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  1. 22 minutes ago, Hinckley said:

    "Did I say anything about moving him or poking him, you grumpy old coot? No! I put gloves on and checked his pulse. Now I'm trying to pour water in his mouth. Don't accuse me of trying to do something I'm not and don't mansplain a crime scene to me." 

    Gabriella glares at Dr. Frost. 

    Frost shrugs and points at the body.

    "Show me how you're going to hydrate him without moving him, given that he's lying face down."

  2. On 9/17/2020 at 11:47 AM, Pandora said:

    "Well, we have established that this was heart medication for some rare disorder it seems, but I think the most sensible thing would be for @Fugazi Dr Frost to tell us exactly what the medicine is for and whether there is any bearing or relevance to our current findings and hypothesis.

    On 9/17/2020 at 7:20 PM, Trekkie99 said:

     "Doctor could you please take a look at Alfie's heart meds? I'm sure you'd love to geek out over them."

    Ahem... Yes, sorry, I was lost in my thoughts. I would like to have a look at Alfie's meds, I'm not a heart specialist but it's possible it's something I might have encountered before.

    And if we've moved to Ezra's room already, then I'll make sure to make my way back to Alfie's after we're done.


    On 9/17/2020 at 1:39 PM, Hinckley said:

    @Waterbrick Down @Shadows "Captain Bennett, Arthur, why are you both suggesting this may have been accidental? Why would someone go through the trouble of shutting down the advanced and sophisticated FTL drive in order to shut down only the security systems, go grab a tea pot and go to Alfie's room? You think that was a friendly endeavor on the perpetrator's part? Odd that two people with access to the Engineering room are suggesting the death of Alfie wasn't murdered. Very interesting." 

    Yes, the shutdown was likely planned but finding Alfie in his cabin perhaps wasn't. The murderer obviously prepared to break into Alfie's cabin, but not to kill him. It's likely he was after something inside the cabin, but it's not clear if they found it or not. We should search every cabin on this ship, but perhaps a full body search might also be required. :devil:


    On 9/17/2020 at 8:08 PM, Hinckley said:

    "Aha, @Shadows and @jimmynick , to steal the machine, gotcha. That makes more sense. I'll try to listen more. Then, why would they kill Ezra? Are the cabins adjacent to each other? Perhaps Ezra simply overheard the struggle. Assuming Ezra is dead... Also, why didn't they take anything after Alfie was dead?"

    Yeah, why assume that Ezra is dead just because we didn't hear from her? :look:


  3. Dr. Frost watches the proceedings while wondering if this sort of engines glitches happen on every trip. It's his first interplanetary trip, but didn't plan for it to be his last.

    "I suggest we move on to the next room, whatever that is, unless there's something else that needs to be investigated here?

    Oh and I do save mild anxiolytics if any of you feel unwell. Better keep our heads cool until this situation in under control."

    *have*. I *have* anxiolytics.

  4. 9 hours ago, KotZ said:

    Somebody stuck a plush object in my medicine cabinet. That's the problem. I put a hair on all of my doors to see if somebody has opened doors. And well my doors have been opened and there is a plush toy in my medicine cabinet. My medicine cabinet! Be assured, I will leave a 1 star review.

    Alright, maybe I overreacted It's not demonic. But it looks demonic. It's stuffed. It looks like an invader. It is green. It's ugly. I'm staring at it.

    * googles "green demonic plush invader" *


    Was your door locked to start with? What else do you keep in your medicine cabinet? Did your siblings steel toys from you when you were young?

    You really should talk to someone about that post-traumatic stress disorder.


  5. 2 hours ago, Trekkie99 said:

    Right. You just lost the privilege to even look in my general direction. If you do then I'll be forced to view it as a threat and I'll paint you as a mad scientist. 

    Do you always feel so easily threatened? Are people often talking about you, acting behind your back? Have you ever looked for hidden spying devices in your home? Is the government infiltrated by aliens?

    I have the medicine you need. :sweet:

  6. 1 hour ago, Lind Whisperer said:

    "Professor, what's your non-professional psychological evaluation of us all?" 

    I don't give non-professional opinions, go look on the Ubernet for that. I give professional opinions for a fee, but I can't form an opinion based on a few minutes of small talk.

    But if you insist, I think everyone here needs pills.

    Ok maybe not everyone, there are a few already past the point where pills will help. I'm also an expert in electroconvulsive therapy, by the way. Electroshocks, that is. :sweet:

  7. 9 minutes ago, Pandora said:

    When you said you had a tiger named Colin, I didn't think you meant you had him here with you! *oh2*

    Are you crazy, bringing a wild animal into the depths of space? :distressed: I vote for the chef cooking up some food regularly to make sure Colin is not peckish. Ever.  

    Maybe the chef can cook up Colin when we run out of coq-au-vin. :wink:

    With apple sauce. Mmm.

  8. 16 hours ago, Pandora said:

    Oh Dr Frost, I am so glad you're here, you see I'm under such terrible strain with the importance of my work, and nobody could possibly understand how difficult it is to be as important as I, but if I could have some therapy sessions with you you might, of all people, be able to have an inkling of how to make me feel better. 

