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    Request for High Contrast Title Bar

    No problems! I have had my theme set to my preference for so long that I had to go searching the page for the menu 
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    Request for High Contrast Title Bar

    You can select to change the theme right at the bottom of the forum. There is the word Theme and a small arrow. You should be able to change it that way.
  3. Action and Adventure Themes are an odd bunch aren't they? Here is a place to talk about ideas for the future. However there are a few ground rules: This is not a Wishlist thread, so please no posting lists of themes you want LEGO to make. A Compelling Idea is preferred, an outline of a theme idea and story-line (basic or otherwise) will help immensely. Give us a reason to think "That's cool." Continuations, reboots, prequels and re-imaginings of current or past themes are very welcome but not demanded. Remember though: Spies, Submariners and Spelunkers are staples of Action and Adventure themes! Remember: It has to fit into Action and Adventure, too SciFi and it wouldn't fit, too mundane and we're talking town. Licensed characters and properties don't fit (But you can liken an Idea to a known property if you like). This isn't a place to attack current themes or to bang on about their cancellation/ending/replacement. This is just a place to share ideas about the future. Lastly: Have Fun!
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    New members barred from tutorials? Anyone with less than ten posts should see/be able to access the forum through that link. Once you make ten posts, the subforum is hidden. @Thai bricks, does this link let you in? Please try it out before you make any more posts! Out of interest, does my signature work correctly? As staff, I can access plenty of parts of the forum that normal users can't. So I can't test it myself without faffing about with spare accounts...
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    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    That ain't ever going to happen man. Unless you can get her into Power Rangers or something, 8 Year old girls are 100% a Frozen target and they flock to it like moths to a flame. Otherwise, try a media blackout and keeping her off school On thread: A lot of the high prices are on the licensed themes and everyone wants their share of the profit pie. But LEGO does add more play value than other toys, as you can easily combine it with cheaper sets to expand on a collection.
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    MOC: Millennium Seeker

    M-Tron into the new Millennium! Seeking out new sources of ore, the brave crew venture deeper into space. So, house sitting and I found a box of LEGO. I could not resist the urge to build. There looked to be all the parts for the Mega Core Magnetizer, but I wanted to MOC a spaceship instead. I swear the most recent bricks were 20 years old at least. It was amazing fun to work within the confines of a collection that is not mine, made up of parts that at least count as Retro now, none of the handy new elements I am used to MOCing with today. There was a bit of a nostalgic hit too, like building when I was a child without the pretty large and quite extensive collection I have now (with the opportunity to get the parts I really need online or just buy another set...). I hope you enjoy my retro resurrection MOC.
  7. Ok, fine. But you will have to gracefully accept that others will disagree with you, it is not an attack against you or your opinions, just others not agreeing.
  8. @pooda, if you have such a problem with people not celebrating your every word, you are welcome to distance yourself from the discussion. If you start attacking other members in a manner that is personal (AKA, anything that is not related to the actual topic at hand) you will be welcome to have a private chat with staff about what rules you have broken. And yep, this is flack. You are being a whiney brat.
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    HELP! ! !

    Well, when I tried to fix it, I broke it worse... I have passed to Admin as they deal with the forum sorftware problems. That is why the two accounts were parted from my efforts at Merging that locked them both up...
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    What I can do with 150cm x 50cm area

    Brick or plate built roads look very nice and you can control the size. There are plenty of different kinds people MOC.
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    Funny Dreams about Lego

    Mine are mostly mundane: Making a great purchase or some new set/theme becoming available. Only to wake up and realise that it was all in my sleep; I did not purchase a certain set and/or the theme does not exist. There is also the nifty one where ever minifig hair piece is made in every colour LEGO produce with and I have them all (bwahaha), but again, I wake up and realise that this is not a thing.
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    [MOC] FOENIX - Energy: Bricks Project

    I think this would better fit in SciFi. I will move it over.
  13. Peppermint_M

    HELP! ! !

