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  1. Guys be sure to check The Warehouse regularly. My local Warehouse had Jabba's Palace (RRP $249.99) reduced to clear for $119.99! That's over half price! So just be aware of those good deals lazy stores dont pick up on
  2. Just got the best deal at Kmart today! The T-16 shuttle was on clearance for $55! Thats more than 50% off! So I just had to pick it up and im glad I did. The set is actually really good and for that price was certainly worth it.
  3. RileyC

    Yakuza Family - Day 1

    My apologies with not posting a lot today, I was at a super slutty photoshoot And boy, a lot has happened while I have been away. Yasu already role claiming? Total stuff up there I feel like voting out Yasu today is the best option. If she is a scum, and we vote her out thats great news for us townies! But if we do keep her alive, and she's scum, she could use her night action to stuff us townies over tomorrow. However if she is town and we don't vote her our, she will most likely die tonight from the scum eliminating her because she put a huge target on her back with her role claim. So without any other information Im thinking this is our only solution for today. It may not be a very solid base to vote someone out but we got to make the tough decisions sometimes. Vote: Yasu (TheBoyWonder)
  4. RileyC

    Yakuza Family - Day 1

    Damn a lynching situation? Boy do I hate these... This is certainly a strange situation with Yasu and I agree that is it not normal townie behavior Emi's thinking here is how I thought of it too. Its just odd that she thought we would suspect her And how did she even know there was going to be suspects? How did she know people could get lynched/suspected? Could it be that the five genies are the mutineers we have to find? If this is true it would mean we have to find 5 mutineers. So not an easy task at all...
  5. Sorry I'm late to the party boys! I'm here to kick some beautiful megablocks. Now can anyone get me am iced tea? I'd be ever so greatful!
  6. RileyC

    Yakuza Family - Sign Up Thread

    Hi I'd love to play! 1) I've played in 8 mafias over the years and I've done crap to ok in the games I have played. But I feel I've learnt quite a lot on my break from mafia games (and EB) and I am definitely ready to get back into it! I changed my name from Roncanator to RileyC so if you don't recognise me that's probably why. 2) I am able to be frequently posting for the 6 weeks so that's no problem for me 3) I think I know a far bit about the Japanese culture. Having studied the language for 4 years now and having been to Japan also I feel like I know quite a lot about the language and culture. History is probably lacking a little but I can certainly research if need be! But I think I have a fairly basic understanding of Japanese history The game looks great!
  7. RileyC

    Star Wars

    I watched TPM 3D today. 3D doesn't make much difference to the film. While the pod racer scene was cool in 3D, throughout it I was just thinking what's the point? It doesn't add anything to the movie and looks just the same as a film that hasn't been shot in 3D. It's just tacky. But I was so happy they got rid of the crappy yoda puppet in TPM! I hated that old puppet it was so horrible... While animated yoda won't ever be as good as the ESB yoda, it's nice to get some continuity with his appearance in the PT. However I was thinking about how bad most of the CG looked. And that got me thinking, the OT with it's models and puppets looked way better than it. Does anyone else share this opinion?
  8. RileyC

    Happy Birthday KimT!

    Happy Birthday KimT! Hope you had a great day relaxing and being with friends and family!
  9. Hi guys, Haven't been on EB for quite sometime! Boxing Day sales haven't been so great this year. Though the Farmers 30% off was to hard to pass up so I got the Imperial V-Wing. Its quite a nice set and the mini figures are really great. And at 30% off it was a great price too. For Christmas I was given the podracers and woah boy its an awesome set. Its definitely the best set I have gotten in a while. The size of these things is incredible and far bigger than what I was expecting. The minifigs are really great and the detail is awesome. I really recommend this set to anyone. I hope you guys are picking up some good deals!
  10. It's the Roncanator, I changed my name a couple of months back. Cool thanks for the quick reply Pandora! Early next year is a good time to and will start the new year off with a bang!
  11. So now that Gotham City Mafia has now ended, when is Rufus and Pandora's game going to be occuring? Soon? I'm itching to try again at another mafia game!
  12. RileyC

    Star Wars

    Probably a stupid question but, to anyone who has the blu ray full collection, are the special features really that good? I've been wondering if it is really all it's cracked up to be.
  13. RileyC

    Gotham City Mafia

    I would be playing if I could but exams are keeping my time limited on other things. This game looks fantastic though I'm sure you'll get the numbers!
  14. RileyC

    Gotham City Mafia

    Looks like a great game but I've bit exams in two weeks so I can't participate. Have fun guys! It looks like you already are!
  15. Thanks for the help Legoman! Definitely going to give this a try when I can it looks like a great tool! Also didnt know that brick set had a discount page for too so I'll check that out as well! And don't worry, algebra is a pain for me too.