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    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    Thanks,high praise indeed from a big fan of classic castle It was a lot of fun to build and great fun to display too, castles really are part of the fabric of Wales so all the local children learn about at least one historic site.
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    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    2018 is something of a landmark year. The LEGO Brick as we know it is 60 years old. The Minifigure has celebrated its 40th. Something that may have been missed in all the excitement is the fact that set 375, Yellow Castle was launched 40 years ago. @Rufus has shared his project to restore the classic set, and I had a chance to discuss my plans with him at the Eurobricks Event this year. For it's anniversary year I decided to create a tribute to that great, classic, set. Oh, and I took it to an actual castle near me for a photo-shoot. I live and grew up in the ancient Kingdom of Gwent, or a more recently, the Historic County of Monmouthshire. An area much fought over by Welsh Princes and English Kings. Thus, there are a lot of castles around me and they featured just as much as LEGO in my childhood. I displayed this build at a local event and created flyers for people to look at. Chepstow, Goodrich, Raglan and Yellow Castle Now some stats! The whole build is 82 Studs in length and 40 Bricks high from baseplate to flagpole tip on the tallest tower. The whole build took me several months, on average I would build for about four hours a week. Digging out the bricks I wanted (just so much yellow!) and building with a few sketches and a lot of ideas. I have spent years building MOCs and visiting castles; Last year I visited a fair number of Edward I's Ring of Iron, so I had a good mental picture of my end result. The printed flag was my only project specific purchase, everything else was already in my collection (Twenty Five years and counting). I used pretty much all of the yellow 1x2, 1x1 and 1x3 bricks I own. Not to mention a lot of light-bley arches. I chose the Black Knight's flag as I love the design and the colours complemented the build and custom created the second flag using two LEGO logo stickers from the many unused sticker sheets I have accumulated (from set 3221). The printed flag decided what colours I would use for the waving flags, Red and Blue are good classic colours. This is the best view to pick out detailing on the Keep of the castle and the styles of window built in to the structure. While only the grandest details and glazing will do for the Keep, home of the Lord and his family, the other towers have more practical and defensive considerations. Now it is time to visit the castle. The rise in the land made a perfect vantage point to build a fortress, but an approach has been worn in over the years. After the castle's founding, a defensively minded caretaker decided that a Barbican would be useful to keep the main castle secure. The large doors can open wide to let welcome guests in, but the guards maintain a watch just in case. You can spot a treasure under the castle, secreted long ago. The moat splits the castle and the barbican, the drawbridge allows people to cross but can be raised in an attack. An axle can be turned to pull the chain in through the arches and raise the drawbridge. The tall castle gate sits within the strong gatehouse, guarded from above by stalwart men. You can also see the Lord of the Castle through the gates. A closer look, you can see the Lord, his daughter and son and a member of staff. The well supplies the castle with fresh water all the time, saving it during siege. Opposite the well is the door into the Keep and behind the lord is an archway that leads to the wall walk and either towers. This vantage point lets you see the Great Window for the castle Hall, the Lord's quarters also have a detailed set of windows and there is special stonework atop the keep. The staff and guards go about their business as the young lord plays with a dog. The Kitchen Tower is closest to the well and has a great chimney for the large cooking range. It can provide meals for the whole castle. The tower room is part home, part office for the Steward of the castle. He ensure day to day life runs smoothly at the castle and is second only to the Lord and his family. Of course, there are plenty of staff and residents of the castle. This smily chap is one of them. He is quite at home here! This Build has honestly been my largest project to date, both in scale and volume of bricks. Not only did I want to celebrate the milestones of LEGO this year, the landmarks of my home and the possibilities available with the most basic of LEGO bricks. But I also wanted to mark my 10th year of EB membership with something big to share with everyone.
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    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    I had to have both crews. I want to include more characters once I expand the diorama, including a few more of my own adventurers. Thank you This was the one theme I was absolutely in love with and the pages of the catalogue. When I was ten, I was super into my Horrible Histories books and my Awesome Egyptians book was my favourite of those, so Mum decided that the Sphinx was the perfect present (She was super correct). You can also see why he may be known as Johnny Thunder, but he was Sam Grant to me. The colour scheme was always going to remain, no matter what! Thanks everyone for the kind words.
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    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Okay, can the dedicated show discussion remain in the show thread please? It makes it hard to pick out the Set discussion when entire posts are focused on the cartoon meta-data. Thanks.
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    LEGO Elves 2018