    We are working on it, it looks like my attempt at a fix did not work
  14. Uh, this goes somewhere entirely different. Moving!
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    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Kids are very internet able! They know how to use the web to find what they want and ask an adult to make the purchase, just the same as a parent having to take the child to a store to buy something, they can see the better pricing online and make the order (Who doesn't use at least one online retailer these days?). My friend's children are on the internet to show me the latest LEGO set they want, or a movie trailer they are excited for and they know where to look. About the only thing they are not well versed in is finding the Leaks of upcoming sets
  16. Peppermint_M

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Not really in the UK, the prices about match the past, adjusted for inflation. While there are a lot fewer small sets like Paravane or Droid Scout, there are still polybags and sets under £10. In fact, it can be cheaper as there are deals quite often that were never available in the 90s. Also the competition between stores that stock LEGO, the likes of supermarkets that in the 90s only carried toys for Christmas (if at all) are now trying to attract customers into the shop with sales and deals on toys (The toys are sold at a loss, as they want to get you buying their groceries and other goods). Then again, things might be coloured by the fact that when I was growing up my family really didn't have much money, so everything was pretty expensive to us. But LEGO was a great treat and well worth the price, when I could get it. I am not sure what it is like where you are though.
  17. Peppermint_M

    Need Input ...

    It is part of life and growing up to discover that one big expensive thing could also have been a number of smaller cheaper things. Accepting that your choices are not shared by others and things will not "match" equally is important to learn. When my siblings and I were young, we would have some spending money when we went on holiday and had the "responsibility" to choose how to spend it. Our holiday would last about 7 days, more often than not we would eat at the Cafe in a supermarket for our evening meal. My brother would usually decide on the very first night, that he would spend all his money on toys he saw at the supermarket that evening! So, he would buy maybe one larger LEGO set, or a big playset from some other toy. My sister and I would not do that, quite often we would buy smaller things throughout the holiday. Of course, my brother would then learn that having spent all his money, he could not get other things he wanted or saw somewhere else. We all learned that valuable lesson growing up, it was just a little more difficult for my brother
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    Adventurers Reimagined 5976

    This is an excellent rebuild of the river boat! I am always happy to see new Adventurer builds. Thanks for sharing this MOC, I am looking forward to seeing the temple.
  19. Peppermint_M

    Is dying?

    Probably not. In this day and age, no company; from the smallest market stall to the Fortune 500 big boys, would go without a website or at least a web presence. While The LEGO Group is following their audience and posting/creating content on popular platforms they still require an official homepage that they have total control over. There will always be a LEGO website, but not always in the form you remember. I signed up to the site 19 years ago when a family member first got connected to the internet. What I accessed then is very different to what I access today. In the year 2000 the site I encountered would have looked totally different to at their site at launch in 1996. It will grow and change to fit the needs of the company and the market.
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    Mexican Thrillride Rollercoaster

    An excellently themed rollercoaster, I love the colours and the terrain you added. Thanks for sharing
  21. Ah, a fantastic Fangy review is what I needed! Now I know what to feel for in the packets. Thanks for the hard work Of course, Johnny Thunder is my favourite
  22. I still know I could use my Storm Trooper figures for a bit of a return if I wanted a bit of money. Every time the design is changed, there is still going to be someone out there who wants to acquire the old design. They are not an investment though, simply a little something I could use if I ever needed to.
  23. After carefully searching through this subforum I am yet to find a single topic about which cartoons and anime you like, apart from the seperate show specific topics that seem to get locked or just slowly die. This thread is for you to post about your favourite cartoons and anime, you can just make a list or you can give them a synopsis or a review, whatever you feel like. Discussion is welcome but no flaming/mean replies if you hate the series, film or OVA or whatever. You can say negative things about a show if you have to but no simply complaining about shows you don't like because it degenerates into personal insults... I hope no one is "upset" by these guidelines but I'd like a nice place where I can discuss some 'toons I like and maybe find some who are familiar with the them, you can discuss MOCs you'd like to make from the series, characters you want to make custom figures of, anything as long as it is civil. So, after that: I like Robotech, X-Men, Ruby Gloom, Storm Hawks, Batman Brave and the Bold, Astro Boy, Macross,most anything by Studio Ghibli and lots of others I can't list. So yeah, post etc, enjoy.
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    Lego Simpsons 2020

    As pointed out, there are appropriate places already for this discussion. So I'll close this thread.