipment, even the bull's horns. However I counted minfigs (trousers, body, arms, hands, head, hair) as 1. I had wanted to give building with large prebuilt blocks and few bricks a try, and I think it turned out quite ok. Maybe some of you will also go for a 99-pieces-MOC?
  6. A Shipyard and a payment : While the Doctor is preparing his expedition, Felipe de la Manzana received some news from his Ténotclaxcan friend Pinya. She taught Felipe the Ténotclaxcans managed to catch an Oleon ship when they repeled them at sea... The ship was not in good status but was still seaworthy and with some repairs could be a good warship. The ship name was "La Vaillante" So Pinya gave the ship in order to pay Felipe the service he is offering to the tribe by sending them the doctor. Felipe was surprised and managed to build rapidly a shipyard for Elysabethtown to make the repairs on "La Vaillante". Felipe visited the new shipyard at work just when the men, helped by some natives, began to work. So much work to do ! The mast had to be rebuilt; the sails were totally lost, and that awful yellow paint has to go ! thought Felipe when he saw the vessel remnants. Some men were not so found at work than others and prefered to enjoy good apples... The new paint had to be green ! According to Felipe : a bright green ! Once the masts rebuilt and the new rigging and sails are ready, Felipe returned with Pinya admire the work. Once again, it seemed that a man (the same ??) prefered to play with a monkey instead of working... I hope you will like this shipyard. C&C's are always welcome. The ship will be seen in a dedicated topic when ready (soon !)
  7. There is a reason why the coat of arms of Elysabethtown is a "Lancer". Elysabethtown is well known for its regiment of dragoons stationed there. As horses are such an important part of life in the Eslandolan colony, the Horse Ranches are of significant importance. Just outside Elysabethtown, the Horse Ranch of Pierre de Fokker is located across a small river. Guarded 24/7 by MAESTRO soldiers against the unknown threats there possibly are. A commercial place selling the finest horses of Terra Versa! --- Note: as I never collected green plates and as I spent a large amount of brown bricks in my latest fort, I decided to build in LDD... Building with real bricks is way more easier! This will be licenced as Large Commerce property. C&C welcome!
  8. After captain Ben D'Anvers sailed a few times back and forwarth to the Viking settlement and right before his ship sunk (that bloody idiot...), he managed to improve the relationship with the Viking Tribe to a level of trust, so an alliance was made. Part of the deal is that MAESTRO teaches the Vikings how to handle guns and rifles. In exchange, MAESTRO has now a compagny of Viking soldiers. Back in Elysabethtown, Lord Tomvaximus decided the best spot for the new fort would be across the entrance of the bay, so the ships in the bay could easily be defended against raiders. I hereby present Fort Viking ----- Pfiew, just in time normally :D Anyway, C&C welcome :)
  9. The Society of Natural Philosophy was well-established in the old world, and everywhere its scientists went, they could find quiet refuges where they could dedicate themselves to their studies. Places where noone would question a bit of smell from a cadaver, or the odd looks some people give a man with blood all over his clothes after a fine dissection. Not to talk of the endless explanations to the constable about corpses being procured well within the law. Oh yee of little knowledge! As a whole new world was now opening up, the Society followed suit, and sought to establish similar facilities in the settlements springing up on newly discovered islands. On Berelli, in Elysabethtown, the mayor had respondent to their request and granted them a room in the newly established library. Thus they had granted her the title of "Mecenas" meaning "benefactor", indicating her support for the Society, and she had promised that Elysabethtown would always allow the Society and their guests free passage regardless what wars and political intrigue might arise. Further, she had promised to use her influence with Maestro to allow scientists and specimens to travel on the company's vessels. A local clerk had also been assigned to receive the scientists whenever they should arrive. Robert McEvan normally worked in the library, but was very excited to be appointed for the position to service the Society. While it for some might just look like unpaid extra work, Robert knew with all his heart that it might be his way into natural philosophy. He had a dream to become an assistant to one of these scientists, and joining an expedition to see things never beheld before. And while he dared barely form the thought himself, somewhere in his mind he hoped one day himself to lead an expedition… --------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading all this, for the kind comments on my previous MOC, and thanks to Bregir forthe story and the great idea of a Fraternity of Science! Elysabeth is very honoured to be allowed to call herself Mecenas. This build was, as you probably can see, based on Jacob Nion's build, wich I really like! Additional images
  10. This is my third freebuild this month, so if you're not Eslandolan and like it, please approve. Department of Science, Elysabethtown -------------------------------------- Robert McEvan is head clerk of the brand-new library of Elysabethtown. As such, he is a member of the MAESTRO trading company, altough not in the economic branch. While it for some might just look like extra unpaid work, Robert knew with all his heart that it might be his way into natural philospohy. He had a dream to become an assistant to one of these scientists, and joining an expedition to see things never beheld before. And while he dared barely form the thought himself, somewhere in his mind he hoped one day himself to lead an expedition. ---------------------------------------- So, Bregir had the excellent idea of having new members of the society build a small vignette for their scientist. Well, here you are! Altough it is a small build, CC is very welcome.
