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  1. Completely awesome! I agree about the ladders falling off! When I reinspected my model, I found that I had made a similar adjustment. I used a 1 x 4 plate, but I think your solution of inverted sloped bricks is better so I have updated my model with your idea. As to the lamps. Well I seem to remember doing quite a bit of experimentation with those as well as the exhaust pipe that comes out of the top of the engine housing and never being quite satisfied with the result. But as 162 has them I think a bit more experimenting is required...
  2. Fantastic to see you have been inspired by my updated version of 162 and built one yourself. Is it identical to mine or have you made any enhancements? I'd love to see a photo!
  3. AJW

    India Mill Chimney, Lancashire England

    Fantastic model! Have you seen this film of Fred Dibnah climbing all the way to the top?
  4. In 1900, a second deep level tube railway was opened beneath London's streets by the Central London Railway company. Some of these stations still exist forming part of London Underground's Central Line. This model illustrates how one of these stations would have looked in the 1930s. Station facade with office building above: The facade hinges open to reveal the ticket hall and wooden panelled entrances to two lifts: These stations were designed by the architect Harry Bell Measures. Unfortunately none have survived in the their original condition as they have either been demolished or had their lifts replaced by escalators: Link to album on Flickr https://www.flickr.c...57644218199203/
  5. Another London Underground station for your enjoyment. This is my sixth Underground themed creation to date. This model is a fairly pure build compared to some of my others. There is a bit of black tape at the top of the curved windows and some of plates around the hinges have been modified to achieve the correct fit. I also had to drill a hole through the 2 x 2 green jumper tiles to let the string pass through. Flickr set:
  6. This type of London Underground train is called Standard Tube Stock and ran on the Bakerloo, Central, Northern and Piccadilly lines. They were built between 1923 and 1934. More pics in the Flickr set:
  7. AJW

    Lord's London Underground tube station

    @RednWhite - Ahhh, there used to be a Lord's station http://www.abandonedstations.org.uk/Lords_station.html @lightningtiger - The end of the green string is tied to a 1 x 1 plate with Clip Light which is in turn connected to a boat/train weight which hangs free. This keeps the string taught.
  8. You are correct jonwil, it is one of these - http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=2706 It's surrounded by one of these - http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=2555 and a 1 x 1 tile on the other side. All mounted on this bracket - http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=2436 The four white dots are thin slices of one of these - http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=3957
  9. AJW

    [LDD MOC] London Tube train

    Excellent design. Is the car 6 or 7 studs wide?
  10. AJW

    12v train madness!

    I was born in 1972, so you would expect me to be just the right age to enjoy these beauties when they were originally released: Sadly not, I was given one of these as a birthday present just before the 12v range was released : Although I loved the 171 to bits I always dreamt of upgrading to the serious 12v sets. It turned out I had to wait almost 25 years and suffer the indignity of a dark age before I could start my 12v collection. And here it now is for your inspection and entertainment... Freight and maintenance trains: Passenger trains: I hope I have given them a good home! They seem to be happy running around my layout: The layout is still very much work in progress as you can see by the large expanse of green in the centre. But the trains come first so the shopping malls and car parks will have to wait: I had to create some custom pieces of track to achieve the layout I was after. I might post more about that later: More photos in my Flickr sets.
  11. AJW

    12v train madness!

    Well blow me down, this takes me back a bit, sorry to keep bumping a very old thread! Unfortunately due to change of circumstances I had to slim down the collection quite substantially. I had to disassemble the track and sell some of the rolling stock, although I have kept the real gems of the collection. Also, to be brutally honest, the layout did not get the use it deserved in my house so I wanted to relinquish some of it to a more worthy owner. @Ben - the base board is approx 230 cm long and 122 cm wide. I still have it, so if you live in the south east of England you can buy it from me for a small fee!! @James - a great story. It must have been rather baffling to arrive at Legoland and not find any grey 12v sets!
  12. B-T-03D Another model of a London Underground tube station. This time it's Osterley station on the Piccadilly line in West London. Station designed by Stanley Heaps and opened in 1934:
  13. Thanks guys and gals for your kind words. I know it's a bit controversial painting and modifying parts, but what can you do if the parts you need to recreate a building don't exist? Well you have to improvise! @Blue Brick - I regret to report that the curved window is a mangled part. It's one of these with the top cut off and some blue stickers applied to make a window frame: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=6059 (Image from Bricklink)
  14. AJW

    Corner town house

    Superb! My favourite bit is the toilet brush in the batnroom.
  15. My first attempt at building a Lego London Underground station in minifig scale. Inspired by stations designed by Leslie Green and opened on the Bakerloo, Piccadilly and Northern lines around 1906 - 1907. This is the way the station would have looked in 1910, when the 'UndergrounD' signage began appearing on stations. Entrance and ticket window: Lift attendant: Exit: More photos in the Flickr set.
  16. AJW

    London Georgian Townhouse c1905

    Totally superb! Love the whole thing, especially the front door and surrounds. Looks exactly like the real thing.
  17. AJW

    Suggestions for alternative loco to 7740

    Something like this perhaps:
  18. AJW

    Modifing 12v Track to Half-Length

    Yes I have done this. It gives you much more flexibility with track layout, well worth doing: I also manufactured a fully isolated piece so I could have two track loops connected physically but not electrically:
  19. AJW

    London Underground Station

    Here's my latest project, wasn't sure if it was best to post it here or the Train Tech forum: Read about the real thing here.
  20. AJW

    London Underground Station

    Thanks HighFlyer! It certainly is one of the more charismatic stations on the network isn't it?
  21. AJW

    London Underground Station

    Thanks for your kind words Pandora! What's the name of your local tube station. Is it a design classic?
  22. AJW

    London Underground Station

    It's a Brodie Helmet from brickarms.com.
  23. AJW

    London Underground Station

    Very well spotted Steph! Indeed this scene is set during the second world war, but as the poster was never used publicly you get bonus points for observation.
  24. AJW

    London Underground Station

    Thanks Cam! Sadly it's only a thin veneer, one brick deep at the moment. But if you take a look at my Flickr pages you can see a Lego rendition of the underground platforms with a tube train departing.
  25. AJW

    Container Raffle Build

    This 'contest' is a brilliant idea. I can win something without using any skill! I didn't see in the rules anything about adapting existing sets, so here is my entry: