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    HELP! ! !

    If you are looking for Technic Tips, then there is a whole section for that here, but if it is another theme there are lots of places you could look. As for a user, you only need a few posts to access the message system, I mean, you can do that if you want, or try the @ function to notify the subforum lead.
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    Mystery Clones

    So, I know I have garnered a reputation of Queen of the Clone brands, but I have come across a mystery pair that do not match anything I have come across before. I made a purchase of a mixed box of bricks in a flea market. It had a fair few M-Tron and classic pirates parts in, so despite the noticeable clones, the price made it something of a steal. These are one kind of clone: These are the others Due to the main contents of this box being early 90's, I was thinking they might be from around then. As that put me at pre-10 I would not recall clone brands from that early on! Also, they are not marked Tyco, I have a few of those (excellent quality) bricks from a handed down bucket and they are clearly marked with a Tyco brand. As Mega also brands their bricks and Best Lock were a different scale to LEGO bricks right up until the 2000s (plus there was some form of brand mark too). This is a mystery that will bug me, can anyone shed any light themselves?
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    flickr and importing photos

    Hello! We have tutorials on the site, but the rate that flickr changes If you go in your photostream to the photo you want to share there is a download icon. If you hover a cursor over it, a menu appears. Select "all sizes" that takes you to a new page with all available sizes. Pick the one you want, then it is as simple as copying the image URL and pasting it here on EB. I hope this helps.
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    [MOC] Sound and Vision

    I love the simplicity and how iconic this MOC looks. They come in a lot of sets these days. There are plenty in the LEGO Batman movie sets and even in City too.
  5. Peppermint_M

    Hey everyone!

    Everyone has something worth showing! My first shared MOCs here were an octopus figure with a hat and a terrible minifig! Welcome to the forum and hope to see some builds from a fellow MOC builder
  6. Peppermint_M

    Do you "follow the instructions", build your own, or both?

    I build every set I buy, to learn the parts and any techniques in there. Some sets I like to keep until a part in there is vital, then I will pull the part and start talking the set apart. If I buy extra copies of a set, those go right for parts.
  7. Have you used the wayback machine? That is always my first stop for lost websites.
  8. Peppermint_M

    How would you clean used Lego?

    I am impatient and lazy with cleaning bricks. If the condition is simply "used" so it is dusty and maybe smells a little like storage spaces then I use a nice sized tub of warm water with dish-soap liquid and a wooden spoon. Add handfuls of the LEGO and stir it around in the water, then take them out to dry (as suggested above). If they are really nasty? Uh, maybe rinse them a lot in a cold water and disinfectant and then hope for the best? I mean, unless a part is really rare, there are some states I would rather leave the brick...
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    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I am hoping that Trolls will result in some new instruments, so while I am not looking forward to it, per se, I am interested to see what results from the product. As music was integral to the first film (I have never watched it, but the Anna Kendrick led songs were unfairly catchy when I heard them played on the radio/in shops) most likely it will feature in the sequel. Also, the colours are vibrant and interesting. As a fan ofChris Foss' spaceship style and those of his contemporaries, I like to have a lot of brilliant colours to use in my SF builds. As for Minions, well, rayguns and technology feature in the world of the minions, so there is a hope that a 4+ set (which, lets be honest, 4+ is the most likely audience) will have printed control panels and computers. I am aware that LEGO is its own biggest competitor amongst the themes which does mean that they try and avoid overlap in themes, or making a line that would take sales from another product line. However, what we should be aware of is the fact that the market of children today are not the children we were and we are not the market for the likes of Trolls and Minions. We, as Adults, are the market for the Creator Expert, Architecture and D2C sets, the niche Ideas sets that court pop-culture. Yeah, AFOLs already like LEGO and it is not fun when things we like are seemingly sidelined. But we do not make the main bulk of the income for TLG, so we get nice nods like the Space Squad full of classic space figures and "easter egg" inclusions in the CMF series of Wolfpack, Blacktron and others. Those who seem intent on collecting and displaying sets are those who act most let down though, I find. Even though the whole point of LEGO is creativity? So any theme and any set, a PaB wall and the online PaB can supply parts to build what you really want. But then people also do not want to create and share anymore, so it looks like from the forum and activity on other portals popular with AFOLs. Everyone just wants to argue about what they hate most and why TLG should listen to them and do exactly what they want. Or, alternatively, the leakers are all aiming for infamy by getting out pictures or rumours first and people talk in circles about new stuff. I guess what I am trying to get at is: Sit with a box of parts and create something instead of sitting around moaning about things that haven't even happened yet? It is a lot less depressing.
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    Suggestions & Membership

    When it is needed, that is when it is used. A lot of things these days though are press releases, so those go into their correct theme forum.
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    Suggestions & Membership

    I know there are members of the forum who are designers of parts and of minifigures, maybe they browse the threads, maybe not .
  12. Peppermint_M

    Suggestions & Membership

    11 years ago was a very different landscape between TLG and the Fan Community. It is probably the case that this dialogue ran its course and TLG ended whatever project had prompted the request to open those kinds of threads. Community engagement has gone through all kinds of restructuring over time. From the way TLG talks with AFOLs in-person and online, the way LUGs are registered and helped to the Certified Professionals and the introduction of Ideas. So, once it was no longer being used, it was locked to avoid problems.
  13. Peppermint_M

    What did you buy today?