  11. Gods! Leon hated this place. And his luck. First that ambassady, now this... A tanner! Typically his luck. Would the Lady even know what tanners used on their skins? He was probably even lucky the streets were paved in this quarter. Elysabeth: "Leon. I know it stinks here. But were you going to knock on that door, or are we going to stand here all day? The tanner opened the door. It was the same man. Elysabeth recognized him as the person who as willing to aid a hand when that thing with her legs happened. "Greetings, tanner. My name is Elysabeth. We have to talk." -"My... My... M'lady... I'm honoured! But where are my manners? Come in, please. There is tough a small problem: the ground floor is all working area, not something I'd call cosy. Will you manage to get upstaiars, to the living quarters?" "Sure I will. Leon, please?" With a gently hand, Leon took up his mistress from her chair. He placed one hand in her neck, while one hand gently supported the weight of the casted legs. In her turn, Elysabeth put her hands around the muscled sailor. ----------------------------- When they arrived upstairs, Leon looked around where to put Elysabeth. It was clear the man was not rich: the small space was crowded with a storage room, a bed, a small table with some stools he wouldn't trust and a cabinet. The tanner seemed to sense their being at a loss, and asked pollitely wether Elysabeth would mind sitting on the bed. When she answered: "Not at all, sir." Leon put her gently in the corner. The faded blue of the bedclothes contrasted sharply with the clean white of the bandages around her legs. Elysabeth: "So. Here we are. First of all, I need to thank you. Your suggestion of a healer has proven critical in the saving of my legs. I, and with me MAESTRO, will never forget that. If there is any we might do for you, just say..." The tanner: "Ah, were that you, m'lady? I was wondering what followed of that girl after she left the healer..." His eyes flickered to the special method of healing the casts represented. "But I'm glad you're doing well, m'lady, and it was but my duty. I only wish you, and so MAESTRO, the best of luck, and would not dare ask you anything but..." Elysabeth raised her eyebrows: "But...?" "It's... Well, the... Look, m'lady. I like my job, so when being a tanner in the Old World didn't bring up enough anymore, I moved here. But life is hard for someone not belonging to a company, m'lady. The MCTC has a monopoly on cotton, and with that on clothing... So..." She nodded her head in thought. "I see... Well, I think we might be able to help you with that. What would you think of a contract between you and MAESTRO? You have your protection and a safe income, while we have a reliable source of worked skins and leather." When the tanner's eyes cleared, Elysabeth spoke again: "Do you have anything to write the contract on? Leon, would you bring me to the table please?" ------------------------------- After she had put her signil under the now official document, Elysabeth sighted of satisfaction. "So, it was me a pleasure, and the soldiers will you be gratefull for their new clothing!" Leon sighted, but not of satisfaction. Now they would have to wear things that smelled like this too! ---------------------------------------------------- I had this lying around for way too long, it was past time to have this posted. With this build, I hoped to represent the poorer people and quarters of Elysabethtown, and how these too are engaged in MAESTRO. The tannery itself can be found on the ground floor, and in the courtyard. Anyway, I hope you liked it! CC very appreciated! Additional images
  12. This is my third freebuild this month. If you're not Eslandolan and like it, please approve. Leon sighed. Why was it always him? First he had discovered that tribe (true, that had also awarded him some praise from the Lady, and a lot of soldiers were jealous for that), but he'd prefer no praise over praise and being hung by his toes from a palm tree. By natives! But it seemed like his bad luck had not yet deserted him: today, Lady Elysabeth had an official meeting with a Corringtonlander Ambassador from the town at the other side of the island. And of course, she wanted to impress that scienceman. Typically for him he was elected for such a boring duty! Of course, in such a shape, the Lady needed protection. But why on earth had that to be in official uniform? It was f#cking more then 25 degrees outside, with a tropical climate... He heart a cough. When he lookep up, he saw Elysabeth's eyes fixed upon his face. That d#mned Lady could read thoughts! Then he saw her gesturing the Ambassador was incoming. ------------------------------ "A warm welcome to our humble settlement, My Lord Ambassador. Please excuse me for not standing up and having a somewhat more comfortable chiar, but I hope you see that my... Condition does not allow me more. But enough about me. How do make it? I hope the voyage wasn't too exciting tiring. As you know, Lord Da Manzana has already negotiated all terms of the treaty..." ----------------------------- Elysabeth was glad the Ambassador finally put his sign under the document. Altough the major work was done by Felipe, she still had to dispute a thousand little remarks. She wasn't made for this work! She was a soldier, and her place was at the frontier! Instead of that, she had to be carried around in a litter, like some silly lady at the Oleander court and be polite to all these important persons, while doing paperwork! Now she had to go drink something with the Ambassador... That improved her state-of-mind: she had still some of Manzana's apple cider left... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a quick built, hope you like it! This was based ion the Norse sery Occupied (Okkupert), wich I really love! With a bit of imagination, one can see the Russian Ambassy in it... I hope! And Elysabeth is for a part based on the Russian Ambassadrice. Anyway, CC very welcome! Additional images:
  13. Please check out this first! ---------------- Mary had been busy examing. She was studying a extinct species called dragons. Well, it was called extinct by some, but she herself believed it had never existed! As such where here thoughts when someone entered her room. She glanced up. It was a muscled men, but if you looked at his coat of arms he was a Corringtonlander. Good! Maybe they could talk about wether dragons had ever... Wait! That Corringtonlander was not alone! Behind him came one of the localsn she thought it was a tanner... Anyway, that man she recognized. But in between them, the two men were porting someone she had never seen before! It was a young girl, and pretty one too. She had magnificent, shining, dark brown hair, in a long braid almost touching the ground. Her face was not particularly beautiful or remarkable, but quite pretty and the skin was tanned, showing that the girl was not afraid of working or being in the sun. Mary's glance glided down, to the women breasts. These were, altough not big, nice and round. She sighted. How far were the times when her breasts were round and soft! The girl's arms where covered by a light armour, she tought it to be fencing-clothing. She looked even more downwards, and saw that the girl was, surprisingly, wearing breeches! But then she looked again, and saw that the dark leather was dotted with a rapidly widening bloodstain! She sighedd again: this meant work to do! She cleaned the table - carefully storing the books about dragons away, you don't know how expensive these are! - and waved the Corringtonlander to put the remarkable girl on the tabletop. In the mean time, she started giving orders: "You, with you red coat!" -"Who, me?" "Yes, you! I want you to heat up the fire! You can find wood aside the fireplace!" "You, tanner!" -"Who, me?" "Yes, you! Go take some plaster out of the cupboard!" -"Plaster? Why would you need plaster? She has broken her legs, probably more then once, and you want pla..." "Don't complain, and get that plaster! She has indeed broken both her legs, her right one once and her left one thrice, but next time I'll do the diagnosis!" In the mean time, she prepared something against the pain. When that girl would wake up again, she would need it! Both her legs broken, and the left in no less then three places! It was a miracle the fractions were so clean and she was specialised in this, but still... While she let the girl drink, she explained to the two men what she was going to do: "So, as you all may know, she broke her legs" a lightning glare struck the tanner "and I don't know how she did it, but she's lucky: I'm specialised in broken bones, and have just invented a new way of dealing with them. It's called a cast, plaster we heat a bit so it becomes almost liquid, and we then cast it around her legs. For her left leg, we'll also include the hip, as to be sure. I'll do the plaster, you two just make sure she doesn't move." "So, let things cool down and stiffen up,and then you can take her with you. In a month or so, the cast can be removed and she'll be able to move freely again. With the old methods, this fractions would have take almost three months to heal and she would have limped for the rest of her live. No such things now though, she'll fully recover. Thanks to me!" "And I'll sent a bill later!" The new generations, hmmmm... Mary sighed. ------------------------------------------------- A really funny interior, hope you like it! CC is very aprreciated, and thanks for that on the previous MOCs too! Additional images:
  14. After the Impartial Judge had explained the rules, the two duelists put themselves into "En-Garde". And when the Judge raised his hands and brought them close to each other, the duel started... ------------------------- Elysabeth felt her breath rasping through her row throath. The duel had been going on for almost a quarter of an hour, and noone of the two was any better. They hadn't even touched each other! Altough she was quicker and more flexible then Hugo, he possesed more force, really good reflexes and - most important - a better endurance. She had to win this duel quickly, or she would have to give up. She already felt the rapier becoming heavier and her reflexes slower. ------------------------ "There! A gap!" Not only Elysabeth was tired, or so it seemed: Hugo had, warding of one of her thrusts, managed to put a little too much weight on his fore feet. If now she managed to let him put only a little bit more on it, he would be of balance and as easy a target as the wooden dolls she trained on. But how to do that? She saw only one ay, and that was backing down a bit, to let him think she was so tired she couldn't defend anymore, and