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  1. Oh hey cous. How's the magic? Can I get some tea? Earl Grey. Hot.
  2. Oh I'm sorry scum mate I thought we were still pretending we weren't mates but okay I'll stop. Is this in case the trickster doesn't have the vig and you're hoping someone will kill me? Why don't you do it yourself?
  3. Here's some victory song suggestions for anyone interested if they alive in the morning.
  4. Oh thank God. We're not all gonna sit around and wait for death. Arigato.
  5. Wouldn't know. No one knows. Right guys? Because in order for scum to hopefully yeet themselves, we can't let them know who's a crap cleaner and who's a hidden role. Oh wait, The Trickster knows. Wow. It's almost as if we should lynch them. And you know it's the bear because they've gone and left for real this time. I mean this totally them right now.
  6. Yeah now that would be ideal. Also thanks because now I don't know who's scum anymore.
  7. "All animals hate us, all of us dragons rule. Let's eat the animals."
  8. That's not helping if you're town.
  9. Lynch Trickster bear = win