    Alrighty then, we're not finished visiting Elvendale! Discuss 41190: Emily Jones' Eagle Escape 41191: 41192: Axari and the Capture of the Pound Lion 41193: Aira and the Wind Song Dragon 41194: Noctura Tower and the Rescue of the Earth Fox
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    TLG’s 2019 line up

    Okay, can we have mature and adult conversations here on the forum? The point of the discussion is our thoughts on the 2019 line-up and whether we like them/want certain ones. What I now see is a big old pile of wishlisting for "dream" sets and members having personal arguments. So, can people return to a civil discussion on topic and behave like mature adults?
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    MOC: The Great Sphinx

    Thanks! I started making it to match the original set/actual Sphinx and it didn't feel right. This is a Sphinx in the world of LEGO Minifigures, so the head would of course look like their own. I love minifigures, these are a mixture of original and LEGO set figures. #Studloverforlife I like the clean look for spacecrafts (sometimes) but studs are LEGO and LEGO is studs so I have to show them off.
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    Help with shaping flextube

    Wire really is the best solution, with the right gauge wire, you can thread it in and shape the tube, then once you are finished you can straighten the tube and pull the wire out if you want.
  9. Peppermint_M

    Mammut-Kal Imperator

    That's some good shaping to make a Mammoth head out of CCB parts, I always end up making things out of bricks to get a shape. Thanks for sharing and keep on posting!
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    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    I'll go and take a look
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    Lego Elves Creations

    We have somewhere for that. Action and Adventure Themes is home of LEGO Elves. There is and Index for all the MOCs too. I'll move this thread across to the right section and I hope you enjoy using the forum.
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    Where can I get cheap LEGO parts

    Creator sets are also good parts packs. They are designed for building a few models, so there are useful parts included.
  13. Peppermint_M

    Opening MISB old sets

    Mint In Sealed Box. A set or object never opened, never unsealed. I do not go for it, I had a backlog during my major collection sorting project (I am a builder first and foremost) so I didn't want to open any sets that I would need to sort out. I then worked through those when I was able to. Personally, a toy is to be played with. By all means keep the box in nice condition, keep the instructions safe and keep the stickers packed. That way you preserve the set but still get to enjoy it.
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    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    Any image host is fine, the forums can't hold all user pictures so we ask people to use an external site. So post away I am looking forward to seeing this mammoth.
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    Introducing..... the JUMPER BRACKET!

    T90 - tile with a 90 degree transition. Or, Sticker Jo
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    Which forum does my MOC/topic belong in?

    If it is all the bionicle style parts, then Action Figures is the place to go
  17. Just my two pence. My sister and I have less than two years between us, we were exposed to the same TV, books and schooling. Mum and Dad treated us and raised us in the same way. However, we are such a different pair. I loved LEGO and cars and sport, not a girly girl at all. My sister loved dolls and dresses. She was never so attracted to LEGO, just as I was not a huge fan of Barbie. When the minidolls arrived, even though we were both adults at this point, she was interested in LEGO set news, in having LEGO for herself. She adores Elves and the Princesses line and actually has a box of her own LEGO now. She is even reaching into the idea of MOCs (I keep trying to get her to join EB). Me though? I am not too fussed on minidolls. I love the new colours introduced and the builds are great from the minidoll sets. But I am more a fan of the minifigure for my MOCs. (Also, loved the series for Elves on Netflix). I think LEGO made an excellent choice in minidolls for attracting new fans to their products. As for the rest: Nexo Knights is over, Castle Fans in the majority hated it. There are no more LotR sets so far as I know and the market for "castle" seems to be much more mature than the true target market TLG has in mind (Game of Thrones. Not for kids...). Elves is also over. LEGO sets are now saturated with terribly boring Star Wars and Superhero sets.
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    Lego vs Zuru

