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Found 4 results

  1. Paraphrasing, this question reminds me the debates held years ago on usenet, about the the decline of newgroups in favour of forums. Nevertheless I can’t help thinking about it, considering that the most interesting analyses I have recently read are comments to articles or news in websites. This concerns various topics, including Lego obviously. I wonder what the reasons are, apparently forums can’t keep up with the endless news flow, been based on the time and the commitment that their users choose to dedicate to their passion. And probably passion is the key in this matter, a site may be more active or more updated – especially if it receives exclusive previews or products, that is the case of the most important Lego blogs – but the limit between being part of the fandom and making a profit is a very thin line. The corollary is clear, if the (semi)professional aspect is involved, a comment moderator will have the tendency to act with more strictness, limiting controversial opinions. And speaking of conformism, commenters will be tempted to express basic or demagogic considerations, in order not to be moderated or to receive more “likes”, in a vicious self-feeding mechanism. Finally, commenters are inclined to avoid replying to others’ comments, a solipsistic attitude which causes an impoverishment of the discussion. The lesson of what occurred to newsgroups was not learnt, history repeats itself.
  2. XBrickmonster


    At the bottom of a lot of people's replies, I notice a little area where they have personal info/pictures/messages. I was wondering how you get that little box? (EDIT) I see now that they are called signatures, but I don't see an option in my account preferences about signatures.
  3. If you could have built it better, you have no issues informing the builder as such Inform the builder their talents are better than what they are showing. If you are not a fan of the techniques used you will tell them which building style you think would have been better. You comment on what you like as well as your preferences if the MOC goes against those. You only comment on what you like. You say, "That looks cool!" of "Great MOC!" every time. Examples: "If I were to build that I would have done this, this, and that as well as adding this and that functionally. Basically it would be bigger, better, and more pleasing to the eye if I did it." "Your build quality has been slipping lately, are you doing okay?" "You should have used more round studs on the wall, I hate it when people only use flat bricks. Also, I don't like it when I see studs anywhere, it looks messy." "That is a cool window! I usually prefer colors to be warmer, but it is nice other wise." "Nice figure posing!" "Sweet MOC brah." If I were to comment on a MOC it would probably be a number 4 or 5 critique. I am not comfortable telling others what techniques to use as in number 3 because sometimes I think a MOC looks really cool and then a forum user posts, "This looks too blocky" or something. I'm sure we can all agree people who do number 1 critiques are jerks.
  4. Eurobricks in collaboration with The LEGO Group is proud to present a new Direct to Consumer (D2C) Building Contest: Pimp My Camper! The idea is this: take the LEGO VW Mini-Camper and customise it! Create a theme version from any LEGO Theme - Star Wars, Friends, Pirates, Castle ... whatever takes your fancy! Make a Steampunk version, or a futuristic Sci-Fi camper! Give it legs or wings instead of wheels! Keep it firmly down to earth as a Town version, but just soup it up! The possibilities are endless. All we ask is that you keep the basic dimensions the same: the body must be no larger than the original (10 studs by 4 studs; height 13 plates) but reasonable overhang and appendages will be allowed; and the body must be recognisable as a VW Camper. Only LEGO elements may be used, but custom decals are permitted. You do NOT need to own the official LEGO version to build this. The instructions for the VW Mini-Camper are available to download and attached to the first post of the Discussion Thread. The Prizes (kindly provided by The LEGO Affiliate Programme) First Prize 10220 VW Camper + 40079 Mini VW Camper Four Runners-Up Prizes 40079 Mini VW Camper Please use this thread for comments on the contest entries in the Entry Thread. Please be friendly and constructive. Discussion Thread Entry Thread