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    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Five

    Those are some viable points. Personally I don't believe that Sheila is a Hallowed, because she defended me on the first day. She also hasn't shown any signs of being a Hallowed during the day, and there's no way to confirm what anyone is saying about what happened during the night (Jolie saying that she was blocked with malicious intents). And for Jolie, I don't see why you would need to make up a huge lie about how your vote was being controlled. Does that mean you suspect Valerie of being a Hallowed, because you made it very obvious that she was the one who was "controlling" your vote? I still don't think you're a Hallowed, but the aforementioned lie is confusing me.
  2. Is anybody willing to trade a set of Series 1 minifigs for a set of Series 2 once they come out? I'm hoping that there's someone out there that wasn't screwed over with Series 1 (or can't find any Series 2 minfigs) that is willing to help me, as this could be my only chance to acquire Series 1. It has been reported that the production amount for Series 2 is similar to Series 1, so this time, I'm going to go to a local store ASAP and pick up two sets (plus extras) when someone reports finding them. P.S. Please note that this is not a complete guarantee that I will be able to get a whole set of Series 2 minifigures; my local stores may decide to not have any at all again. Thanks! EDIT: I've already found an offer - sorry!
  3. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Five

    What a night! Professor Ching, I'm glad you stayed as a ghost, as we could really use some extra (indispensable) help right now. I was hoping that Nene was a Death's Hallowed, but unfortunately she wasn't. Now we don't know if Jolie was actually innocent or not, which means the Felix Felicis she has could act against us... I pray that you will survive, Madam Kingston. I visit the library almost every week when school is in session, and it would be horrible if you didn't make it after this ordeal is over! I'm wondering, exactly how many impartials are there?
  4. ILikePi

    Toy Story discussion thread

    Here's a pic I took of the polybagged sets: There were about 40 at my local TRU, and they were located in between the LEGO aisle and the Mega Bloks/Best Lock/Knex aisle. The LGM is already one of my favorite minifigs after owning two for only a couple of days One interesting thing to note is that on the instructions, the Club Code is "TRU10". So if you see any online instructions with that code, that means that we should be seeing that set at TRU soon (similar to REG10 for Target)
  5. Yes, but axles can't go through the middle! I tried various sizes of axles and none of them would fit in the axle hole.
  6. EDIT (August 5, 2010): The LXF file has been updated with correct tan colors. EDIT: (August 25, 2010): The LXF file has been updated so that the train is at a neutral angle. 10194 Emerald Night (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: For all 5.5L Technic axles with stop rings, I substituted in a 5L axle because of the stop ring glitch. The 1 x 2 brick with axle hole behind the furnace had to be replaced with a 1 x 2 panel. This does not allow the furnace to attach to the caboose via Technic pins and axles. The flame piece inside the furnace does not exist in LDD, so I used a trans-orange drill instead. The 1 x 2 tiles under the furnace have been replaced with 1 x 2 plates. The larger train wheels have been replaced with a different wheel. This replacement does not allow the Technic beams to attach to all three of the replacement wheels. One piston (the Technic beams that attach all three wheels with red rubber bands together) for the caboose will not fit in. The one on the right does, but I'm not sure why the left one doesn't fit. P.S. Thanks for the tag, Superkalle!
  7. EDIT (August 5, 2010): The LXF file has been updated with correct tan colors for the Technic pins. Also, the commander's air tank has been correctly recolored from light bley to black. This was an interesting build. Some parts had to be substituted, and others had to be replaced with a completely different part (train wheels instead of discs for the prison pods). It was a pain to get the garage door bent at angles, and to get the left-sided fence to attach to three clips at once. 5985 Space Police Central (BrickLink - Brickset) LXF file Notes: One 1 x 16 brick had to be substituted for a handful of plates (with a 1 x 2 plate gap left in the middle). This was because one piece of the garage door railing was blocking the 1 x 16 brick from connecting. The satellite dish is missing two cow catchers. They will be added when LDD is updated with them. The main base and side attachment are not fully attached together due to minute differences in the heights of the holes of 1 x 2 axle bricks and 1 x 4 Technic bricks. One control panel decoration is different than the one that comes in the set. This is the right-most one inside the building. The Technic spring-loaded launcher on Craniac's ship has been replaced by a 2 x 6 alternative that is made of Technic bricks and slope pieces. The sniffer frog and Craniac's confiscated gun cannot fit inside the drawers, so they are on top of one of them instead. The commander is holding his airtank because neck poles on minifig torsos are much shorter than real minifig neck poles. As mentioned above, the discs for the prison pod escape mechanism had to be replaced with train wheels because axles can't fit in the axle hole of the disc. Oh, and I found a small half-cylinder piece that I did not notice while building Echo Base. I'll have to edit my post on that set later with a new screenshot and new LXF file. It wouldn't have happened if I found out about Superkalle's LDD Manager earlier!
  8. I'd like to point out one error in the LDD Manager, Superkalle. While building 5985 Space Police Central, I noticed that all mudguard pieces are listed as being located in the 2 x 2 plate with wheel pins, but they are all actually located in the windshield section. That confused me enough to skip one part of the build and come back to it later (the truck). But other than that, it's a very useful tool! Thanks for making it EDIT: Oh, and it says that epaulettes are located in the level/antenna section, while they are actually in the minifigure section.
  9. ILikePi

