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  1. funkybrick

    [MOC] Medusa's Temple

    I really like your MOC! The shape and structure of the temple looks really good, the owls are a nice Greek touch and, as others have already mentioned, medusa's hair is very creatively and well exectuted! Also, the petrified Greek (Athen?) looks fantastic! Cheers
  2. Thanks for all your replies! I'll contact the customer service :) Aaand I'm taking pics tomorrow if I get my digicam working. funkybrick
  3. funkybrick

    Your dream Lego theme

    I don't know when the film came out, but it doesn't matter anyway... it definitely stays a dream license Not only with cars! For example, a set like "Jenson Ames car workshop" with all the figs from his team (except the chick), his car and some parts to upgrade or mod the latter. And, of course, some workshop backdrop. (30$) Or something like "race to freedom" which would come with a bridge (and many proper police cars). Of course there would be many cars, it'd be a racers theme! But not only cars. Cheers, funkybrick
  4. funkybrick

    Ye Old Forge

    This is so incredibly super-awesome that it cannot even be described with words! Too.. cool.. too... handle. funkybrick
  5. Ah nice to have someone who understands my suffering
  6. Thanks for your replies. Well they have been touched quite rarely actually. Sunlight does come into the room they are displayed in through big windows but not that much (ground/first floor) and I can't imagine the sunlight having so much more effect on the metallic silver helmets than on all the other pieces? It's strange. I'll post pics if I find time. Cheers
  7. Hi, two days ago I noticed that the two crownie helmets of my 10193 Medieval Marketplace are already quite faded (the smooth metallic silver surface on the top, not the textured part), even though I have assembled it only about 3 months ago? And even the helmets from my 7094 King's Castle Siege (which is a great set by the way) which I assembled THREE DAYS AGO are already beginning to wear out/fade/degrade... and the same as with the MMV: it's just the smooth upper part of the helmet (I think). Anyone experiencing the same issue? That's annoying. Cheers, funkybrick
  8. Hi, I'm looking for this set "Mint in Box": It needs to be in mint/like new condition with box. Price is negotiable. I am also willing to trade. Write me a PM if you're interested, funkybrick
  9. funkybrick

    Your dream Lego theme

    A Death Race license would be super-awesome! The film is great, and just imagine (no pun intended): an armored Ford Mustang V8 in Lego! Unfortunately not very likely, though. Cheers!
  10. funkybrick

    Review: 20018 Mini AT-AT

    Very nice review! Overall, cool mini! I really like the head and the legs, but the body could be a bit more "thought-out" if you ask me. At any rate, you can see that TLC made great improvements of the last AT-AT mini! Cheers!
  11. funkybrick

    Which one should I get first?

    If you really want to have both in the end, then hell yes, go for the older one first. If you are not that sure that you are going to end up with both, I'd buy the Grand Emporum. I really don't like it. But that's just me. Cheers
  12. funkybrick

    6016 Knight's arsenal

    Good review! I don't like the set, though. I mean it's not bad, but the peak of castle (as well as pirates and many other themes, I LOVE that era) is definitely the 1990s. Most notably the 6086 Black Knight's Castle IMO (which I'm looking forward to buying, heh ). Cheers!
  13. funkybrick

    Which set should I buy?

    Thank you for your replies. I've decided not to get it as my LEGO budget is heavily stressed already. And I don't really like the set itself. Cheers, funkybrick
  14. funkybrick

    Which set should I buy?

    Hi, the title says it all already. I found the UCS Batmobile new and sealed in a toystore today. It costs 70€, but maybe I could get it a little cheaper, as it boasts pretty heavy shelfware. The seals are intact though, even if almost not intact I need your opinions now. Should I buy it? I am not much into Bat-Man, so I'd probably use it as a parts pack. Selling would also be an option if I can make good profit. So guys, is it a good offer? Let's discuss. Cheers, funkybrick
  15. funkybrick

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    That is one excellent ship! I love the color scheme and the whole shape of that thing... The photos could have been better though, they are an understatement if you ask me. Cheers and Happy Building!