    You know, a lot of people are using the "Think of the children" argument and yet a lot of the kids don't care what the branding is. They care about the quantity and the theme of something. This is sold in a local "bargain" shop chain (B&M Bargains). It is kept with the Mayka Tape, other brick brands like K'nex, Block-Tech and, yes, any LEGO that is in stock at this time. The kids think "WOW Wrestling!" some of the brand savvy kids will say bricks, others say LEGO (Often then corrected by a parent) but they are most interested in the fact that they are getting wrestling. Then you have the quantity argument. LEGO is expensive, some of it ludicrously so (I'm looking at you, baseplates). You can get way more bricks for a much lower price. A set of 35 mixed doors and window that is sold for under £5 (actually only £2 from the retailer right now). You can bet that I would have had these to build with as a kid. Bargain price and lots of bits to build houses with. So someone getting a box of Zuru figures isn't as much a disappointment as AFOLs like to think.
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    Do modern white bricks still turn yellow?

    My bricks have been in the loft with no natural light for ten years. Nothing has yellowed, faded or even looks damaged. I bought a box of mixed bricks from someone who works with my Dad, they were her son's sets, all 20010-2018 sets. The white bricks from the Star Wars sets were all yellowed where they had been exposed. So much so, I can see where the parts were put together from the clean/yellowed contrast. Something of a shame really.
  20. I am glad I just use it as an expanded pick-a-brick! It is a shame that people want to put their personal idea over a what the community needs.
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    [MOC] Butterflies

    Very beautiful builds of some very beautiful butterflies. The techniques and colours are very well executed. Thank you for sharing them here.
  22. After carefully searching through this subforum I am yet to find a single topic about which cartoons and anime you like, apart from the seperate show specific topics that seem to get locked or just slowly die. This thread is for you to post about your favourite cartoons and anime, you can just make a list or you can give them a synopsis or a review, whatever you feel like. Discussion is welcome but no flaming/mean replies if you hate the series, film or OVA or whatever. You can say negative things about a show if you have to but no simply complaining about shows you don't like because it degenerates into personal insults... I hope no one is "upset" by these guidelines but I'd like a nice place where I can discuss some 'toons I like and maybe find some who are familiar with the them, you can discuss MOCs you'd like to make from the series, characters you want to make custom figures of, anything as long as it is civil. So, after that: I like Robotech, X-Men, Ruby Gloom, Storm Hawks, Batman Brave and the Bold, Astro Boy, Macross,most anything by Studio Ghibli and lots of others I can't list. So yeah, post etc, enjoy.
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    Which Comic Do You Read?

    Hello. Having used the search function and not found anything from the past two years asking members which comics they read, I decided to ask just that. So... I read Justice Society of America (10 years worth of TPB). Any Elseworlds that take my fancy and Alan Moore's lesser known work for 2000AD and hit Top 10 series. I love The Sandman and I am slowly colecting all of the TPB. Geoff Johns is my favourite writer (I noticed that the books I liked best had him credited every time). As for manga, I am reading CLAMP's Tsubasa and xxxHolic and I also read Fullmetal Alchemist. I have the complete The Big O manga (apart from two untranslated books) and all of Cyborg 009. Webcomics? I read Shortpacked! Dr McNinja, Girl Genius, xkcd, chainsawsuit, Starslip, VG Cats, Megatokyo, Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Freak Angels, The 10 Doctors, Kitty Hawk, Legostar Galactica, Adventures of S-Team, Irregular Webcomic, Lego Space and Order of the Stick. I may have missed some off the list (my favourite internet links know what I read anyway). So how about you?
  24. Oh wow! These are great little builds. I love those teal technic wheels as hopper and those little legs are genius. Once again an excellent Rock Raiders MOC, thanks for sharing it here
  25. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] 300-Ton Face Shovel

    Wow! Excellent excavator! I love all of it; the brick built bucket, the ladder steps to the cab. What a beauty. Thanks for sharing.