    I will be honoured to help you evade some of your worries, as I have done for many others with some success during my long career. Of course my fee will be proportional to the importance of your mental burden.

    16 hours ago, Trekkie99 said:

    Oughta my way doc! I must paint before the image vanishes! And you can proper fahk off with your pills! Your just jealous you dont have my creative genius. 

    I am probably a bit jealous, yes. I have always been a Cartesian man. Perhaps in my retirement I might try to stir up a little creativity for a change.

  9. 54 minutes ago, Waterbrick Down said:

    "Ah Dr. Frost, I trust you found your accommodations suitable? We tried to take everyone's cabin preferences into account when assigning rooms. Hopefully your luggage was delivered intact by the porters?" 

    Thank you Mr Allan, I believe everything is safely on board. Ones does not move planet without a fair amount of luggage!

    As for the room, I'm pleasantly surprised. I do plan to spend most of the flight in my quarters, so I'm relieved to find them more than adequate.


    On 8/31/2020 at 5:03 PM, Benicia Bear said:

    That is a very kind thing to say, thank you. Congratulations on your win. You ended up with a PGO at the end because of Corrina's message to me about keeping on giving you the benefit of the doubt. It was one of those situations where someone I had just realised was scummy was saying scummy things about you and my view turned upside down and considering there couldn't possibly be more than three remaining scum (hahahaha! :rofl: ) that put you weirdly into the town box with @Gilford Goat (who I thought would enjoy being a bomb) so you got the PGO. At least after giving you all those roles you didn't like (I thought they were ok, actually) I didn't give you the shit-shoveller or sleepwalker role!  

    Don't worry, I was mostly complaining for the sake of it, especially since your role selection was (in my mind at least) a mirror of my scummyness. I do appreciate that you gave me PGO instead of Sleepwalker, but of course it was a hidden role and I didn't know at the time. :sweet:


    On 8/31/2020 at 5:03 PM, Benicia Bear said:

    Day Five really... yeah it was quite an unpleasant sensation really, going from thinking I might have a chance with two townies (who I thought were Gilford and probably Parvani), to quite quickly the penny dropping and basically feeling a bit like a punching bag, so it was a really crap way to end the game. :sceptic:

    I'm sorry that we made you feel that way. :sad: We should probably have just ended it ASAP but I suppose we wanted to keep some conversation going during the last day.


    On 8/31/2020 at 5:46 PM, Hinckley said:

    Now, let's look at Parvani Poodle (Fugazi). Always voting late, so much so that he missed Day Two's vote. Not to mention, she actively refuses to put her fucking vote on a separate line so it's easier for me to find when tallying. :hmpf: That's Scummy! :tongue: It's harder to find a Scummy pattern here. In the short amount of Days you had to analyze, she doesn't vote one Day, and what Scum would risk penalty votes. Votes off the wagons the next, and by then it's too late on Day Four to catch anything else. So, it doesn't look incredibly Scummy until you look at her vote on Day One coupled with her Action on Night One. She voted for Gilford Goat (Trekkie99) because of his supposed "let's claim, bitches!" post and left it there despite Mobley Mouse (Chromeknight) being closer to a lynch. Then, she chose to Bus Drive Gilford Goat (Trekkie99) with Caladon Crocodile (Darkdragon) supposedly believing the former Scum and the latter Town. Great plan. In what fucking world would the Scum kill the second-highest vote getter on Night One? Honestly, this should've gotten Parvani Poodle (Fugazi) lynched. That might have turned on Gilford Goat (Trekkie99) after she flipped Scum, but still, this deserved a lot more scutiny than it got. The move itself may be a Townie move, but if you have a Bus Driver Action and it actually ends up affecting the Scum kill, that's amazing. The first thing a Townie should do, hold onto that info as opposed to blurting it out immediately and then shedding a bunch of crocodile tears over it. In this situation, a Townie should've let the conversation last for a while to try and garner any information that the Scum team might slip up with having their kill target bus driven. You may think this seems improbable, but this game is filled with slip-ups from the Scum team, indicating that they knew too much and they did get called out on that, but only by other Scum. And nobody else picked up on those instances. Voting for and then bus-driving the Scum kill target is an amazing feat for a Townie. 

    The decision to drive and kill Caladon was a result of hasty planning (by me, not the rest of the Scum team), with me not being around much on Day-Night 1 and hardly being able to keep up with the public and private discussions. So yeah, claiming to have targeted a killed player could have been an automatic lynch, but it didn't happen this time.

    Holding onto a night result was risky, as each single day people would be accused of waiting for others to claim first. I seem to remember that some even thought that I had waited too long before revealing my Bus Driving targets, so you never know how one's decisions will sit with others! That's why Mafia is such a great game after all. :sweet:

  11. Make it 15...

    1. What is your favorite FABULAND animal? The handsome chap in the middle.


    2. Should LEGO bring FABULAND back? Fabuland should bring LEGO back. :tongue:

    3. What is your least favorite Mafia role? (Can either be a generic role you don't like to see including in games or a specific experience in a game) Scum, it's all way too stressful.