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  1. John Lewis in the UK has them in store, I got Peter Pan and Stitch today :)
  2. Donald Duck is waaaaay more popular in some parts of the world than others, I wonder if it reflects that?
  3. CptPJs

    Have you "come out" as an AFOL?

    I felt weird at first, but so many of my friends are into Lego too that it'd be pointless to hide it! The ones that are into it share news and go to the Lego Shop with me, and the others are always buying me Lego related gifts, so it was worth telling them! I see so many AFOLs in the Lego Shop, it's more common than you'd think.
  4. CptPJs

    UK retailers discounts

    I've had half price sets at Tesco and Argos, and found the first wave of Friends £10 sets down to £2 in Asda a while back! John Lewis often has under the RRP prices but doesn't always use the red "Sale" labels, so you have to memorise your RRPs to know if you're getting a good deal. Nowhere is consistently reliable, but keep checking. And I think the website Hot UK Deals is pretty good if you search for Lego.
  5. Spoke to two Lego Shop employees today, they said they'd seen the list and they saw Mulan with Mushu, and also that Pluto comes with another character.
  6. CptPJs

    MOC Fabuland : All Together

    This just makes me really pleased. Excellent build!
  7. I'm going to guess that there will be molded heads for anyone in the parks they have as costumed characters, and standard Lego heads for anyone who is a face character. It seems to work as a mix there?
  8. CptPJs

    What Was Your First LEGO Set?

    I had some mixed hand me down bricks, but my first set was 5890, the original Belville House. It was my most wished for, biggest Christmas present the year I got it, and I built, broke it down and rebuilt it, then built something else. Over and over for years. I've still got it with barely a piece missing! Slightly different experience to everyone else posting here so far!
  9. Face-wise I assume that they'll be something like this:http://s3-media3.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/u4ZEdIiZkf24RQBO03u2Sw/o.jpg because that and the Belle sculpture at a similar scale are made by Lego themselves aren't they?
  10. I find all the accessories are far too big, because my first experience of most of the accessories was in the hand of Belville figures, where they seemed perfectly proportioned!
  11. CptPJs

    Found these in the bottom of my tub!

    They seem very similar to Fisher Price Little People from the early days of them, but I don't think they're that, so I'm guessing they're some sort of copycat of Little People, in a sort of Megablocks kind of a way.
  12. CptPJs

    LEGO frustrations

    My boyfriend gets fed up of how much money I spend and how I steal the dining table for building, and won't put it away when he's made dinner.
  13. CptPJs

    Woolly Mammoth

    Nicely done!
  14. CptPJs

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    I'd honestly say just take the plunge and buy one, I bought Phoenix for £2 and I couldn't be happier. An AFOL could tell them apart, but as a legit one goes for £200 I can live with slightly lighter plastic! They're not expensive so just get yourself a few and see what you think.
  15. CptPJs

    Help with screaming female mini fig?

    I found one in the build a minifig station just a week or two ago. Worth a try there because I don't know where it was from.