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Found 1 result

  1. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70806 Castle Cavalry

    Podracer-like flying machine, or wall? You get to decide in… Set Title: Castle Cavalry Set #: 70806 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 424 Minifgures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION First of all, holy whoa, 424 pieces for $30? Can that be right? That's crazy! Second of all, nobody thought much of this set when pictures surfaced. And for good reason. The minifigures and colors are the same as the current Castle line, so what's really to like here? There are better castle sets in the Castle line. Is there something special that everybody missed? Let's see… BOX All of the 2-in-1 boxes picture the more, erm, "creative" model as the main model. That's not to say that the other one is secondary exactly, but the whacky and kind of unappealing one is all front and center. The back shows both models more equally. It seems to highlight those awful mini-catapults and not the flick-fires. Which is better? Maybe the catapults. Names make figures seem special, right? Well, there's nothing exclusive about our knights, but Sharon Shoehorn is exclusive. CONTENTS There are no numbered bags in these sets because once you build one model, you couldn't have numbered bags when building the second one anyway. With a lot of parts, that actually makes the build kind of lengthy. Here are all the parts for the Castle wall/flying thing, for your interest. Not a bad castle parts pack really, but nothing revolutionary. There are three booklets: two numbered ones and one that builds the wall model. The first slim numbered one builds the robot, while the second builds the flying thing. I didn't take a picture of the inside; it's fairly standard. The sticker sheet is not too bad here. MINIFIGURES As I said, most of these will be nothing new to anybody into Castle. None of the latest castle line interested me, so these are my first of these guys, and they're pretty nice for what they are. Still, compared to the more interesting city figures in other sets, I understand why these aren't much to write home about. Sharon Shoehorn's torso actually looks like it comes from the '80s besides for the modern "shapely" printing. I do love Sharon's second exp<b></b>ression, and the knight's is a good one, if not new. Everybody has a bit of nice backprinting. SET - MICROMANAGER This particular Micromanager isn't my favorite; they're cuter with legs. This is the only one with wheels, but it doesn't roll all that well. The hand is super big, and can grab minifigures very well. You sometimes need to balance it on the big hand for it to not fall over. Since it rolls, it's got to have some tail lights in case it's caught in traffic. The wheels do fold up into it, but then I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with it. SET - FLYING THING The flying model actually uses all of the remaining parts, just leaving extra bits that you'd expect to see as extras anyway. Not all of the 2-in-1s use all the parts. Here are the leftovers from this model: And here is our flying machine. This one is pretty ok. It's reminiscent of a podracer, which makes it decently fun to swoosh. There are no controls, but it's already ridiculous so… oh well. The color scheme is pleasant and castle-y. This one does easily convey taking a castle and turning it into a flying machine. From the side, it still looks alright. Silly of course, but alright. The "engines" have some firey exhaust coming out, which is a fun touch. The set features the only way to make flick-fires tolerable - by having something else push them out. They still don't work well, but they're better. There's plenty of ammo for the little catapults, if you care to use those. The way the fence piece is attached using skeleton arms is cool, and is actually the same in the secon model, as we'll see. Overall, this model has enough guns and the fun engines, so it's not too bad. SET - CASTLE WALL The wall model doesn't use everything, but there aren't so many leftovers either. Here they are: First up is actually the sub-builds. Here are two little light things. They look nice, but are also the type of thing that aren't so necessary. They seem to just be there to eat parts. Next is a little double-catapult cart. LEGO loves double-catapult carts. There have been so many of these over the years. This one is fine and unremarkable. The front has some fire and places for a minifigure to drag it along. And now… the castle. For a castle wall, it's pretty nice. Plenty of detailing, more than in the current castle line I'd say. It's a lot of parts packed into a not-huge model. This really has to be part of a wall, or between two mountains, or something. Otherwise the door is a bit useless. Still, with the right imagination this makes a nice little outpost. There's just enough space for the knights to chill out, both in the towers and up top. The door has a locking mechanism, just a brick with technic pieces that slot through to lock it. Still, nice. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION So there you have it. Is this set better than what I initially expected? I don't know. The one model I'd want to display is the wall, but no surprise there. It's a nicely detailed wall. You'll have to be the judge if this set is worth getting for you. It does have a lot of parts, most of which are castle-y, so if you're into castle this isn't a terrible parts pack. The minifigures certainly don't sell this one, so you'd have to like the wall model, be a completist on micromanagers, or want to parts to get this. More 2-in-1 reviews to come!