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    Show us your Working Place

    Nice to see so many different ways people store there parts and see there building area. Some are very organized and others are a well organized mess In 2011 I changed the way I stored my parts and build my models. I used the kitchen table to build sets and MOCs and my parts where stored in 7 storage suitcases.This worked for some years, but had to move everything when I got visitors. Because I used my second bedroom to store most of the sets and bigger parts. I bought a new L-shape desk and a new storage system. These photo's are from September 2011, but nothing has changed except the collection got a bit larger and right now is a complet mess. And the cupboard with roughly 2/3 of the Technic sets, polybags, boxes for some system parts and the bigger parts like wheels and Mindstorm electronics. The latest Technic and some vintage sets (1978-1982) are in 4 showcases in my bedroom.
  2. Thanks for showing how this 2 stage transformation works. It is excellent in it's design.
  3. This is not exactly true. The blue pins are 2.9 studs long, so they would fit perfect within 3 liftarms. The problem is that it only has 1 ring. The ring makes it fit perfectly between 2 liftarms, but the last part of the 3L pin only has a small friction bubble. That is why the last liftarm slides over to far. If you use Technic bricks this problem is (almost) gone. Liftarms are just a bit hinner than Technic bricks. To come back on topic. I think that some people already did a fine explaination why parts are color coded. Most colors divine a group of parts (light gray in axles stands for uneven lentghs), makes it easier to build, recognize and sort-out the parts. I understand the topic question. Most adult builders like the old color style: gray gears and black axles and pins. This makes for a much better model to look at. All the color coding make it look like a very colorful toy instead of a (scale) model. It took me some time to get used to the new colors in the beginning, but now I have no problems with it. It does make building and sorting a lot more easy. Yes it makes the model look very colorful, but is has a certain attraction
  4. This is very impresive! Great design on the car, looking like a killer wale. When I saw the pictures I thought that this was a manual function, but you made it fully remote controled. Wow!!! Best entry I've seen so far.
  5. barman

    [TC7] Bandits - Lights Out

    This is looking very promising. Crazy colors, but that is what Jim wanted. I like the way you think for battle-mode. This truck has some very good weapon-systems. Like the rest, looking forward seeing this in battle-mode.
  6. As always great review Jim! You surely took the time doing this and it shows The outside photo's are just the extra touch and looks nice next to the Volvo, although not in scale. Very interesting new parts and my insight wasn't that far of The only thing that bugs me is that the extension of the long thin cylinders is only 6 studs. Compared to the small one, they should be able to get at least 7 studs possible? O well... Still happy with the v2 pneumatics. The set is already on my to order list. If I have the time I will try to make this PF controlled for LW2015 NL.
  7. barman

    Technic Photography

    Some very nice photo's in this threat. I bought the UCS Tumbler at the end of 2014 and build it. At the beginning of this year I was wondering if I could get a better effect using a black background with the tumbler as a example. It is always difficult to photograph a (all) black model. Using a glass plate from a large photo frame to ad a extra effect. It really depends how your monitor settings shows this (brightness), but This looks good on my screen. I build in the 4 sets of LEGO LED light with a little modification on the Tumbler. Battery box is not build in, just laying behind the model. Here are some more examples of that series. The Volvo looks great. Because this session worked out great, I got a bigger glass plate. This one was just to small for big models like these. Now I only need 2 extra lights on the front to get the lighting better.
  8. barman

    BJ Baldwin's Trophy Truck

    I love the slow motion. You can see how good the suspension is. Very life like The old tires are very smooth making the truck slide when cornering. Good choice. It makes a nice action video possible. Did you somehow lock the tires on the rims? I know this combination does work, but on mine the tire slides of way to easy. I don't mind the simple body, this one is all about the wheel suspension. One thing that buges me a bit is that the buggy motors are sitting so low. loosing ground clearance. What I could see in the video is that the battery/controle unit sits on top. Is that why you couldn't make the buggy motors sit higher? Again a lovely model and a fun action video to prove it all works the way it should.
  9. barman

    [WIP] 2016 Ford GT

    I like the idea. It you get the body to work and look like a Ford GT, that would be great. A light and strong chassis would be great. I recomment using Technic frames to make the chassis rigid and keeping it light. The torsion bar looks great, but witn the strong springs and the light car I don't think it is necessary to at torsion bars. Looking forward seeing this car go like mad
  10. barman

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    It can be done using the 2 pinholes in the front, but it will look a bit bulky. I will make a drawing on how you could do this with a 12t double bevel gear. This will be somewhere in the weekend. Like promised. Sliding beam gear attechment by Barman76, on Flickr
  11. barman

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    It can be done using the 2 pinholes in the front, but it will look a bit bulky. I will make a drawing on how you could do this with a 12t double bevel gear. This will be somewhere in the weekend. Thanks
  12. barman