    Grabbed a BaM so I could have three of the new shields! Probably going to look at the deals I can get tomorrow, as it is apparently an AFOL shopping day, or so the friendly chap in the Lego Shop said.
  14. Peppermint_M

    Why is LEGO so obsessed with Batman?

    Ah, I getcha, it is another one of your opinion rants that cause members to question whether you qualify on the age criteria to be a member of the forum. A Citation would be an actual solid source from an external and recognised commentator or news establishment. Possibly one backed up by second or even third sources. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Superman might be well known, but give him a motorcycle and it looks stupid. Put him in a car, people wonder why the guy who flies needs it. Maybe in the comics if you put in a lot of crazy situations or force a reason in (Kryptonite, a Red Sun, someone else Kryptonian facing off against him, Mxyzptlk working some 5th dimensional magic) you can require Superman to need some extra equipment like armour or mecha. But in the plain old normal space of The Toy Buying Public, Superman does not need these things. Add on that The Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman are not so popular in the same way as Batman, they are not going to be headliners in a set. Green Lantern has been my favourite character for years, but the movie has made any Green Lantern seem terrible; not to mention, people expected the character to be black as the Justice League cartoon had one of the other Lantern characters and became the introduction to Green Lantern for most. Plus, Wonder Woman is a girl and to the target demographic of 8 year old boys, a girl character is a harder sell, (whether that is good/right or not, it is true). So yeah, Batman and Friends is at least one way to get more Super characters, even if it means a million Bats. A prime example is the stupendous Batman the Brave and the Bold. Through the inclusion of batman we got B'wana Beast, Detective Chimp and Ambush Bug! Plus lots of others in the cartoon and tie-in comics.
  15. Peppermint_M

    Why is LEGO so obsessed with Batman?

    Uh, Citation needed? I've not heard from anywhere that there is any sort of fatigue over Batman. If there is/was, 2012 was seven years ago and now all the toy companies have a fresh batch of kids old enough to want toys based on Batman.
  16. Peppermint_M

    Why is LEGO so obsessed with Batman?

    Batman has enormous global recognition. The Adam West fronted tv series, big budget films in theaters during the decades where other superhero films struggled to get the green light... Like Coke, Micky Mouse and the golden arches of McDonald's; people the world over know what it is.
  17. Peppermint_M

    Does anybody else find it hard to talk about Lego IRL

    I suppose it is also to do with your personal decisions on how much of yourself you share. I wear my whole self on my sleeve, so to speak. Sometimes literally (I have a LEGO Logo patch on one of my jackets). I think I am lucky that in the UK eccentricity is accepted as part of life. Case in point: About a fortnight ago I found the LEGO City space station on sale in the supermarket, so I bought that and a couple of beers that I had gone in for. At the checkout, the cashier commented that I was set for a great night with purchases like that. The last time someone was a bit odd to me about it was actually from someone I personally know, and she is super basic and not known to be a particularly nice person.
  18. Peppermint_M

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    I know! I have managed to get more than a dozen just in the past few weeks. I decided to try swapping buying chocolate or pringles (so unhealthy treats) for a toy car... it has added up!
  19. Peppermint_M

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    It looks like knotian is saying that his creations in digital would not work in physical brick. Not digital builds in general.
  20. Peppermint_M

    Do you buy toys other than LEGO?

    Neat! I have only got about 30, I did have a lot more for a while.I still have the handful of cars from my childhood, I had a period of buying bunches of cars a few years back but decided to focus on Batmobile cars and one cast. The ones that didn't fit I gave to a few good causes. (Nothing feels so good as giving a family some toys when they are really in need). So I do not regret making my collection smaller, but I have found some more casts I want to get.
  21. Peppermint_M

    New sets

    Well done, you have necroed a really old thread. Staff are now watching closely.
  22. Peppermint_M

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    What's with the ranting? You need to cool your jets. Just all of you.
  23. Peppermint_M

    LEGO Masters US wants Paokus... apparently...

    Poor lonely LEGO Fan. I tried out with my brother for the UK one but it ended up clashing too much with work so I couldn't go further. But if anyone does get on to this show a spiffy As Seen on TV tag is waiting.
  24. Peppermint_M

    Does anybody else find it hard to talk about Lego IRL

    It was a series on UK TV, Channel 4 in which pairs of builders created LEGO MOCs from a brief or for a challenge. It was a combination and AFOLs, kids and teens in pairs that were friends, family and in one, two good builders matched together. EB's own @JanetVanD was in series 1, which @NateDias won . The judges were a LEGO designer and a rotation of STEM professionals and a TV Personality/Celebrity. There have been two series and a special Celebrity version. As it was on and advertised on national television, I have found a lot of people embrace the idea of an AFOL and talk to me about my creations. In fact, when I took my Yellow Castle MOC to photograph, some of the visitors that day stopped for great conversations.
  25. Peppermint_M

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    All black figure has the classic Blacktron Triforce, so that dude is a space guy.In the meantime, there is a chap that looks rather like Johnny Thunder,so he might do to add some flavour to the wild west, a character has a pair of pooches (that recent dachshund that was leaked a while ago) there is also a Fox animal suit person with the sack and a chicken in a new colour. Unfortunately, the picture I have come across is not the best resolution, so if other figures have printed legs that might work well in historic, I can't quite make out details.