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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, I completed modifications and a modular-style add-on for Lego #10937 Arkham Asylum. I did my best to keep it really simple and the build was very fun to complete. The width of the add-on is 18 studs, which brings the total width to 26: Here's a small tour of the inside: -- You're greeted by a security officer at the front door who takes a scan of your hand -- Flowers in the left corner and a waiting area on the right side -- Wooden benches and a newspaper (this is where Harley Quinn's make-up desk used to be) -- Right across the waiting area is a wooden door to an unknown room. I'll share the inside at the end -- Walk past the security officer at the front desk and you'll see a fountain and two gargoyle statues -- Past the fountain, there is a staircase... -- And a cage-style elevator (it works!) -- But first lets walk around the stairs and take a look at the Recreation / Privilege Room... -- You're greeted by a security officer with a rifle and walkie-talkie. There is also a metal detector right next to him to prevent visitors sneaking items inside -- Bruce Wayne is on the tv! Riddler and Croc are playing cards and eating drumsticks. -- There is a vending machine, water fountain and telephone as well -- EDIT: I admit that the Recreation / Privilege Room may seem really strange or out-of-place at first, but it is actually a small reference to an episode from the original animated series, #41 "Joker's Wild" -- The Scarecrow and Mad Hatter play chess while Poison Ivy lounges on the couch, watching the television. A security guard watches over them carefully with a shotgun, while The Joker walks in and changes the television channel, sending Poison Ivy into a fit -- Let's leave the Recreation Room and go up the staircase now to the 2nd level.... -- The first thing you see when you arrive on top is a black ladder and Poison Ivy's cell -- Here is Poison Ivy's section. There is a narrow walkway for the security officer, fire extinguisher, and a red, swivel flap-door to keep unauthorized people out. There is also a computer screen scanning Poison Ivy's body. The roof is also exposed so that the security officer can look down on the villains using the Recreation Room -- Let's go up that ladder now... -- There is a guarded walkway to Mr. Freeze's holding cell -- There is also a mechanism holding his cold-suit -- Let's crawl down the ladder and walk back down the staircase... -- And take the elevator! The button to call the elevator is hidden behind the cage-door -- I made this side clear because I wanted to have a better view of the elevator's occupants -- A very simple wheel and rope piece that is moved with your finger.... -- Here's the elevator's entrance/exit on the second floor (elevator button on the left side) -- And here is the view of the 2nd floor from inside the elevator.... BANE! -- Bane's original exposure to the Venom drug was in Peña Duro Prison. So here in my Arkham, I have Hugo Strange experimenting with Venom. He is trying to make a much stronger and enhanced version... -- Here is the Venom-Enhancer machine. The original solution from Peña Duro is in the green flask on the right side, on top of the computer. The machine takes the green solution and mixes it to create the enhanced Venom. Next, it fills the new solution into triangular canisters. There is rack on the left side, holding two canisters -- TMNT Secret of the Ooze came on tv while I was building so this is where I got the canister idea from -- Hugo Strange has removed the cap and is inserting the canister into the Venom injector machine... -- I added white drawers in the back. I thought about adding something on top but I decided not to because I wanted a clear view of the windows -- Exposed floor, showing the fountain -- Now here is the small section right on top of the clinic area. It holds items for the security officers... -- Fire extinguisher, guns, a complete manifest of all the inmates, and a huge panic button supplied by Batman. Security officers will use this if an inmate escapes -- There is a walkway leading to the roof... -- Walkie talkie and binocular holder on the left side -- So about that wooden door now.... -- You insert the key, turn it 90 degrees.... -- And pull out the secret room..... -- I enjoyed the hidden make-up desk inside the original set, so I decided to expand on that concept. A moc within a moc brickception!! -- The room is covered in Joker posters and Harley has even X-ed out the Batman symbol -- On the floor is a particular book. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) -- Funny enough, she's hollowed it out to store a shiny dagger Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions are welcome