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  1. MOD 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel

    Totally agree, they all drawn differently ( its not even black lol) If you check out my Flickr i did an 8 stud version ;)
  2. MOD 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel

    Do you think i should make the width longer for its size? I did try. there isn't anyway it can fold away into. Cheers guys.
  3. Here is my MOD of of the X-jet (blackbird) Now 16 studs longer. Has a lower ramp. 8 Studs wider, also added wings. X-jet 2.0 by NunoRast, on Flickr X-jet 2.0 by NunoRast, on Flickr X-jet 2.0 by NunoRast, on Flickr X-jet 2.0 by NunoRast, on Flickr X-jet 2.0 by NunoRast, on Flickr Thanks, Check out my Flicker for my 8 stud long X-jet.
  4. AoM Stables phase3: Tanniyn

    I remember The wyvern figures well. This grown up one look amazing. Great work Ecc!
  5. Who's next to be Santa in the Advent Calendar

    I hope they put Bale Organa in it, as i don't see him being in a set!
  6. That is an amazing structure, the exposed beams are well done. Great work Gabe!
  7. Knor I

    Great ship, Love the Engine detail!
  8. REVIEW: 6348 Surveillance Squad

    Wow thank you for this review. I loved this set growing up. I never thought Lego would ever make a better set ha.
  9. Forngord Castle

    Great caste! The black bricks was a nice touch, don't see that too often!
  10. Bro this is great! Very well done love how you designed the back. Might have to use some of your inside detail, there is so much greatness about it!
  11. [MOC] Rhoover

    Very nice MOC! love the small details. It also reminds me of something from a Japan anime.
  12. Nice MOC's best is the "new 52" looks fantastic, batboat is sweet something lego needs to make, yours looks really cool. keep up the good builds!
  13. Batman: Arkham Asylum Full Building

    Dude that is a sweet idea! I have some work to do. Id love to see how yours would come out using the second configuration!
  14. Batman: Arkham Asylum Full Building

    Thanks alot bro. You have give me a good idea.as i will add more to the guards area. Cheers!