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    I like Lego trains and Lego city. planes. cars. paintball. go-karting. cats. video games.


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  1. paintballman413

    MOC: Chemical Plant

    oh..I remember that part. isn't that close to the gas station were the donut think accident is and the gas station to. right
  2. paintballman413

    World of Lights - What are you doing?

    are we doing it next year for the BW 10'
  3. paintballman413

    Teaser for my BW09 display

    I can tell you one thing. Michael (my brother) hung around your place for hours... wow. he is really into your vids.
  4. paintballman413

    future Brickworld

    let's see here...we had three rooms last year. right...ok...each room was some thousand square feet big. this means next year we are going to have a fourth room...Yes!!! just guessing. seems like it
  5. paintballman413

    Train question

    my battery is drained at oh..around four hours. maybe a little more.
  6. paintballman413

    REVIEW: 7747 Wind Turbine Transport

    It would be cooler if it included a power function setting. where you just put it in and turn it on. then the wind will turns.
  7. paintballman413

    Bluebrick Layout Software

    thanks dude. this is really going to help me and my layouts. -Sean
  8. paintballman413

    TLG to Participate in NMRA National Train Show 2009

    I want to go but i'll be on a camping trip. hopefully it will be back next year
  9. paintballman413

    MOC: Mob Car

    awsome, next you should make a Maffia warehouse. That would look so cool
  10. paintballman413

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    ok. got it
  11. paintballman413

    Best LEGO Train Ever Made

    i'm sorry. the best trains made. other tan the Emerald night and Metroliner.
  12. paintballman413

    MOC: Lime Green House

    really cool. don't see why lego doesn't make cool houses like yours. good job
  13. paintballman413

    MOC: Chemical Plant

    I don't remember seeing that at the NILTC layout. were was it. near all the trains. or near the boat/dock? anyway. that's a goo filler. I better make sure to bring enough legos for Brickworld 10' even though it's 10 months away.
  14. paintballman413

    MOC: Classic Cattle Car

    It would look really cool if the cows were in a box car and there where holes cut out. so they could stick their head out. Now that would be cool.
  15. paintballman413

    MOD: Grocer's Shop

    good job. I like the sign. I wish you could add text on the sign in LDD.