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  1. Myrddyn

    Heroica RPG - Quest Masters' Lounge

    I'm not able to co-host at the moment, but I'm sure I'll have more time at some point in the near future.
  2. Myrddyn

    Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Erik, for once in the hall entirely sober, holds his new Juggernaut's Helm high over his head and dances around the room, before stuffing his Tricorne into his pack and equipping his new helm in its place.
  3. Myrddyn

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    While we're critiquing the gifts we might receive, Palathadric, can you add ten more SP onto the Juggernaut's helm? Thanks. You could use all your existing weapons as a Raider, and you'd benefit more from all your damage multipliers than you would as an Assassin.
  4. Myrddyn

    Heroica RPG - Grogmas Wishlist

    Erik's gifts: Guts: Captain's Greatcoat (SP:4; wearer is Nimble while onboard a ship, bodywear) Karie: Hexproof Mask (Any time the user would become hexed, they are instead encouraged, headwear) Em: Warden's Eyepatch (Health quadrupled rather than doubled by "Aura", headwear) Dyric: Ancient Duplovian Blade (WP:5; 1/2 chance to instantly kill giants, longsword) Sylph: Nature's Cloak (Wearer is Blessed and Inspired during *Lush* weather, has 1/6 chance to change weather to *lush* at the start of battle, if equipped, backwear) Mizuki: Fox Claw (WP:5; user deals bleeding 5 and gains wild mind, even if in beast form, dagger) Pretzel: Holy Rod (WP:5; Blinds undead, demons and dark enemies, user gains the Convert job trait, staff) Alexander Vandangant and Nessa AnĂ¡rion: Scope (Added to a ranged weapon: turns Aims into Hits) William Harkenshire: Gorgon head (Enemies who damage the wearer have 1/6 chance to become petrified, Accessory) Sorrow: Mask of Anguished Souls (May sacrifice an undead or summon and pay 1 ether for 1/6 chance to assassinate an enemy, headwear) Dreyrugr: Bloodlust (Power +3, additional +1 for every enemy defeated, Accessory) Heckz: Ugly but impervious box (May be used once per battle to protect user from all damage and effects)
  5. Myrddyn

    Heroica RPG - Sungold Alliance

    Erik enters the meeting-room in the Hinckwell villa. Nervous to be discussing such major events in the presence of such powerful figures, when he speaks, his accent is more noticeable than ever. "I don't think Eubric needs a king, but I've 'ad dealin's with the Wolfgang before, so I know we could do a lot worse. Heroica's got a duty to try an' see that this all works out to 'ave the best outcome for the most people, particul'y those with less ability to look after 'emselves." As the barbarian fidgets with his peacekeeper's totem, he considers the candidates standing for King. Lorcan Hinckwell... Boomingham... there's something about him I should remember... and Eric... "So, I'm not votin' for any house members. You all have duties to your houses, and a King needs to be impartial." That's it, Karie had something to say about Boomingham, what was it... "Can't say I've worked with either of the heroes runnin' for king, but I've heard of 'em." He's a pompous fool, that's what it was. "From what I've heard, Eric's got the strength to do what's right, even if it ain't popular." Erik uses his three votes to vote for Eric. (Good reputation: Ziegfrieds, Great reputation: Bonapartes)
  6. "I don't think we'd have gotten much further anyway. You fellows can manage looking after Farmer Donauld until he recovers?" Erik says to the animals. He purchases a Phoenix Incense, leaving him with 31 Glory Points, before turning to the rest of the party, thanking them and exchanging lent items and loot. Loot: Warlen: 3 remedies Avalanche: 1 remedy Siercon: Tonic and Venom
  7. I'm back, happy with Dragonfire's order/actions. Erik swings the Titanic Axe at Mandragora B, front row
  8. Erik impressively manages to get himself knocked out by a plant. Battle order: Alexander Warlen Siercon I'll be away for four days from this Monday so Dragonfire or someone else can give battle orders. Feel free to change this one depending on what actions people give.
  9. TCM your action last round was to use a remedy Erik casts Darkness from the back row through Voltedge at Camouleons Battle order: Alexander Erik Warlen Avalanche Siercon
  10. "L-look, this is the last- *cough* last of the easy battles. I'm happy to fight as long as we c-can, but we can't kill everything." Erik moans, spitting out a mouthful of poison. He gestures to Mandragora B. "A-Alexander, can you shoot the big group?" If everyone else wants to stay, I won't be the one to make us go back to the hall, but after this we have to do intermediate battles, like battle 2 was. That took 11 rounds and an essence, so there's only so long we can go before a party wipe anyway. If Alexander targets Mandragora B and Warlen attempts to and successfully healing-staffs Erik, he'll survive this round, but if he doesn't, I don't mind missing the XP, even K/O'd characters get Glory Points, and as long as the Camouleons die before Alexander we are unable to lose. Edit: I knew Avalanche was tossing a pumpkin bomb, but then I was thinking about other things and forgot. I've moved the battle order around a bit.
  11. Erik casts Darkness from the back row through Voltedge at Mandragora A. "I-if we can take out the Camouleons, I'm pretty sure Alexander is immune to anything the rest of them can throw at him." He manages to mutter. Battle order: Alexander Erik Avalanche Warlen Siercon
  12. Erik casts Darkness from the back row through Voltedge at Camouleons. Warlen drinks a remedy from the back row (Feel free to change this to another action if you're back to posting, TCM) Battle order: Erik Alexander Avalanche Warlen Siercon
  13. Erik casts Darkness from the back row through Voltedge at Camouleons. Warlen casts Ice from the back row through the Darkstar Wand, against Mud Frogs B "Siercon, can you finish Frogs E?" Battle order: Erik Alexander Warlen Siercon Avalanche
  14. Erik changes targets to Mandragora A, still casting Darkness from the back row through Voltedge. Warlen casts Ice from the back row through the Darkstar Wand, against Mud Frogs B New Battle order: Erik Alexander Warlen Siercon Avalanche
  15. Oh yeah sorry Dragonfire one of those 'Alexander's was meant to be an 'Avalanche'. Erik again attacks Camouleons from the back row with Darkness and Voltedge Battle order: Erik Alexander Siercon Warlen Avalanche Actions changed, please see later post.