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  1. TheLET

    MOC: Taj Mahal (Architecture)

    Nice work, it is instantly recognizable. I really like way you did those 45 degrees angles.
  2. Here is my Christmas tree, just a normal tree with some nice red and gold decorations.
  3. TheLET

    M. C. Escher

    The work of Escher always captivated me, and seeing his work in Lego from is great. Thanks for sharing this work. Zanna, I'm really impressed with your render, you really captured the atmosphere of the real work. And I really like the way you included the Lego Mona Lisa and the yellow man in the paintings on the wall.
  4. TheLET


    Awesome, really impressive use of parts!
  5. TheLET

    [MOC] 50's Style American Diner

    Nice MOC, you really captured the atmosphere of a 50's dinner. I really like that both the interior and exterior are very detailed and the juke box and those seats are really nice
  6. TheLET

    MOC: Thrór

    It looks really nice, I like the throne with the different corners and all little golden details. And Thror looks amazing, you really captured his posture.
  7. TheLET

    Other coloured Grocers

    Most of those version looks quite nice, I wonder how a dark red one would look like. I also found a tan version on brickshelf.
  8. TheLET

    Liebherr L580

    Great work with so much attention to detail. You include so many great little details without scarifying the smooth look of the model.
  9. TheLET

    Library of St. Ablasterio

    Great little scene and the beautiful lighting! I also like your use of the brick profile parts as books, it works really nice.
  10. TheLET

    Ta Prohm Temple

    This looks great! I like the details in the temple wall and the roofwork. It took me a few moments before I realized that the sky was also made of Lego, but the effect is amazing.
  11. Mine arrived as well, thank you CopeMike!
  12. Great model, I really hope that this idea gets enough support. The modular design is really clever and definitely gives the model so much more possibilities. I like how the different combinations of modules all have a distinct look while having the same basic modules. Very well done.
  13. Thanks for organizing the raffle again! For Christmas I like to get a Lego set, so I made a micro version of set 79013 lake-town chase.
  14. TheLET

    Middle Earth Contest entry thread.

    MEC Category B: Back in Hobbiton
  15. Here is my entry to MEC Category B. The war of the ring is over and the Hobbits have returned to the Shire. Sam returns to his old home where he enjoys working in his garden. Legolas and Gimli are traveling through Middle Earth together. One day they come to the shire. So, while Sam is working in his garden he gets an surprise visit from them. More photo's are on flickr