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    Hello everyone, It been a while since I've posted something on EB. To crawler crane and Mercedes Acros are wonderful sets. For me blue is a interesting color so I got very excited when I saw the crawler crane. The 42043 is a beast. The biggest Technic set every (in parts) and very interesting new parts. Like Efferman I design me own parts, so it was a nice think to try and work out the new parts bases on what I could see in the video's and fill in the gapes with me parts designer experience. This is what I got so far. New Technic parts 2015H2 by Barman76, on Flickr The turntable is coming soon. In 2D it is pretty much done. Hopefully in the weekend I can make the 3D model. It has 60 teeth. Just throwing this out there. I haven't read the entire tread yet. The bucket is proving a bit difficult, but with the last video I have a good idea about the inside and the connection points. New Technic parts 2015H2 sliding beam by Barman76, on Flickr Here is the new sliding beam and gear-rack. The gear-rack is 14studs long which is a bit unusual for Studless Technic. It has many connections and a big groove just under the teeth, which I think is for connecting with the sliding beam. The sliding beam is 15 studs long and 2 wide. Not everything was good to see in the pictures (stills) I made from the available video's. Based of my experience I think there is a hole next to the 3 pin holes. It this was solid I would have used more material and that is what TLC doesn't want. So this could be a solution? The gear rack can extend 8 studs. Because the function in the 42043 is done with pneumatic it only goes 7.5 studs, see picture Pneumatics V2. In order to hold the gear rack there needs to be a pin or something to grip in the groove of the gear rack, see the detail picture (profile). This could very well be just a small bulb like in the city crane boom part New Technic parts 2015H2 Pneumatic V2 by Barman76, on Flickr Here are the pneumatic parts. In this picture I like to show you how I calculatied the extentions. Both cylinders are 11 studs long. the narrow one extends 7.5 studs and the wide one 6. The circles in the picture show that there is a small difference in the length, but extentions are always in full or halve studs. This is my point of view on the new parts. Let me know what you think.
  13. Just like efferman I modified the steering with mini LA's and a M-motor. I did this in September so I could use the Volvo moving crude wooden sawdust around during Legoworld the Netherlands. In order to have more power I reduced the gearratio 12:20. I had no time to post this earlier. See my Flickr ablum for detailed photo's. 42030 modified-02 by Barman76, on Flickr To have a good control over all 4 functions, I made a dubble joystick controler. In the video you can see how it works. Instructions on how to make the controler, will be uploaded in a couple of days, in the same album.
  14. Great looking supercar. I already saw it in the video for testing the SmartBrick. Very nice lines and shape. The white color works very good with this model to give it that extra ' concept' look. The door mechanism is a nice extra function and the movement is very interesting.
  15. barman

    Super Turbo Race Truck "Truck T10"

    Nice to see that you pucked up this project again. A couple of years ago I saw this type of model standing on your desk. Very colorful and good looks. Colors are great as well and I really like the tryangle shape of the stripes on the back side of the cab. I looks really fast. I have a speed computer somewhere. When you come to my house this year I will look it up for you. Great work as always. looking forward seeing the truck IRL.
  16. barman

    [MT] Lotus Esprit

    The nose is so much better now. Leaving out the mechanics is better. Getting all the functions in this small scale is going to be very difficult. I would stick with the other option, by removing the wheels and replacing them with a panel that covers the wheel wells and has the fins attached. Sticking on the propulsion propellor and periscope. Using a 4 link steering system would be a good solution, but I do think that the wheel wells should be 1 stud bigger for that. These wheel are very tide in a 6 stud gap. If you would go for the looks, than the steering has to go, but if you want it to be a true Modelteam car, steering should be a function... Choices and compromises are always present when designing and building with Lego :)
  17. barman

    [MT] Lotus Esprit

    Let me guess... the Bond version?!? Nice choice and looking good so far, only the noose looks a bit too long. Perhaps move the front wheels 1 of 2 studs forwards. Good luck with the design and build
  18. barman

    Citroen Saxo WRC

    Great small version of the WRC car. The shape is perfect and very Saxo, did a great job on the bodywork. Engine has perfect details (turbo ) and I love that you where able to make a small suspension. I downloaded all the pictures for future reference. This is a very fun car to play around with. Some day I will build one. For now I got too many idea of my own
  19. barman

    [MOC] Mini Power Puller

    Welcome. This is a great MOC for a first post! Very true to the original, but actually looking better than the set. The crank shaft is a very good solution. Job well done. I love it
  20. Congrats to the winners. Thanks to very one who entered for the wonderful and interesting models. Thanks to Jim for his efforts of making this possible. I hope the next competition is going to be as good as this one.
  21. barman

    Another WIP supercar

    MOG!!! the shape and curves are absolutely amazing. Spot on!
  22. Great. I hope you had a good time there. I did for sure That building competition is not easy. I had so many interesting idea's, but when you look for the special parts, like LA's or flex axles, than you're out-of luck, there aren't any. Mostly standard parts, a view wheels and tyres and only basis minifgs parts. Because the other builders wheren't to keen on the rules, it wasn't very hard for me to win first price and got a nice trophy. 4th from 35 is a very nice achievement. I've made quite a view picture during the Inside Tour. If you like and have the time, look through them, perhaps there are still some thing the same, like the bridge building? Knowing this (limited parts availble) and that it is you second Technic MOC, you can be very proud on the go-kart
  23. I will change mine to Cybretronian Oh no, that won't work, Jim is a TFs geek as well... Klingon than?!?
  24. barman

    Thirdwigg's MOCs

    The Typhoon is amazing. A functional technic chassis covered up with system parts for a great look and details you just can't get with studless techniques. Excellent work Looking forward to the helicopter. A very interesting project. Good luck with that, it's not easy getting all the fucntions of a helicopter rotor in good working order.