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  1. I might make that an option in 1.6c if I can implement it without too much of a hassle.
  2. 1) I'm not sure what you mean with this 2) I tried to organize the bin in such a matter content will automatically grow with new LDraw part releases. But you are free to re-organize / extend them for use with static (colored) part lists by editing files located in %appdata%\LDCad\partBin. See also
  3. The method Snipe described is the intended way to copy dependencies into a new model. But it isn't necessary to do so, you can also just use the model as is and keep the two files paired together. If you really need / want to merge multiple files you can also just copy their contents using e.g. notepad, just keep an eye on the 0 FILE * lines in means of unique names and maybe add them to non mpd's etc.
  4. This is a known bug and will be fixed in 1.6c
  5. Any flexible non spring part is defined by adding points to the model the hose/string/etc must pass trough. Most of these points are of type bezier but can also be of type circle. Looping is an option of the generator which determines if the last point in the sequence connects back to the first one or not. See also For a short tutorial on flexible parts in LDCad.
  6. Circle point generation lives in a 2D plane, so when you rotate them too far strange things happen :) For me the main trick was to temporary disable the loop generation then roughly place the beziers on one side, once that's ok you can add them in reverse on the other side.
  7. Fun challenge so I gave it a try :) How about this: Could probably use a bit more tweaking, here's the model
  8. You also need the unofficial LDraw library as those end connectors aren't official yet. See for how to register the unofficial library in ldcad. It's basically the same as described in philo's ldraw forum thread only difference being this part exists out of 5 pieces, so you need to make sure all 5 are loose files.
  9. Be careful with those comments, not all software can handle trailing comments and or will preserve them.
  10. Why does it need flash? Is it only the installer whom refuses to proceed because of missing flash? If so you might fool it by copying some registry keys or folders from an older machine.
  11. Some notes: ldr, mpd and dat are all correct LDraw extensions. The difference is in their usage guide lines: .dat for parts .ldr for single models .mpd for model with embeded supmodel/parts. In practice a parser/loader should not use the extension to do something specific, it should only use the content of the text file. 0 NOFILE Is optional, you could also just use the next 0 FILE . Anything after a NOFILE should be ignored until a new FILE meta is found. Also "0 NumOfBricks" is not an official meta.
  12. I prefer the bigger sets. I just wished they had some without power functions as I like the pure manual mechanical sets from the past. It would also help keep the cost of these bigger sets down.
  13. One thing though, some flexible parts will have generated subparts which will cause the 'loose' file to be an MPD. I'm not sure if supports that at the part level.
  14. You need to add lsynth meta's for all 4 bars separately or make a submodel if all bars have the same shape. I did something similar using my own LDCad, if you're interested I posted it on the LDraw forum as attachment restrictions on this site are very strict.
  15. This is very cool, you're right about the car being a central character of the series. Season 11 even had an episode entirely shot from the inside of the car. Only thing missing is all the weapons in the trunk. :)