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    Music (Black/Gothic Metal); Books (Tolkien, Umberto Eco and Horror stuff); PC games (Batllefield 2, Borderlands); Lego - mainly Castle and Pirates;


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  1. Good news! I've been many times in Vienna, next time I'm there I'll visit the LEGO store. Too bad this won't be so soon. And yes, Austria is central Europe. Not Eastern. Come on, LEGO, open some official stores further East in Europe, please!
  2. Nikola Bathory

    Council of Elrond.. Made two sets into one

    It's really much better this way! Well done!
  3. Nikola Bathory

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    I agree! This is exactly what we need, more buildings, there are already more than enough spaceships! This set looks great, I think it's the first Star Wars set that is so detailed! I feel tempted.... I'll think about it, I don't have many Star Wars sets in my collection...
  4. Nikola Bathory

    New survey from TLG

    I find this servey pointless. Some of the previous ones were much better, because they allowed us AFOLs to voice our opinion on some very important matters - quality, huge Lego boxes filled with air, lots of stickers in the sets...
  5. Nikola Bathory

    TLG Train Sets - What Triggers 'Buy'?

    I inderstand your desire for the set "to be playable out of the box", but imagine how much a Maersk or an Emerald night would cost, if it comes with track and PF stuff! These are more expensive models even without these parts. I think that the higher price would stop people from bying it. Also, I don't think that the Maersk is aimed at children. It's a big and detailed train. Will they have the skills and patience to build it?
  6. Nikola Bathory

    MOD: 10219 Maersk 2.70 Meters Long

    That's some cool Maersk madness here!
  7. I have to agree. Congratulations!
  8. Nikola Bathory

    Sanctuary Of The Damned

    I'm blown away by the greatness of this thing!! Simply amazing! Such detail and beauty!
  9. Nikola Bathory

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Thanks for the hi-res photos! The sets look great, especially the biggest one 9474 The Battle Of Helm's Deep - a massive fortress indeed!
  10. Nikola Bathory

    Review: 6858 Catwoman Catcycle City Chase

    Wierd, the motorcycle from the review is blue, while in the set it's purple. I guess low quality mobile phone picture quality is to blame. Apart from that, the review is very good! As for the set iteslf - I have to say that it's great! It's like a remake of the old set with Catwoman and her motorcycle, which is now so expensive if you want to buy it from ebay or bricklink.
  11. Nikola Bathory

    New BrickWarriors Products - Feb 2012

    This reminds me of Skyrim.
  12. Nikola Bathory

    Forum skins -- Comments and Issues

    Black is always stylish.
  13. Nikola Bathory

    New 2012 Train: 9467 Ghost Train

    That's great then! One more reason to buy the Ghost train, don't you think? Hard, but far from impossible. I guess you'll have to make the locomotive a bit longer and probably change the first small waggon. If it's wide enough making it long enough shouldn't be impossible (I guess).
  14. Nikola Bathory

    Monster Fighters 2012

    So, LEGO have made a slightly modified version of the ghost? I love the old one, actually it looks so cute and lovable (the old one). As for the new - well, I don't know, I think I still prefer the old... The vampire castle looks great, this whole line is a nice surprise, it's better than I expected it to be.
  15. Nikola Bathory

    New 2012 Train: 9467 Ghost Train

    Do you think that the wheels of the locomotive of this new set are like those of the Emerald Night? Or at least similar? And could the Ghost train be motorized with PF? Probablly you'll have to make it a bit longer to fit the battery box and IR receiver?