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  1. Technic Gearhead

    [MT] Icon Bronco

    Excellent model - very well done! Love the Coyote motor too.
  2. I get pretty busy with work, selling Lego and life in general but it never really leaves my mind. I wish I had more time to build and usually stick to official sets or popular MOCs when I do because of limited time.
  3. That is a really nice Hauler he has made with a lot to like about it. Good luck with your reverse engineered attempt - that looks like fun! I would love to take the best bits from this, the one by Designer Han, and the 42030 B model and make a modernized Technic Super Hauler!
  4. Technic Gearhead

    Lamborghini Murcielago

    That's exactly what has to be done as instructions don't exist for this one to my knowledge. I have done it and so have many others. It's worth it and looks great especially in yellow!
  5. Technic Gearhead

    Rebuilding 8285 from new parts

    I built a somewhat modernized version of this model a while back. I substituted new 1x5x11 panels for the partially studded ones and made the gas tanks like the 9397 along with quite a few other tweaks.
  6. Technic Gearhead

    [MINI] Combine Harvester

    8274 Junior - I love it! Very well done!
  7. Technic Gearhead

    Explorer Paddle Boat

  8. Technic Gearhead

    42006 b model

    They work fine but naturally take a while to move by hand. I just like this tractor for some reason even though it's fairly simple. I haven't built the rear device yet and I'm not sure if I will.
  9. Technic Gearhead

    42006 b model

    I built the front part in Orange a while back.
  10. Technic Gearhead

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I'm still busy speculating on if we're going to get 2014 Technic sets!
  11. Technic Gearhead

    2014 Technic in North America?

    Canada maybe, but I don't feel for the rest of the world since they're currently enjoying 1H2014 Technic sets!
  12. Technic Gearhead

    2014 Technic in North America?

    Surely that is supposed to be $219 US and $249 CAN as that is the only model where the two prices don't differ.
  13. Technic Gearhead

    2014 Technic in North America?

    The Container Truck is missing from that catalog - does that mean it won't be making the trip over? I built one already since I had most of the parts and only needed the new pieces but I think it's a shame if true since it is a nice model.
  14. Technic Gearhead

    42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

    Hopefully the B model is worthy of some extra parts to make it something closer in detail to the A model. I'm excited about it anyways!
  15. Technic Gearhead

    Bricklinking 8285 (and other sets)

    I did this also with the 8275 and the only parts that were super expensive and rare are the pneumatic cylinder brackets (4). I don't remember anything else that was hard to find but I did deviate slightly from the standard set leaning more towards studless wherever possible.