so seduce him into attacking her... She took a step back... ----------------------- Hugo was tired! He had never fought against such a worthy opponent... And he had to win quickly, otherwise his endurance would leave him... And with the depart of his endurance would come his loss, since that young girl didn't seem tired at all! Or wait! She stopped defending herself, all of a sudden she seemed to tired to lift her weapon. She had to back down! If he attacked now, he would have great chance of winning! Elysabeth took a step back... ---------------------- Noone ever saw the poo Elysabeth steppen in, but everyone could hear the breaking of bones when she did... A moment of silence hung over the street. Then she screamed... Noone would ever forget how she screamed. -------------------- Don Isaac Montoya was tired. Yes, he liked duels, and yes, he liked that girl. Bur they shouldn't keep fighting the whole day! He had a ship leaving soon! But enough of that, he was a judge, and as such, he pointed his attention back to the fight. With his trained eye, he saw that Hugo was making a fault: too much weight on his front feet. This was the moment for Elysabeth to win. He looked to her, and saw that she had seen the same. To put Hugo even more out of balance, she stepped back... When the sound of breaking bones reached his ears, Isaac flinched. But when he saw Elysabeth collapsing, face distorted from pain, he was the first to reach her. As a former ship-doctor, Isaac immediatly saw that things were grave. The bones were broken, and if he was right, more then once. "Is there a specialist in the neighbourhood? Quickly!" ---------------------- Afterwards, the two remaining judges decided to give the victory to Elysabeth. Both participants had fought well, but they had seen the fault Hugo had made in the end. As such, she had won a victory. But how a victory... ---------------------------------------------------------- Finally another build from me, hope you like it! I loved my duel entry so much, I decided to expand. Oh, and I'm quit proud of the story, so any thoughts on that... Additional images:
  15. I don't know wether I need to ask approvals for this, but if you're not Eslandian and like it, please approve, in case it is needed. After a week of sailing, Elysabeth had finally arrived at her home: Elysabethtown! Now she only needed a judge... But when she looked at the sun, she saw she was alrready too late! No time left to run to the HQ and ask Matteus to be her judge... But she needed one! She decided to ask the first man passing by to be her judge. There, that Corrintonlander seemed a trustworthy person! "Excuse me, good sir, but I have a duel, and I'm already too late. Would you mind to be my judge?" -"Of course not! My name is Isaac Don Montoya, and my ship is in the harbour to resupply. I'll leave this evening, but I still have some time to judge your duel." As such, she arrived only a bit too late and WITH judge at the place of meeting. Everybody was already waiting for her. She greeted everyone, thanked the judges to be there and took here place. The Corringtonlandder Impartial Judge started by explaining the rules, after wich they both agreed to accept the winner of the duel and settle their little dispute. Under them, some daring citizens made a quick beth on the winner of the contest. The Impartial Judge was ready to commence: "En-garde!" "Prêt?" "Allez!!!" ------------------------ This was actually a really nice thing to build, it has been a long time I took so much pleasure from bricking! CC very welcome. Additional images:
  16. The Ship Broker of Elysabethtown (note: 4th freebuild this month, so approvals are welcome!) (for the current list of ship for sale: check the end of this post or check here) Sir Botekoop loves his job. Being a Notary, he received a lot of respect across the globe. He also is the keeper of the "BoBs Ship Index". And now he has a new extra task! Helping people in New Terra finding their next ship! As he became responsible for the Elysabethtown office, he now had to start finding clients who put their ship for sale. But that wouldn't be a problem. Lord Maximilian Damaximus (his boss) is lobbying for a 3 db fee for every transaction. Well, time will tell how it will turn out. Suddenly, he hears someone entering his room: The notorious Sea Rat Captain Goldskull stands in front of him! "I am looking for a new ship!" "Yes ofcourse sir, please take a look at our current offer." "That one on top of the shelves looks fine, tell me more about it" "She is called the Raven of Oleon and belonged to a powerfull family from Granoleon. She has been captured by some Sea Rats after tricking the captain in a narrow delta. Now she is for sale! A fine Class 2 Small Sloop." "Sold! I will call her the Revenge of Bastion! Beware Brickseas!!" ------------------------------------ OOC: Well I really wanted to use those POTC bottles and to MOC the Ship Broker thing (as promised). As Elysabethtown is a newly found settlement, I choosed for a wooden construction with some hay on the roof to isolate. It was very challenging to SNOT the wall both on the inside as the outside :) Also, it will be licenced in February as atm I am out of DB's :D Approvals & C & C more than welcome!!! -------------------------------- Ships For Sale None atm, be sure to check this list next month!