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    Wow, thanks a ton for the pic, whung! I'll definitely have to get this to add to my Winter Toy Shop, and I bet many others will, too. No comments on the set for now, but I'm liking that ice rink and bakery!
  10. ILikePi

    What did you buy today?

    I got two copies of 30070 today: I found about 40 at my TRU, in the same spot mhuffman said they were in. I ended up buying 2, and I also got a dad to buy one for his 5 year old son by telling him about how it's a promotional item that won't last long. Maybe I should buy more later on...they're going for $7-$8 each on BrickLink, so this could be a good investment. Hopefully they'll still be there when another buy 1 get 1 50% off deal is on. (They were $4 each, by the way)
  11. ILikePi

    Review: 8128 Cad Bane's Speeder

    Ooh, now this is a cool set! I have to admit that I never hated the ship, and your review reinforces that. It complements the Separatist Shuttle nicely (any chance of a comparison pic?), and is quite roomy, too! Six seats is quite a lot for a Star Wars speeder. It's also got some neat details, like the 'cup holders' and side greebles. But most of all, the minifigs! They're simply amazing. We finally get Cad Bane (and in a cheaper set), a Senate commando commander with printing, a third Weequay, and a normal Senate commando in a cheaper set. It's a bit odd how HELIOS-3D and Jayfon aren't named in the set when Zev Senesca is named in the Rebel Trooper Battle Pack, though (as mentioned by other EB members) Nevertheless, I think I'll sit on this set until it goes on sale for $40 or less. It's a bit too pricey just for the minifigs, and I prefer set playability over minifigs. Thanks for the review, and thanks for the mention (glad I could help)! Here are a few things I'd like to point out: Jayfon. This link is broken - you added one extra "http://"
  12. ILikePi

    Happy B'day ADHO15!

    Happy birthday ADHO! Thanks for all you've helped me with; from being friendly to me when I first joined EB, to now, where you've been sending kind PMs every once in a while. Have an awesome day - hopefully with boatloads of LEGO! Oh, and happy birthday to badboytje88! I wish you luck in the next few days of Hogwarts Mafia. P.S. How dare you misspell ADHO's username on his birthday, Jammie! Chancellor Palpatine won't be pleased
  13. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Hog's Head

    I'm so sorry that I missed the most of the fourth day! I just forgot to go to the Mafia Games forum for 1 or 2 days, and everyone already reached a conclusion! I promise to be more active in the next few days.
  14. Ahh...that's what happens when the first post hasn't been updated in 5 weeks...and when I forget to search up the set number in this part of the forum. I promise that the current one I'm working on won't be one that was done yet! *Nervously checks the search engine to make sure that the model I'm halfway done with hasn't been made yet*
  15. ILikePi

    Search Questions

    I believe that that happens because 'MOC' is too short of a word and is automatically omitted from the search. '[MOC]' is also probably omitted because the square brackets don't count as actual characters in what you search for. Plus, there would be hundreds of pages if searching for 'MOC' worked.
  16. ILikePi

    Review: 3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts

    Actually, I think that Pirate Code is the LEGO Games version of Mastermind. In Pirate Code, you try to guess the other players' combination of 4 jewels, just like Mastermind
  17. Here's a set that no one else would have thought of making in LDD: 3300000 The Brick Apple (Brickset - BrickLink) NOTE: The LDD file included in this post does not come with both sections attached together because there are no studs to attach the two sections together. The simplest way to fix this is to replace the two 2 x 4 red tiles on the inside of the base with plates. This is what the file actually contains. LXF file This was a LEGO Store grand opening exclusive set for the LEGO Store in Rockefeller Center, New York, NY. I believe that you would get this set polgbagged set free with any $35 purchase. It's a cool set as it actually has a bit of detailing on the inside, with a yellow core and some brown 1 x 1 cylinders representing seeds. Many thanks to ADHO15 for showing me how to have a white background in screenshots! I've updated the preview picture for 8214 Lamborghini Polizia.
  18. ILikePi

