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  1. If you only want to make simple static (so no knee bend in a minifig) animation you could also try my LDCad it should be considerably easier then full blown blender. You will need to do some scripting though.
  2. changing the spec is easy, changing all the programs currently supporting that spec takes ages :(
  3. I've released LDCad 1.6b. It contains mostly bugfixes and support for the newest LDraw libraries part snapping wise etc. Enjoy:
  4. You can enable "Follow step", for this right click inside the source window somewhere there's no text. This opens the windows options menu.
  5. You can see/edit the LDraw code by opening a source window (View menu). I'll usually dock one at the right (keep ctrl down while moving the new window there) LDCad allows all metas the ones in the bin are just the ones I thought are handy to be able to drag and drop. The fully supported metas have an editing window (press enter when the line is selected). All steps (except the last one) can be turned into rotation steps by editing the current step (ctrl+b). By default the rotations will not be applied while navigating steps, for this you must change the 'NSR" into "ASR" at the top right of the compass.
  6. That's indeed a limitation of the buffer exchange method. As far I know most people usually solve it by using submodels for those collections of parts that need to be readded. Alternative might be the "hide group" functionality of LPub, but that only supports MLCad groups. It will always be visible in the editors/viewers without LPub processing though.
  7. That's because that model mixes part and model content, which is not supported in LDCad due to how rendering optimizations are done. You can use buffer exchange in LDCad by using a source window combined with the special "LDraw meta items" part bin group (icon with the "...." speech bubble), which is located in the "special" group (Icon with many colored crosses). At the bottom of that group there are two items showing a brown box with an arrow point in and out, these are the store and retrieve commands.
  8. You need to look into "Buffer exchange". Mentioned in
  9. Not unless all bricks have the same color, also it seems you disabled lighting which in some cases makes the problem more visible I think. The problem is called 'Z-Fighting' and like Scrubs wrote its in inherit modern graphics card problem/limitation. If you want to make custom bricks without this problem you need to create your own .dat files using an editor like LDPartEditor (
  10. Sidenote: files are LDraw, just zipped with some extra stuff. To make decent instructions you need to edit the LDraw files and add instructions on how to generate the pages. Most people use LPub or LPub3D for this.
  11. Did you enable snapping, change GS into PS in the left bottom 'compass' as described here: Part snapping is disabled by default because not all LDraw parts have the needed information. I know this can be very confusing when coming from LDD, but in the long run it is worth learning to use the grid editing method as it opens up all >9000 parts.
  12. Is the IGN block really needed as a SUBtitute already implies replacement of the encapsulated parts? Just curious (I' considering adding full LPub support to LDCad 2), also what is the best place for an overview of all the LPub meta's and their syntax?
  13. Yes, you'll probably only have to check the moveLine usage as that function has a big problem in 1.6a (It uses an incorrect index conversion, needed because the internals never really delete lines. Deleted lines are then only hidden for undo purposes so a move is really a del+add opp)
  14. The new library (1701) comes with an updated LDConfig.ldr in, I believe lpub uses it as while mlcad/ldview needs it unpacked so there might be two versions of that file. It might also be the unicode "BOM" character which was (accidentally) added to the 1701 ldconfig.ldr in the new library update.
  15. There are still some situations that won't work (e.g. if the current step is the last one and has no items nor a step meta (getStepLineInfo returns 0) Also it seems the wrong line is deleted when deleting the helper line because of the index shift caused by the new lines. I'll make some improvements to the api to handle this kind of scenario much cleaner/shorter. It will be available in 1.6b which I'm hoping to release this month. If anyone has some additional ideas for a practical script please let me know so I can test if it's possible using the current api etc and/or extend it if needed.