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Found 2 results

  1. As some of you may know, I changed the black-and-red Texas type steam engine to a more photogenic reddish brown color and added a bigger smoke-box door to the front of the engine. Here is the original version of this engine from a few months back. ...and here is the new version, with a photo taken earlier this month. Their was one problem with this engine though. It had only my 8-studs wide 34-studs long train cars for it to pull. These four (yes, only four) train cars looked really weird next the engine, as the cars were almost as long as the engine (without the tender)! So, I set about redesigning the coaches, which had named the 909 National limited. Here is the results of that rebuilding: This car is the baggage / passenger car, also known as a combine. These two cars are passenger coaches, though I might just make a third one someday. Also, as you may have noticed, the cars are too far apart from each other. This was fixed by moving the wheels back a hole in the train base soon after the photos were taken. The car you see here is just the observation with it's "909" plaque on the rear. Where did get the idea for these tain cars in the first place? They were inspired by a 8 wide Galaxy Express 999 MOC I saw years ago on Brickshelf. (see it here: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=374748 ) The name of this train was changed to the tune of the Beatles song "One after 909" from the album "Let it Be". Then I tried a bunch of words after that could go with 909, including the following: limited, express, cannonball, flyer, runner, and a bunch of other names and combination of said names I can't recall. Eventually, I ran into National Limited on accident when correcting a typo. I liked the way it sounded, and thus 909 National Limited was born. As a side note, the LDD file for the coaches cannot be given out, for two reasons: 1) MOCpages is having issues with missing pictures, e-mail notifications, and the broken activity bar. MOCpages also happens to be where I upload my LDD files. 2) I made these train spur-of-the-moment, and thus their is no file to give out anyway! I'm quite sure you could figure out how the coaches were made, but if you can't, I will make an LDD file and upload it when MOCpages gets back on the right track. (train pun intended!)
  2. I finally took some updated photos of my American-inspired train models! Meramec River Runner This model features the 2-8-2 Mikado steam engine pulling the train, one combination baggage / passenger car, three coaches, and one observation car. The train cars by themselves are inspired by the Wabash Frisco & Pacific passenger cars, except these are dark gray and not blue. The name of this train is a play off the Missouri River Runner, a real train that Amtrak runs from Kansas City to St. Louis. The Meramec River runs next to the Wabash Frisco & Pacific, so I switched the name to the Meramec River Runner. The locomotive is a 2-8-2 (two leading, eight driving, and two trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 5916 usually pulls the Meramec River Runner lightweight passenger train. Combination baggage and passenger car for the Meramec River Runner. Three identical passenger coaches for the Meramec River Runner. The observation coach of the Meramec River Runner. This car lacks the letters BRS (standing for Brick Railway Systems) but it is owned by that line. LDD file for this train: http://www.mocpages....1435538712m.lxf Emerald Express This 2-6-0 "Mogul" steam engine & it's four car train is painted in a exclusive dark green, thus giving the train it's name. The trains consist of 1 baggage / passenger car (also known as a "combine"), 2 passenger coaches, and 1 observation car. In the real world, the locomotive was originally assembled from instructions on Railbricks for a MOD of set 79111, Constitution Train Chase, by a user named Zephyr1934. I modified the engine from the pistons up to achieve it's current look. I then added train coaches inspired by set 10015, Passenger Wagon, but with inter-car connections and inset doors. (plus the rear platform on the observation car) The locomotive is a 2-6-0 (two leading, six driving, and zero trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 4613 usually pulls the Emerald Express clerestory passenger train. Combination baggage and passenger car for the Emerald Express. Two identical passenger coaches for the Emerald Express. The observation car of the Emerald Express. The letters BRS stand for Brick Railway Systems, the owner of the train. LDD file for the Emerald Express: http://www.mocpages....1435538134m.lxf Spirit of Legoredo This diesel led train is headed up by a FA (cab) / FB (booster) set and a combine, three passenger cars, and a observation car. It runs from New York City to the city of Legoredo near the West coast. This desert terminus and it's Wild West heritage is where the train get's it's name. (EDIT: new photos are in place for this train. 7/6/15) The locomotive is a American Locomotive Company (ALCO for short) diesel two unit semi-permanently coupled set, with both engines assigned the same number. Engine number 7996 usually pulls the Spirit of Legoredo streamlined passenger train. Baggage / passenger car for the Spirit of Legoredo. Their are three streamlined passenger coaches for this train. The observation car features a large curved glass window instead of a rear platform. LDD file for the Spirit of Legoredo: http://www.mocpages....1427399561m.lxf 909 National Limited This fast train travels from San Francisco to St. Louis via the (slightly modified) first transcontinental railroad alignment. It is pulled by the biggest loco type on the roster: the Texas type. (Please note: the coaches are shown in slightly older and grainier photos and will be retaken once I rework the cars to 6 wide and shorten them to 24 studs long each... that should happen soon.) This locomotive is a 2-10-4 (two leading, ten driving, and four trailing wheels) steam locomotive. it usually pulls the 909 National Limited on it's cross country journey. The updated passenger cars for the 909 National Limited. LDD file for the train (no steam engine): http://www.mocpages....1436560213m.lxf Generic Freight consist The locomotive is a GG1 electric locomotive, which can be powered by overhead wires or third rail. This engine is up for a serious rebuild, as the three wheels in a row stress the track. I have already come up with a solution, but need more time to test it before building it IRL. coal gondola diesel fuel tanker drop side gondola (with hobo!) two identical boxcars flatcar with vehicle load rock hopper Brick Railway Systems bobber caboose Their is no ldd file for the whole train, whoever, the GG-1 electric engine does have a file: http://www.mocpages....1412600679m.lxf 4-8-0 "Mastodon" The locomotive is a 4-8-0 (four leading, eight driving, and zero trailing wheels) steam locomotive. Engine number 5841 usually pulls the Generic freight train where the GG-1 has no ability to go. (no overhead wires and all) LDD file for the 4-8-0: Well, what do you think? Comments welcome!