    Review: 3862 Harry Potter Hogwarts

    Ooh, this board game is even cooler than I expected! I thought that it was just going to be a kind of puzzle solving game, but this looks much more fun! I doubt that I'll actually play the game once I get it later on, but, like Svelte said, it's a fantastic parts pack! Those 2 x 2 corner panels look very useful, as well as those printed 2 x 2 tiles that go on the die (I bet TLG uses "dice" because "die" sounds odd for a game oriented towards kids ). Also, we finally have the last part to make a normal die - the tile with 1 dot on it! It's a shame that Mrs. Norris isn't the printed tan version seen in Hogwarts Castle, but I don't mind that much since now we'll have both a cat in dark brown and in tan! I'll definitely have to get this set soon - and probably Orient Bazaar, too, because of all those lovely perfume pieces!
  19. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Four

    I'm glad that you survived the brutal attack, Madam Kingston! I almost thought you were a goner. It's good to know that the Minister herself has arrived to assess the situation. Hopefully, with her help and encouragement, we can undermine at least one of the Death's Hallowed today!
  20. ILikePi

    Review: 10123 Cloud City

    This is quite a comprehensive review, Inky! Cloud City is a set that I've always wanted! Not only does it come with some stunning minifigs (especially Boba Fett ), but also a smattering of memorable scenes from the movie. There's a ton of playability because of that! You can dock the Millennium Falcon (preferably a smaller version than yours ) on the landing pad or take off with the Slave I, host a dinner that turns out to be a trap, freeze Captain Solo in carbonite, and have a duel between Luke and Vader. There's an endless amount of possibilities! By the way, in your poll, are you asking if the set is worth the cash at today's price, or at the MSRP?
  21. ILikePi

    10213 Shuttle Adventure

    I think that's because the QWERTY keyboard is placed in the middle in the Brick Show's review/pictures, while in TLG's picture, it's shifted to the right. TLG's placement allows one of the minifigs to be placed forward 1 more stud, so that might allow the minifigs to fit snugly. (Additionally, the Brick Show is known to mess up on brick placement very often) Also, instructions for Shuttle Adventure can be found here (right click the links and download the file): Part 1 Part 2
  22. FBTB members are reporting finding some of the sets in my collage for 50% off, including the Venator and Tank Droid. They also found a whole bunch of other sets at 30% or 50% off, like the Pirate Tank, Endor Battle, Anakin's Y-wing, all of the PoP sets, and some other ones. The thread can be found here, but you'll need an FBTB account to view the thread. I believe it depends on the store manager to decide on when (or if) the sales will happen. Someone on FBTB reported that markdowns at Target's toy department occur on Thursdays.Oh, and I also found about 20 copies of Cad Bane's Speeder and a few of the City House at a Target I visited today. The former is a bit pricey...I'm hoping for a sale in the future. Also, last year, Target did have some 50% off sales - and they even put the IJ Jungle Cutter for 75% off! That was how I got my Temple of the Crystal Skull for only $40. I think the sales happen because Target wants to clear out stock for the Summer sets. Last year, it happened at around this time (late July - early August).
  23. ILikePi

    [Review] Exclusive Classic Spaceman Magnet

    Thanks for the quick review, KimT! Personally I wouldn't fork over $75 USD just to get this magnet, but the polybag looks great, so I might have to try and find this on BrickLink someday. Also, I love the 2 x 4 printed tile! There's one flaw in your review, though: You forgot to show a pic of the assembled magnet!
  24. A quick recon mission today to two different Targets (in the US) revealed these results: (Click for more info) They were all at 30% off. I'm going to wait for the 50% deals to start kicking in before splashing the cash on some of these sales.
  25. ILikePi

    Hogwarts Mafia: Day Three

    Aren't those two statements contradictory, though? I don't think that Cuddles would attack one of the Death's Hallowed next. There are more innocents than the Hallowed, so that means that there will be a larger chance that Cuddles attacks an innocent. That is an interesting observation, Madam Hearth, but wouldn't the artifacts be passed down to another Gryffindor? The sword seems to be Godric Gryffindor's, if I recall correctly from what was in Hogwarts, A History.