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  1. You need to add lsynth meta's for all 4 bars separately or make a submodel if all bars have the same shape. I did something similar using my own LDCad, if you're interested I posted it on the LDraw forum as attachment restrictions on this site are very strict.
  2. This is very cool, you're right about the car being a central character of the series. Season 11 even had an episode entirely shot from the inside of the car. Only thing missing is all the weapons in the trunk. :)
  3. You can open it in any LDraw editor/viewer. But given its number of parts it will be extremely slow in MLCad as it uses software rendering.
  4. It seems LPub doesn't consider those missing parts 'parts'. But the 1x3 tile with 2 studs is official in the 1701 library, so that one should be included no matter what. Have you tried clearing the part list cache in Lpub?
  5. You could also try enabling LDView's part update feature so it will automatically download any missing unofficial files when you view your model in standalone LDView. Or is it already complete when viewed in LDView?
  6. LPub(3d) has somewhat of a confusing library usage. This because it doesn't do the final rendering itself, this is usually done by LDView. So you have to make sure LDView has access to the same parts.
  7. If you are using LDraw you can make (LPub) instructions for one and then copy the whole model file. After that you can use my LDCad to mirror the model (and submodels), this assuming the needed lpub meta's are (nearly) identical for both versions.
  8. roland

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    Rigid hose 3mm should fit in a stud hole / minifig hand. They can be bend, but only over long distances, it is available as a bendable template in LDCad. You'll have to find the real part number based upon the used length after use though.
  9. "Add to favorites" will always add the current "working part", which is the last used/selected part indicated with a green rectangle in the bin.
  10. Getting the brick on screen is only step one of about a hundred :)
  11. The main issue with LPub(4/3d) and LDView is they use different LDraw library path settings, so the first step in fixing any issue is usually syncing those. Second LDView is known to consume huge amounts of memory when working with larger models at certain quality settings. Make sure you are using the 64 bit version and or try lower quality settings. my 2cts
  12. If you only want to make simple static (so no knee bend in a minifig) animation you could also try my LDCad it should be considerably easier then full blown blender. You will need to do some scripting though.
  13. changing the spec is easy, changing all the programs currently supporting that spec takes ages :(
  14. I've released LDCad 1.6b. It contains mostly bugfixes and support for the newest LDraw libraries part snapping wise etc. Enjoy:
  15. You can enable "Follow step", for this right click inside the source window somewhere there's no text. This opens the windows options menu.