  17. This is my fifth freebuild this moth. If you're not Eslandolan and consider it worthy, please approve. While his love was out exploring, Lord Matteus Tomvaximus, master of the MAESTRO Trade Company, was very busy with serious things: he had a settlement to establish. And now MAESTRO finally got a charter from the King, blessed is his name, were the traders and adventures streaming in. To protect all this, one needs a mighty fortress. And let building fortresses concidently be the speciality of his wife! Altough she had to leave very quickly, she had still managed to design the first stage of the defenses. That was a small tower at the cities side of the bay. And even though it was small now, Lord Matteus expected it to become the city's maior protection. Of course, every fort needs a name. A name of a female, that is common known. And, as Lord Matteus thought, wich name would be better suited then the name of the architect? Concidentally also the name of his beloved? What he forget for a moment, was that Elysabeth didn't like these things. He should have know, after the 3-day razo she was in when she discovezred he had called a settlement after her. ----------------- Waw, designing a fort on a 16x16 base was a real pain in the megablocks! Thank you all for the kind comments on the previous MOCs! (@Blackdeathgr: thank you for loving my rocks, here you got some more of them!)
  18. This is my fourth freebuild this month. If you like it, then any approvals are welcome. Elysabeth and Matteus have just arrived in the little hamlet now called Elysabethtown. "Why is this hamlet wearing my name?" -"Honey, consider it a birthday present. And there's something else you have to see." "Waw, what's that?" -"The headqarter of my company. And the best thing is: as long as your new town-hall is not build, you can rule from here." "My new town-hall?" -"Didn't I say that? You will be mayor of this town, when we get a charter. But please come in!" "This is the entree-hall. To the left, you've got a little shrine for the Oleander gods. NOt that we're believers, they just don(t want to trade if they can't pray. Silly people." "To the right, there's a little statue of Maxim I, founder of the MAESTRO trading company." "And under us, you've got the cellar. There we store some goods, always nice to trade. And when these goods are weapons, they're also nice to defend. And of course the famous apple-cider of our Minister of Agricultural Development: Felipe." "And then we go upstairs, where Lord Maximilian is waiting on us. He's trying to find the right person for an exploration mission." "Ha, Elysabeth. Congratulations on your marriage and your new mayor-ship. What are your plans with the town?" -"I'm going on that exploration mission." "What..." Matteus: "But Honey..." -"No. I'm going. Prepare that ship we got from the King. When I've drawn the plans for the new fort, we'll leave." ----------------- My King. I promised you two MOCs, and I always keep my promises. Here you've got them. Your humble servant, Elysabeth of Drondil Sorry for the bad pictures, lighting is very bad in Belgium. CC very appreciated! Additional images
  19. First of all sorry for the picture quality, it is kinda dark outside... Also sorry for the small cracks in the build, I hurt my thumb yesterday, so I can't use both hands to brick :( Anyhow, on Nelissa, there lays a small settlement called Elysabethtown. As this is the hamlet where MAESTRO starts their oversea activities, MAESTRO opened a Swordsmith here. (please note that Elysabeth is not granted officially yet, but after reading the rules once again, it should not be a problem to start a hamlet on Nelissa). The flags of MAESTRO and Eslandola waving proudly in the wind. The groundfloor is the swordsmith. On the upperfloor, a soldier lives in a small cosy room. The soldier really enjoys his station. Thanks to the little roof, he has no sunburns and every now and then he can take a nap or a bite in one of Filipe de la Manzana's delicious apples as nothing really interesting happens in peacefull Elysabethtown right now... Well, I hope it fits for the EGS as free licenced small build. I wonder if it is categorized as factory or as artisans workshop? It is really difficult to build a factory on a 16x16 base... C&C welcome :)